Dread & Read Books – 2019

I love planning my reading around Jane’s trio of themes, especially “Reading Naturally“!  I am here despite unreliable access to WordPress.  I had family concerns and even had to rebuy a third modem that was zapped by a storm.  I generally never compose posts early in the year but despite understandable delays along with that, I am here.

There are a number of books I hesitate to read, my spouse’s and my abundant home stock, lovingly and excitedly collected since my childhood and his.  The incentive of Jane’s generous, fun rewards, succeeds at getting me to dive into a few of them.

Neither my Mom nor I are keen on general fiction.  She prefers non-fiction.  I love fiction but need cats, the spiritual, paranormal, or mystery as the chief genre to supplement it.

Another dread are authors I tried and disliked.  I am a believer in skill and style that improve and series that grow more interesting.  Approaching modernity helps, as well as falling in love with characters and feeling at home with settings.  Disliking one novel does not deter me and owning many series in entirety are encouragements.

Here is my hit list.  Finishing three will be a boon:  to our space at home, my education, and satisfaction with the achievement!  It is the most gratifying, to find that I love them and I endeavour to stretch the momentum.  Thank you for your idea and wonderful gifts, Jane.



I read according to how I feel and my needs and review for my own writing skill as well.  I saw that the recent year was not the time to read the ideas I had noted and continued since the first session.  Instead, I am pleased I tackled and triumphed with these.

Clouds Of Witness
Dorothy Sayers  1927

I am wary of historical fiction and classics.  I have proven to love Canadian classics.  Could I relate to old stories or societies, way off in England;  even those constructed as mysteries?

I liked this novel far better than the first.  It will be less long before I try the third mystery.  I can identify flaws but what is imporant occurred:  for the first time, I saw the promise of liking the major characters and of getting the gist of their whimsy.

Mystery Mile
Margery Allingham  1930

An old style and old attitudes in another country, was the challenge of reprising Margery’s famous mystery series.  I am glad I read this and will continue it with less wariness but I don’t believe I liked this story any better.  Its assets and attributes I liked better than in her first novel, were not bolstered by things I disliked.  I noted outrageous plot flaws that I can’t believe were not sent in for editing.  It is probably that, like any human being, Margery got better at her craft and that her fame includes sharp-minded readers with my eye for details.

One For The Money
Janet Evanovich  1994

When we try a new author, we have a nervous hope that we will like how they write and the characters they introduce.  Familiar approaches can be very enjoyable, as well as uniqueness.  The latter is something I applaud eagerly.  But alas, sometimes I don’t like the combined product, no matter how famous it is.  Janet is very popular.  I appreciated some of her ingredients more than others but it is not for me.  The subject matter is too strong for the levity intended in its style:  either get serious or lighten up properly.

I have second-hand books outside of this series that I will sample.  I am fair and open.  However, I am not among the fans of her series and leave the rest of those books to them.


~ Personal, January 20, 2020  ~

Most important and difficult of all things:  my precious Mom died.  I love dearly that she saw the new year and welcomed it with me, with her very sacred Mother’s hugs and kisses one more time.  It was hard to lay her physical self to rest, a few days ago.  My brothers, Dad, Aunt, and I did it with love and care that my Mom definitely appreciates.  She knows I love reading, having been given the gift of this love from her, however unique our own preference in styles.  It will be a balm to the hardest absence in a Daughter’s physical life.

Our prayer for our son-cat, Conan, to be returned to us safely, is on-going.  My Mom is watching over him and guiding him home to us, as she promised she would.  Our open spiritual conversations always and in her last days, are powerful and meaningful to me and are the reason we will be all right!



Incentive Sweeteners  ~

Please tell me when you obtain something, so that I know my search is successful.  Your mail made my week in May.  I am grateful WordPress let me on to finish the posts for your groups.

Three books that come to mind are:  “Mythos Christos” Edwin Herbert, “The Floating Staircase” Ronald Malfi, and “Mystery Of The Stuttering Parrot” Robert Arthur.  Robert’s must be the much-wanted copy with a graveyard on its cover.

Please include a date or year whenever you write cards.  Within a year, record-keepers and gift-savers like my Mom & I, know very well the importance of identifiable provenance.

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I cherish animals, plants, reading, music and free spirituality. I welcome you for articles, literary activities, and interaction! Surrounding ourselves with good people is a delight. I occasionally review at The Book Depository.
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