Connect Five – List A!

A slog of rules across bingo cards, publication, or purchase year and the absence of some little prize was no longer for me.  Reviews contributed to my own groups is in my “past challenge” menus.

Kathryn offers a generous bimonthly draw.  The chance to win a book is motivating.  I do not use Kindle and gladly accept every advantage!  I love thinking-up multiple themes!


I have had connection trouble with WordPress sites.  E-mail is where I am sure to get a delightful, important message.  :)

Carolyn’s June Connections!

(2)  These are books comprising five different countries!

Death In The Devil’s Acre”  Anne Perry  1985  (ENGLAND)
The Coroner’s Lunch”  Colin Cotterill  2004  (LAOS)
Evan Help Us”  Rhys Bowen  1998  (WALES)
One For The Money”  Janet Evanovich  1994  (USA)
Wild In The City”  Jan Thornhill  1995  (CANADA)


Carolyn’s August Connections!

(2)  Set In England!

Rivers Of London”  Ben Aaronovitch  2011
Death Of A Perfect Mother”  Robert Barnard  1981
The Anodyne Necklace”  Martha Grimes  1983
I Wonder Why Trees Have Leaves”  Andrew Charman & Tony Kenyon 1997
Service For Two”  Kate Kingsbury  1994


Carolyn’s October, November, December Connections!


The Cold Heart Of Capricorn”  Martha C. Lawrence  1997
The Ghost Children”  Eve Bunting  1989
Ghost Stories Of Hollywood”  Barbara Smith & Arlana Anderson-Hale  2000
Murder Pans Out”  Emily Toll  2003
Fog Hides The Fury”  Paula Minton  1967


My creative entries continue here!  To avoid excess posts, I reuse these webpages in prize draws.  Follow my date headings.  My alphabetized blog menus, separated into Canadian authors and overall reading, are great resources.

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I cherish animals, plants, reading, music and free spirituality. I welcome you for articles, literary activities, and interaction! Surrounding ourselves with good people is a delight. I occasionally review at The Book Depository.
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2 Responses to Connect Five – List A!

  1. I’ve never read a book set in Laos before. How interesting!

    • Hello Nicole! Yay, the comment drought is over! Thank you for this visit: it means a lot. Watch for my review about this novel. I have a personal story attached to the first time I have read about Laos too and it was well overdue. It is fun that you picked-up on this place in particular, of all the books I have read. Yours warmly, Carolyn.

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