Carolyn’s Gentle Spectrums 2018!

Here are the books I finished for my theme, Gentle Spectrums 2018!

I am excited about brainstorming a lot of great new topics and beneficial ways to expand the ones we are reprising.  This logo is not my photograph, like the gorgeous Manitoba marsh vista last year but I hope everyone derives peace and happy thoughts from its beauty.  I really like it.

My selections go by my moods and I constantly score fresh book bargains, which is important when one reads nearly all physical literature.  However I normally read the ones I list for myself soon.  Goodness knows we are blessed with good stock.
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Also: colourful, colour, bright, light, iridescent, iridescence, dark, shade, hue, spectrum, rainbow, prism.

Bluegate Fields”  Anne Perry  1984
The Hot Pink Farmhouse”  David Handler  2002
The Shimmering Stones Of Winter’s Light”  Constance Walker  1991
In A Dark, Dark Wood”  Ruth Ware  2015
When Grandma And Grandpa Rode The White Pass Train”  Bernd & Susan Richter  1988
Brainy Baby Shapes And Colours”  Edith Reynolds & Rose Audette  2004
Three Barnyard Tales: The Little Red Hen / The Ugly Duckling / Chicken Little”  Marilyn Helmer & Laura Watson  2002
The Tale Of Ginger And Pickles”  Beatrix Potter  1909
(9)  “Grover’s Little Red Riding Hood”  Norman Stiles & Joe Mathieu  1976


The Secret Treasure Of Oak Island”  D’Arcy O’Connor  2004
The Mystery Of The Lost Lemon Mine”  Ron Stewart  1993
The Car Book”  William Dugan  1968
The Mystery Of Cabin Island”  Leslie McFarlane  1929
The Mounties:  Tales Of Adventure And Danger From The Early Days”  Elle Andra-Warner  2004
Scuffy The Tugboat”  Tibor Gergely & Gertrude Crampton  1972 (1946)
The Lion In The Valley”  Elizabeth Peters  1986
Barometer Rising”  Hugh MacLennan  1941
Harry Potter: The Prequel”  Joanne K. Rowling  2008
(10)  “Uncle Robert’s Secret”  Wylly Folk St. John  1972

One could call nearly anything a toy or hobby, so let’s make these well-established toys and hobbies.

Little Audrey And The Moon Lady”  Harvey Cartoon Studios  1960
The Little Bookstore Of Big Stone Gap”  Wendy Welch  2012
Haunted”  Ophelia Julien  2012
A Medium For Murder”  Mignon Warner  1976
Mr. Lemoncello’s Library Olympics”  Chris Grabenstein  2016
Gypsy’s Fortune”  Caroline Stellings  2014
The Strangers On Montagu Street”  Karen White  2011
The House Of Broken Dolls”  Dorothy Daniels  1972
The Tale Of Two Bad Mice”  Sarah Albee & Maggie Swanson  2003
Death By Scrabble”  Charlie Fish  2006
(11) “Book Scavenger”  Jennifer Chambliss Bertram  2015

Happy feelings, drink, food, exercise, medicine, energy: you decide!

Cookie Monster And The Cookie Tree”  David Korr & Joe Mathieu  1977
People In Your Neighbourhood”  Jeffrey Moss & Leon Jason  1977
The Sea For Breakfast”  Lillian Beckwith  1961
Mistress Of Mellyn”  Victoria Holt  1960
Murder On Astor Place”  Victoria Thompson  1999
Murder Will Travel”  Emily Toll  2002
Adventures Of A Psychic”  Sylvia Browne & Antoinette May  1990
(8)  “The Jesus Mystery (Of Lost Years And Unknown Travels)”  Janet Bock  1980

I always include birds, fish, and insects. I love them all.

