Carolyn’s Ethereal 2019

I created ETHEREAL in 2014, after encountering no group for my most passionate subject:  spirits.  I am excited about numerous mystical subjects that had not been covered.  ETHEREAL is just the right name for the group including all metaphysical, spiritual, and magical ground!  Real spiritual, healing, psychic disciplines….  paranormal, fantasy fiction….  Religious or folk traditions, mythology, legends, science fiction that is out of this world, and eevn children’s literature will do.

Please join through the link in the logo.  Here are my plans for spiritual, encouraging, mystical, and empowering reading this year!  I have alphabetized menus at the top of this blog.



Tears Of The Giraffe”  Alexander McCall Smith  2000
Aunt Dimity And The Next Of Kin”  Nancy Atherton  2005
Wait Till Helen Comes”  Mary Downing Hahn  1986
The Scariest Night”  Betty Ren Wright  1991
Survivors, True Death-Defying Escapes”  Larry Verstraete  2003
Rivers Of London”  Ben Aaronovitch  2011
Baby Brother”  Tanneke Wigersma & Nynke Mare Talsma  2005
The Coroner’s Lunch”  Colin Cotterill  2004
Wild In The City”  Jan Thornhill  1995
(10)  “Splintered Bones”  Carolyn Haines  2002

The Cold Heart Of Capricorn”  Martha C. Lawrence  1997
Different Dragons”  Jean Little  1986
The Dog Who Wouldn’t Be”  Farley Mowat  1957
The Heart Of A Horse:  Poignant Tales And Humorous Escapades”  Gayle Bunney  2003
Life On The Other Side”  Sylvia Browne  1999
Night Travellers”  Sandra Birdsell  1982
Cirak’s Daughter”  Charlotte MacLeod  1982
Service For Two”  Kate Kingsbury  1994
The Night Gardener”  Jonathan Auxier  2014
(20)  “The Promise Of The Unicorn”  Vicki Blum  2002

The Ghost Children”  Eve Bunting  1989
Green Eggs And Ham”  Theodor Seuss Geisel  1960
Meet My Cats”  Lesley Anne Ivory  1989
The Gargoyle”  Andrew Davidson  2008
Tunnels Of Time”  Mary Harelkin Bishop  2000
The Figure In The Shadows”  John Bellairs  1975
The Shadowy Horses”  Susanna Kearsley  1997
The Shadow Of The Wind” (“La Sombra Del Viento”)  Carlos Luiz Zafón  2001
The Lady In Blue” (“La Dama Azul”)  Javier Sierra  1998
(30)  “The Ghosts Of Popcorn Hill”  Betty Ren Wright  1993

Haunted Canada 3:  More True Ghost Stories”  Pat Hancock  2007
Prevailing Spirits:  A Book Of Scottish Ghost Stories” Giles Gordon (editor)  1976
City Of The Dead”  Toby Abbott  2009
Arrow Book Of Spooky Stories”  Edna Mitchell Preston (editor)  1962
The Turn Of The Screw”  Henry James  1898
The Secret Of Devil’s Cave”  Jennifer Hale  1973
Ghost Stories Of Hollywood”  Barbara Smith & Arlana Anderson-Hale  2000
Scottish Ghost Stories”  Elliott O’Donnell & Tim Hunt  1911
Hallowe’en Trivia”  Tonya Lambert  2010
(40)  “The Whispering Room”  Amanda Stevens  2009

The Ghosts Of Mercy Manor”  Betty Ren Wright  1993
Return To Tradd Street”  Karen White  2014
“Enchanted:  The Wedding Story”  Barbara Bretton  2018
“Cloaked In Malice”  Annette Blair  2012
“Clifford Counts 1 2 3”  Norman Bridwell  1998
“Where Is The Big Red Doggie?”  Norman Bridwell  1998
“Spellcasting In Silk”  Juliet Blackwell  2015
“Haunted Canada 2:  True Tales Of Terror”  Pat Hancock  2005


Here are our 2019 reviews.

Here is what I read last year.

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I cherish animals, plants, reading, music and free spirituality. I welcome you for articles, literary activities, and interaction! Surrounding ourselves with good people is a delight. I occasionally review at The Book Depository.
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