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I have run My Kind Of Mystery since 2014!  It is the only group to cover every kind of book about mysteries;  even biographies and tutorials!  If you read any mystery material:  this group is for you.  I created it, in answer to excessive focus on the crime type.  Many think of that as a synonym, rather than one branch.  I love solving MYSTERIES, far better than solving crimes.  When hosts devised bingo cards, or capped publishing dates;  the books we could qualify narrowed more.  Here is a place for all of them!

I don’t have time to break-up genres and groups with no prizes are pointless work.  My criteria is to join and share, with optional festivities.  I have been happy to contribute to the wonderful mystery community for six years!

Join me via the link in our logo!  The identify of its originating novel is a riddle to solve.  Contact me with guesses any time you would like to venture them.  Please enjoy and return to see my reviews as I write them.





Murder On St. Mark’s Place”  Victoria Thompson  2000
Payment In Blood”  Elizabeth George  1989
Tears Of The Giraffe”  Alexander McCall Smith  2000
Clouds Of Witness”  Dorothy Sayers  1927
Mystery Mile”  Margery Allingham  1930
The Last Word”  Ellery Adams  2011
One Book In The Grave”  Kate Carlisle  2012
Death In The Devil’s Acre”  Anne Perry  1985
The Secret Of Chimneys”  Agatha Christie  1925
(10) “The Great Airport Mystery”  Leslie McFarlane  1930

The Password To Larkspur Lane”  Walter Karig  1933
Aunt Dimity And The Next Of Kin”  Nancy Atherton  2005
The Case Of The Killer Divorce”  Barbara Venkataraman  2014
One For The Money”  Janet Evanovich  1994
Cause Of Death”  Patricia Cornwell  1996
Wait Till Helen Comes”  Mary Downing Hahn  1986
The Scariest Night”  Betty Ren Wright  1991
The Mystery In Dracula’s Castle”  Vic Crume  1973
Bury Your Dead”  Louise Penny  2010
(20) “Rivers Of London”  Ben Aaronovitch  2011

The Coroner’s Lunch”  Colin Cotterill  2004
So Much Blood”  Simon Brett  1976
Death Of A Perfect Mother”  Robert Barnard  1981
Stalking Lamb”  Marian Babson  1974
Evan Help Us”  Rhys Bowen  1998
The Anodyne Necklace”  Martha Grimes  1983
It Happened In Arles”  Mabel Esther Allan  1964
Splintered Bones”  Carolyn Haines  2002
The Cold Heart Of Capricorn”  Martha C. Lawrence  1997
(30)  “Masquerade In Venice”  Velda Johnston  1973

A Palm For Mrs. Pollifax”  Dorothy Gilman  1973
Mystery Of The Black Diamonds”  Phyllis A. Whitney  1954
What Happened At Midnight”  Leslie McFarlane  1931
Cirak’s Daughter”  Charlotte MacLeod  1982
The Hangman”  Louise Penny  2010
A Fine Italian Hand”  Eric Wright  1991
The Night Gardener”  Jonathan Auxier  2014
The Ghost Children”  Eve Bunting  1989
The Gargoyle”   Andrew Davidson  2008
(40)  “There Was An Old Woman”  Howard Engel  1993

Verdict In Blood”  Gail Bowen  1988
The Figure In The Shadows”  John Bellairs  1975
Well-Schooled In Murder”  Elizabeth George  1990
Philly Stakes”  Gillian Roberts  1989
The Shadowy Horses”  Susanna Kearsley  1997
The Bookshop Of Yesterdays”  Amy Meyerson  2018
The Shadow Of The Wind” (“La Sombra Del Viento”)  Carlos Luiz Zafón  2001
The Lady In Blue”  (“La Dama Azul”)  Javier Sierra  1998
The Amber Room”  Steve Berry  2003
(50)  “The Ghosts Of Popcorn Hill”  Betty Ren Wright  1993

The Dead Man In Indian Creek”  Mary Downing Hahn  1990
City Of The Dead”  Toby Abbott  2009
The Turn Of The Screw”  Henry James  1898
The Secret Of Devil’s Cave”  Jennifer Hale  1973
The Whispering Room”  Amanda Stevens  2009
The Ghosts Of Mercy Manor”  Betty Ren Wright  1993
Return To Tradd Street”  Karen White  2014
Shades Of Earl Grey”  Laura Childs  2003
Cardington Crescent”  Anne Perry  1987
(60)  “A Piece Of Justice”  Jill Paton Walsh  1995

Murder Pans Out”  Emily Toll  2003
The Library Of Lost And Found”  Phaedra Patrick  2019
Fog Hides The Fury”  Paula Minton  1957
A Room With Dark Mirrors”  Velda Johnston  1975
Southern Discomfort”  Margaret Maron  1993
Unnatural Exposure”  Patricia Cornwell  1997
“Enchanted:  The Wedding Story”  Barbara Bretton  2018
“Cloaked In Malice”  Annette Blair  2012
“Spellcasting In Silk”  Juliet Blackwell  2015
(70) “Peril In Paperback”  Kate Carlisle  2012

“The Witch’s House”  Charlotte Armstrong  1963
“The Fall Of Lucas Kendrick”  Kay Hooper  1987
“Ajax Penumbra 1969”  Robin Sloan  2013
“Death In Hanover Close”  Anne Perry  1988
(75)  “The Letter, The Witch, And The Ring”  John Bellairs  1977

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Here are our 2019 reviews.

Here is what I read for My Kind Of Mystery last year!


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