Little Lost Lamb”  Margaret Wise Brown & Leonard Weisgard  1945
Great Cat Stories:  Inspirational Tales About Exceptional Cats”  Roxanne Willems Snopek  2004
Catnap”  Carole Nelson Douglas  1992
The Old Fox Deceiv’d”  Martha Grimes  1982
Farm Animals (A Very First Picture Book)”  Nicola Tuxworth  1996
Over In The Meadow (A Musical Story / Play)”  Pamela Conn Beall & Susan Hagen Nipp  1987
How Do Dinosaurs Count To Ten?”  Jane Yolen & Mark Teague  2004
Arthur’s Hallowe’en”  Marc Brown  1982
Clifford’s Puppy Fun”  Norman Bridwell  2001
The Whispering Rabbit”  Margaret Wise Brown & Cyndy Szekeres  1948
Derby Downs:  The Value Of Respect”  Stephen Cosgrove & Wendy Edelson  1988
Winnie The Pooh, Friendship Day”  Nancy Parent & Philippe Harchy  2000
(13)  “The Owl And The Pussycat”  Ron Berg & Edward Lear  1984


The Murder Stone”  Louise Penny  2008
Surfacing”  Margaret Atwood  1972
The Silence”  Sarah Rayne  2013
Street Of Five Moons”  Elizabeth Peters  1978
The Brutal Telling”  Louise Penny  2009
Evans Above”  Rhys Bowen  1997
A Great Deliverance”  Elizabeth George  1988
Ghost Hotel”  Larry Weinberg  1994
Nobody Likes Trina”  Phyllis A. Whitney  1972
Hurry, Santa!”  Julie Sykes & Tim Warnes  1998
(11)  “Penny Visits Oak Hammock Marsh”  Carol & Kristin Szuminsky & Jack Brown  2008

(07)  THE ARTS

The Tin Flute” Gabrielle Roy  1945
Driftwood And Other Poems”  P.J. Peters  1978
The Bells Of Freedom”  Dorothy Gilman  1963
The Bears Of Broadway”  Cancer Care Manitoba  2005
(5)  “The Garden Of Friendship”  Thomas Kinkade  2000

We needn’t stop at sewing and knitting.  We can expand to curtains, doilies, linen, and quilts!

My Flight Bag Book”  Kathleen N. Daly & Yoshi Miyake  1977
The Body Farm”  Patricia Cornwell  1994
The Romper Room Doo Bee Book Of Manners”  Nancy Claster & Art Seiden  1956
What Was I Scared Of?”  Theodor Seuss Geisel  1961
(5)  “Doors In The Air”  David Weale & Pierre Pratt  2012


Manitoba Stories”  Joan Parr  1981
Dead And Buried”  Howard Engel  1990
The Fire-Dwellers”  Margaret Laurence  1969
The Haunting Of Government House”  Judith Silverthorne  2011
Death At Buckingham Palace”  C.C. Benison  1996
A Killing Spring”  Gail Bowen  1996
Great Canadian Romances (Love, Scandal, And Passion)”  Barbara Smith  2005
Extreme Canadian Weather”  Joan Dixon  2005
Mysterious Brockville”  Nancy Wickwire Fraser  2000
Franklin’s Hallowe’en”  Paulette Bourgeois & Brenda Clark  1996
Franklin’s Neighbourhood”  Paulette Bourgeois & Brenda Clark  1999
10 Drowsy Dinosaurs”  Wendy Frood Auger & Les Drew  2010
(13)  “Creatures Of The Night”  Pat Hancock & Mark Thurman  1992


Sense And Sensibility”  Jane Austen  1811
Murphy’s Law”  Rhys Bowen  2001
Ghost Abbey”  Robert Westall  1988
Arrow Book Of Ghost Stories”  Nora Kramer & George Wilde  1960
The Late Mrs. Fonsell”  Velda Johnston  1972
One Corpse Too Many”  Ellis Peters  1979
Hippity Dog And The Groover’s Fling”  Andrew Knowles & Gordon Stowell  1979
More Channel Chuckles”  Bill Keane  1971
The Other Side Of Midnight”  Simone St. James  2015
The Laughing Ghost”  Dorothy Eden  1943
(11)  “Once Upon A Tomb:  Stories From Canadian Graveyards”  Nancy Millar  1997

Anything to do with three. Third visits with authors.  After a third book, do you find that authors plateau, or grow better?

Poirot Investigates”  Agatha Christie  1924
His Banner Over Me”  Jean Little  1995
(3)  “Something Wicked”  Carolyn G. Hart  1988


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