Our 2018 Mystery Logo: Solved!

I invited every sleuth-minded person who is interested, to solve our 2018 “My Kind Of Mystery” logo because my groups were very small this year.  I am going to squeeze in time to roll out my new year of reading themes in December, even though I am always busy November and December, to increase membership henceforth.  In the meantime, the riddle of identifying the book cover from which I drew our logo, is open to everyone.

I make them easy to solve, so I will try one more time to prompt you, by showing you how I would solve it.  All you have to do is follow these steps and use the answers you derive to look-up the rest.  Ready?  Here are the starter clues!

GAME #1 ~

Identify this year’s 2018 mystery group logo!
Which book is it, which author, and original publishing year?
Guesses are unlimited.

Clue ~

The cover I chose for our 2018 group is not the one I own but I find it the most beautiful.  I have not read this novel yet but this version suggests paranormal content but the categorization is something I favour anyway:  gothic mystery.  My first clue was to put it up and see if you recognized it.

It is a recent release (for me, that is 2010 onward), originating in England with this cover.  This title is about a character.  It was reissued in Canada and the United States one month after, with a cover and title about a place.

The clue with which to really work well, is that the English authoress’ last name, resembles an American author of Greek-inspired children’s fantasy adventures.  His are blockbuster films, in which Pierce Brosnan has appeared.  I have seen the first two and like them, myself.  This gives you enough to work with, or recognize right off the bat, therefore any little bit of effort will bring in answers!

~ Steps ~

Does that look difficult, or can you see the easiest clue to target?  Simply search a broad query:  “Greek-inspired children’s films Pierce Brosnan has done”.  If the author’s name is not evident in one go, obviously look up one of the film titles and find out the author’s name.

I said a British authoress has the same name, so use it with another broad query:  “British author –“.  If there is more than one, you know she is publishing recently.  Pinpoint her, who I don’t believe has many novels and all you have to do is locate this cover.  Do you need help with that?

There are three easy ways to see a variety of book covers.  At Google, type a title and click the option “images”.  At Fantastic Fiction and Goodreads, type a title and see a variety of versions there too.

I’ll give until the week-end for people to solve it because it would be the first time and a shame, if no one played.  Go ahead and make guesses in this post’s comment box:  the authoress, title, and year.  Then my posts for my four groups will be wrapped-up and I can start creating new pages for sign-ups.

No one has attempted this yet?  Alright, here is one final hint that comes close to giving the solution away.  Did you see the clue about searching for a Pierce Brosnan film for youths, inspired by Greek mythology?  The first of the American author’s films is “The Lightning Thief” in 2005.  Take it from here!  ;)
~ ~ ~ ~

~ Update, January 15, 2019 ~

I believe my RIEDEL Fascination reading challenges are emerging from two lean years.  Twice, I made one prize draw across all four groups and we were so few, I invited any of the group guests the mystery logos.  The year we are finishing, was rock bottom for membership and the logo tradition was only played, because a new friend of mine from Goodreads solved it.  Thank you, Sheri in Wisconsin!

I am happy to say she and other new faces are already starting to join for our 2019 run, as well as some veteran players.  This is a good sign, which means that as people read the variety of advertizing folks have helped me post and have time to act:  we will for certain step up this year!  If I had ten people in each group (yes, we were lean), I would consider that a cascade and would re-open all of my creative activities and a draw for my individual groups.

As for the answer to our “My Kind Of Mystery” logo of 2018, that Sheri solved?
It is a 2015 novel I received as a birthday gift, brand new, in 2017 and look forward to reading this year!  My trade paperback is called “Fiercombe Manor” but the original, much lovelier cover and title are:  “The Girl In The Photograph“, by Kate Riordan!  My clue is that her name resembles Rick Riordan, the American fantasy novelist.  But you will read in the comments that Sheri solved it another way:  she just did a search of the promotional quote on the book!

Thank you again to Sheri for ensuring someone played our annual game and my thank-you to my registered 2018 guests is heartfelt.  Each of you mattered even more in the leanest year.  Yours truly, Carolyn.

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I cherish animals, plants, reading, music and free spirituality. I welcome you for articles, literary activities, and interaction! Surrounding ourselves with good people is a delight. I occasionally review at The Book Depository.
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4 Responses to Our 2018 Mystery Logo: Solved!

  1. Sheri says:

    Kate Riordan
    The Girl in the Photograph 2015

    • Now, that’s how to be a sleuth! You rock, Sheri! What process did you use to solve it? Congratulations for identifying the book cover that made-up our My Kind Of Mystery logo for 2018. I appreciate that at the eleventh hour, someone played. Yours, Carolyn.

  2. You found an easier way to do it. Good for you and thanks for rescuing our book cover tradition! Though not in my reading challenges (yet!); the record continues of always having someone solve the year’s “My Kind Of Mystery” logo. Brava and merry Christmas!

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