Reading Naturally 2018!


Exposed to nature:  1-3 books
Engaged with nature:  4-6 books
Immersed in nature:  7+ books.


It is my sincere pleasure to rejoin Jane’s new nature reading group for the second time.  I am partial to fiction, which fits herein as well.  What works out to suit me especially is that when I do read about real, educational things, it is almost always animal, plant, or spirit-related.  Further to that, my spouse, Ron & I are gardeners, flower-growers, and animal rights defenders.  We pray that our cat who has been missing, all children to us:  will be safely home this spring.  His name is Conan and he ranks highly as one of the lights of our life.  We thank everyone for their prayers.

It has been a long wait for this son and the results of all three of Jane’s groups cheered me up, right when I needed it.  I won this new reading challenge in its premiere and prizes in her two others, as well as in a Canadian group!  I ask for signs from time to time, to maintain our certainty that Conan is all right and reuniting with us soon and I receive them.  Winning in four groups, the news told to me the same day, is quite a positive sign to be sure.   Books about intuitive communication and plainer, factual ones about how well cats survive and travel, sustained me too!  All this fit into Jane’s group.

Receiving Jane’s and the other mail will be happy days too.  I can’t wait to see what she sends me.  I know what some of them are but the rest of her mail will be greeted by me with the thrill of anticipation and suspense.  Just so you know Jane, I answered all of my blog comments the same day and you must have had my e-mail.  I do hope we pick up those conversations, further to the subject of books.

I hope you got my update that, given time to tally:  I saw that I hit all of your topics except the Orion one!  I had a dystopian one after all.  I am glad you are giving us time to finish you agree with the ease of running from February 1st.  I am reeling from too much to do in November and December;  with still one review page to make for my 2018 quartet.  I know you will join at least two of them:  lovely to have you as my guest too!  See my blog menu at the top.

Here is what I propose to read this year.  Two books are already finished!  I make sure a book fits each category, then pile more into the best matches as they come along.  In my own “Gentle Spectrums” 2018, I have a “Healthfulness” category!  I am looking forward to this and earning verbal and mailed rewards makes an activity particularly worthwhile.  My readers know I go to a lot of effort in my write-ups and motivation to strive higher.  A hostess who reads these write-ups is gift #1.  The chance to push ourselves to win prizes, internationally, is gift #2.  I am very definitely aiming for the maximum.  Happy nature reading!


****  Please enjoy my November summary, here!  ****



(01)  Written by a giant in animal advocacy, environment protection.

(02)  Outdoors activity or gear on the cover.



(05)  Current Issue: climate change, biodiversity.

(06)  Water-related.

(07)  New:  published 2015 upward.

(08)  Dystopia-flavoured: emphasizing consequences.

(09)  Extreme element:  sailing, mountain climbing.

(10)  Season-related.

(11)  Plant-related.

(12)  Set in a wilderness locale.

(13)  Spiritual:  emphasizing connection.

(14)  Skills-related.

(15)  Advocacy-related: speaking up for nature.

(16)  Biography, memoir of an environmentalist.

(17)  An Orion award-winner.


About RIEDEL Fascination

I cherish animals, plants, reading, music and free spirituality. I welcome you for articles, literary activities, and interaction! Surrounding ourselves with good people is a delight. I occasionally review at The Book Depository.
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2 Responses to Reading Naturally 2018!

  1. J.G. says:

    Hello again, Carolyn! Thank you for signing up for another year of this challenge. You’re listed on the Progress & Reviews page now. It’s certainly convenient that you have the books already to hand, and I’m happy to have you along!

    To answer your question, the books do not have to be directly nature-related. I deliberately created flexible requirements for people who might not read about nature very often. For example, a romance novel with a tent on the cover might be about a couple who met while camping–but it wouldn’t really be “about” camping, it would just have some camping in it, and would still qualify.

    With good thoughts for your wayward kitty Conan the adventurer.

    • God bless you for mentioning Conan. He was the adventurer in summer and fall but we imagine he wanted home before snow came! The love between us is strong and I am grateful for wherever he has spent winter.

      My question is about the “new” category. I used “equipment cover” as an example and think you are too but posed this question so many times, I’ll feel gratified to be sure. It is likely one of my questions among e-mails. May my version of a “new book” be anything? I hope I convinced you that you can count on finding replies here, if you check within a day. Communicating by e-mail and WordPress is much easier than at Blogspot. Gratefully, Carolyn.

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