Connect Five Reading Challenge

As I renewed my four reading groups for 2019, I explained that I choose themes that accommodate the books I naturally read.  I like a scavenger hunt in my collection;  a fun way to categorize and share what I read.  I hope you will join any of them: “Ethereal“, “Celtic Coasts“, “My Kind Of Mystery“, “Gentle Spectrums“!

 There were challenges with too many hoops;  bingo cards, a publication or purchase limit and an absence of some simple prize make it a fruitless effort.  I store the reviews my guests created in my “past challenges” menus.



Kathryn is generous, with a draw  bimonthly.  We do not need to review but I do as soon as I have time to write them.  The chance to win a book, since I do not use Kindle and gladly accept every advantage on offer, is motivating for me.  I excel at thinking-up themes!

Thank you for thinking-up something fun again, Kathryn.  Perhaps I host something for you and your subscribers, as well!  Enjoy this post.  :)
~ ~ ~ ~


Carolyn’s January Connections.

These are my first return to authors, since trying them!  How is that for creative?  Some, I jumped to continue with;  others have taken a few years to revisit.

Murder On St. Mark’s Place”  Victoria Thompson  2000
Payment In Blood”  Elizabeth George  1989
Tears Of The Giraffe”  Alexander McCall Smith  2000
Clouds Of Witness”  Dorothy Sayers  1927
Mystery Mile”  Margery Allingham  1930


Carolyn’s June Connections!

These are 40+ year-old heroes and heroines!  Now, that is creative and a pleasure to read:  realistic, adult age protagonists!

The Last Word”  Ellery Adams  2011
Cause Of Death”  Patricia Cornwell  1996
Stalking Lamb”  Marian Babson  1974
So Much Blood” Simon Brett  1976
Bury Your Dead”  Louise Penny  2010


Carolyn’s July to August Connections!

These are books published before I was born!  This is another great, creative category I enjoyed collating.

The Secret Of Chimneys”  Agatha Christie  1925
The Great Airport Mystery”  Leslie McFarlane  1930
The Password To Larkspur Lane”  Walter Karig  1933
What Happened At Midnight”  Leslie McFarlane  1931
Green Eggs And Ham”  Theodor Seuss Geisel  1960


Carolyn’s October, November, December Connections!


Verdict In Blood”  Gail Bowen  1988
Well-Schooled In Murder”  Elizabeth George  1990
Philly Stakes”  Gillian Roberts  1989
The Dead Man In Indian Creek”  Mary Downing Hahn  1990
A Piece Of Justice”  Jill Paton Walsh  1995


Inlinkz only handles one URL per page.  My multiple, creative entries continue here!  Follow my date headings.  My alphabetized blog menus, separated into Canadian authors and my overall reading, are great resources.

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I cherish animals, plants, reading, music and free spirituality. I welcome you for articles, literary activities, and interaction! Surrounding ourselves with good people is a delight. I occasionally review at The Book Depository.
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4 Responses to Connect Five Reading Challenge

  1. Kathryn says:

    Books before you were born and ones with 40+ year old heroes – I love those ideas. Although not sure that I could do the five of before I was born! And revisiting authors, not necessarily favourites maybe but worth reading again.

    • Hi Kathryn! I am glad WordPress is working today, giving me the pleasure of seeing that you visited and wrote at my blog today! 1972 is an easy year to precede in stories. :)

      The “second try of authors” was hard to phrase but I was happy to think of it in our first prize link-up. I meant authors I had tried but have only just returned to. The easiest way to say it might be “second volume of a series” but second visits to author can be unrelated and individual novels. Thank you for visiting me!

      Oh! I will tell you in e-mail if you don’t see it and thought to tell you at Goodreads: I received my two Louise Penny books in good time and read “The Hangman” novella the same day, with triumph and pleasure. Thank you truly, Kathryn!

      • Kathryn says:

        Oh so happy they arrived and that you enjoyed The Hangman. With triumph and pleasure is really wonderful.

      • Truly, Kathryn, it is my greatest reward to find comments at my blog. Yes, I gulped that hard-to-find novella the same day, which has never occurred except perhaps with a children’s picture book. May I thank and praise you further by saying: the only reason your other Louise Penny gift isn’t already read is because I pace myself! I try to stay within the same author twice in a year.

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