Reading Naturally – 2019!

This is my favourite of Jane’s three reading group themes.  I won’t go a year without it.  It is an easy breeze and a motivating incentive.  Jane’s gifts are beautiful;  wonderful and mood-boosting to receive in the mail!  I very naturally read about cats, animals, plants, flowers, gardening, Earth, Manitoba, Canada, miracles, and spirituality.

We have prayed for our precious son cat, Conan, to be home at last this spring!  The time feels right to have him back, safely and reassuringly in our fold!

A wide variety of reading subjects opens up and prioritizes more nature books.  I have an abundance of them and gathered a fun, new selection in time for this year.  I like being able to share them with Jane and everyone else whose interest is sparked.  Here are the ideas I have sketched out.  Thank you for offering this wonderful group, Jane.


Many of my books seem better suited for a category like water but fulfill headings in which they are needed more.  There are many more books I will read.  Please see my updates herein.


(01CLASSIC in science or conservation.

The Dog Who Wouldn’t Be”  Farley Mowat  1957


(02OUTDOOR ACTIVITY or gear on a cover.

The Great Airport Mystery”  Leslie McFarlane  1930
The Password To Larkspur Lane”  Walter Karig  1933
Evan Help Us”  Rhys Bowen  1998



Baby Brother”  Tanneke Wigersma & Nynke Mare Talsma  2005  (brief, adding for fun)
Wild In The City”  Jan Thornhill  1995  (brief, adding for relevance)
Different Dragons”  Jean Little  1986
The Heart Of A Horse:  Poignant Tales And Humorous Escapades”  Gayle Bunney  2003
Meet My Cats”  Lesley Anne Ivory  1989
“The Art Of The Muppets”  Henson Associates  1980



Wait Till Helen Comes”  Mary Downing Hahn  1986
What Happened At Midnight”  Leslie McFarlane  1931
The Shadowy Horses”  Susanna Kearsley  1997



The Last Word”  Ellery Adams  2011
Rivers Of London”  Ben Aaronovitch  2011
Masquerade In Venice”  Velda Johnston  1973
“Ajax Penumbra 1969”  Robin Sloan  2013



(06DYSTOPIA-FLAVOURED:  emphasizing consequences.

A Palm For Mrs. Pollifax”  Dorothy Gilman  1973
The Night Gardener”  Jonathan Auxier  2014



(07EXTREME ELMENT:  sailing, mountain-climbing.

Robert Service:  A Great Canadian Poet’s Romance With The North
Elle Andra-Warner  2004
Survivors, True Death-Defying Escapes”  Larry Verstraete  2003
Mystery Of The Black Diamonds”  Phyllis A. Whitney  1954




Mystery Mile”  Margery Allingham  1930
It Happened In Arles”  Mabel Esther Allan  1964
I Wonder Why Trees Have Leaves”  Andrew Charman & Tony Kenyon  1997
Night Travellers”  Sandra Birdsell  1982
“Flowers:  A Celebration In Words And Paintings”  Helen Exley  1992




Payment In Blood”  Elizabeth George  1989
Clouds Of Witness”  Dorothy Sayers  1927
One Book In The Grave”  Kate Carlisle  2012
Bury Your Dead”  Louise Penny  2010
The Secret Of Devil’s Cave”  Jennifer Hale  1973
Fog Hides The Fury”  Paula Minton  1957




Life On The Other Side”  Sylvia Browne  2000
Tunnels Of Time”  Mary Harelkin Bishop  2000
The Figure In The Shadows”  John Bellairs  1975
Ghost Stories Of Hollywood”  Barbara Smith & Arlana Anderson-Hale  2000
Return To Tradd Street”  Karen White  2014
“The Letter, The Witch, And The Ring”  John Bellairs  1976




Murder On St. Mark’s Place”  Victoria Thompson  2000
Cause Of Death”  Patricia Cornwell  1996
The Coroner’s Lunch”  Colin Cotterill  2004




Tears Of The Giraffe”  Alexander McCall Smith  2000
The Anodyne Necklace”  Martha Grimes  1983
The Lady In Blue” (“La Dama Azul”)  Javier Sierra  1998



(13BIOGRAPHY / MEMOIR of an environmentalist or conservationist.

Scottish Ghost Stories”  Elliott O’Donnell  & Tim Hunt  1911
“Norman Rockwell, A Sixty Year Retrospective”  Thomas S. Buechner  1972


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I cherish animals, plants, reading, music and free spirituality. I welcome you for articles, literary activities, and interaction! Surrounding ourselves with good people is a delight. I occasionally review at The Book Depository.
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