Carolyn’s General Update

Hello!  In the quietest, smallest year group-wise:  I thank you, who read along with my blog and reading themes this year.  We were too few to do the activities I have in mind but a new year is upon us and I have made an influx of new friends through Goodreads.  I succeeded in an effort to acquaint like-minded cat-lovers, physical book appreciators, paranormal- and mystery-lovers.  When one’s heart and good work goes into a blog and reviews, readers are a must, right?  Thank you for being among them.  I love making general posts too and have ideas for fun discussions.  :)

I believe in prayers making possible, what is important to us.  Ron & I are not giving up on our dear cat, Conan, being home with us safe and sound soon.  Please keep up the prayers and positive wishes.  This worry on our minds, along with small group numbers, are why I did not post any more discussions or activities than this.  However we extended our range and leg work to find Conan, even asking schools to put up our poster.  Miles of kids are watching for him across more rural houses than we would find door to door.  He is well-known on the internet and locally, therefore we are set to let the work bring results.  Please continue to assist us with prayers and positive well-wishes.  We will succeed!  Conan is a precious son, like the rest of our cat family.

To improve group membership, I know sign-up posts are needed in December, when people browse but am busy this time of year.  All our family birthdays are in winter, too.  If I don’t want to rush reviews and websites around Christmas, neither does anyone else.  Let’s urge hosts to break the January to December cycle and nudge things up one month, like I do:  February to January.  We can count our reading from January to December but not require closing during these busy times.

See what we are reading in my four themes!
ETHEREALreview page
CELTIC COASTSreview page

Putting out a shingle earlier, with an influx of new friends keen to join veteran members, promise fun interaction.  Most importantly, with prayers answered on our personal front:  I see 2019 as a great year, to look forward to with pleasure!  Please pop in and tell me how you are.  I would love an update from friends I have made.

Other other cats, waiting with us for their son and brother, Conan, are very well.  They keep Ron & I happy, hopeful, and energized and cuddling with us when we are reading, too.  I give honourable mention to two infant mice whom we helped overnight, when a neighbour cat disturbed a nest.  Even wild creatures we acquaint are appreciated and respected.  We loved witnessing a family of wild turkeys grow up and they are still here!  They sleep in trees and have no trouble in a Manitoba winter!

How many of you garden?  This year was dry for fruit and squash and flea beetles infested again but each year is different and we try new things.  Deer fences on our other three gardens are a must, with a munchy Mother and twin offspring staying with us all year.  Laying nets across them worked in the meantime.  We always grow an abundance of something each year, including flowers galore!

Television shows I enjoy are:  “The Curse Of Oak Island“, “Long Lost Family“, “Mama Medium“, “Modern Family“, “The Big Bang Theory“, “Roseanne / The Connors“, “The Voice“, “The Social“.  Oak Island’s real mystery, whose exploration we watch unfold, is a childhood dream.  You must read about one of the world’s greatest legends.  After falling in love with Nova Scotia on my only visit years ago;  I keep discovering reasons to be entraced with it.  Long-distance trips aren’t in the cards but I have Ron curious to see this province!

The Social” is a Toronto talk show of Canadian news and general celebrities, including authors.  Authors are seldom interviewed.  Canadians speaking to Canadians is lovely.  Which shows do you enjoy?

My next post will be about solving our “My Kind Of Mystery” logo.  It earns a bonus entry in the draw I make this week-end.  If you are in any of my four groups and want to be in the draw, please e-mail or comment on any post / page.  A bonus for guessing the mystery group logo is open to all groups.  Friends and subscribers wanting to guess for fun, may chime in!  I have fun activities planned for all my WordPress and Goodreads subscribers.

I like everyone wishing each other what we celebrate, rather than a “happy holidays” generalization.  I delight in wishing everyone’s blessings back to them.  Warm words from all cultures are a gift.  Here are Conan and his sister, Petal;  two of our dear bed-cuddlers.

The view is a special building for all of us, that our cats konw very well as “the library”.  A break from the house, when it is not idea to play outside, their favourite words are:  “Who wants to go to the library?”  They trot down the sidewalk in their eager, colourful parade;  one of my most joyous sights to me!  Before I start writing Chritmas cards, from our south-eastern Manitoba home:  we wish you a merry Christmas!  Yours truly, Carolyn.


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I cherish animals, plants, reading, music and free spirituality. I welcome you for articles, literary activities, and interaction! Surrounding ourselves with good people is a delight. I occasionally review at The Book Depository.
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