Dread & Read Update.

Jane’s group is for diving into books we were uncertain we would like!  I joined her nature and birth date themes too.  Those are easy to update at my original posts.  This theme entails explanations.  Most of what I read is a 300-page investment of time.  I read at night and unless I am swept away at a gallop, I read in a few sips;  2 to 3 nights.  If I finish three of these, I will be happy.  J.G. offers prizes and this forum, for me to dig in.


(1)  “Death Of A Cad”  Marion C. Beaton  1987

Marion Chesney Beaton is a very popular authoress, whom I collected vastly, including first editions.  I treasured Scotland with my spouse in 2009 and maintain a love for the Celtic countries.  It is the reason I created “Celtic Coasts“.   When I finally read “Death Of A Gossip“, I loathed it!  I try to find the good.  I loathed it like I seldom loathe other books, in every aspect.  My review tactfully itemized. them   I waited two years to try this second book, which took even more trouble to obtain that the first.

The update is that I glanced 24 pages into “Death Of A Cad” and still couldn’t bear the writing or external characters.  They dominate the first chapters, so even though I still have no skepticism about falling in love with village constable Hamish Macbeth and his case-solving talent;  I can’t bear wading through the other garbage.  People arguing, the stereotypical aristocratic snobs, Marion still did not quickly introduce the atmosphere of a mystery….  I sighed at the 30 books I must own by this author, flipped a few later pages, and decided the best use of my time is to sell the Hamish series unread.

I *am* willing to try the first Agatha Raisin series.  I am worried the writing style I loathe, of pointless description and brawling characters, might be present nonetheless.  However I will not dismiss a whole other series.  In order to afford the sometimes 200 books Ron & I score in a year, I do a lot of collecting before I try them.  I have seldom disliked, to the point of not wishing to read any more, my selections.  I have done well since last year, reading a suite of first volumes.  I like what I am collecting.  I don’t believe in not finishing, so I glanced through this novel’s first several pages as an audit.  I do not consider this a “Did not finish”.  Please mark this:  “Confirmed that is is not for me“!

(02)  “The Roman Hat Mystery”  Ellery Queen  1929

Mysterious premises are too few, even though they should be easier to drum up!  A hidden room or floor, a code, a diary, an artifact or treasure, someone’s past or heritage, a quest…  This was a bore to get through and indulgent.  Here is another rare case of putting a whole bunch of books by an author out for sale, unread.  These New York detectives as stereotyped as they could be, in the crime genre I like least.  I expected that of a pioneer in this genre.  I have nothing against old times.  I love a plethora of literature predating me;  grew up on gothic mysteries!  I flock to those kinds of oldies.

  The men writing these crime cases exemplify the worst of what I dislike.  People are berated and handled roughly by police.  Richard Queen, the senior, grabbed by the neck a manservent”, who lived with them since age 19!  I recoiled.  The denouement had to do with the stain” of having a small amount of black heritage.  This, I excuse for popular opinion of the time.  None of the rest is exusable, ever.  There are always people who know what is right.  https://www.amazon.ca/review/R2QHUJ74EZDXZK/ref=cm_rv_eml_rv0_rv

(03)  “Body Of Evidence”  Patricia Cornwall 1991

Her first novel and that of this long Kay Scarpetta series, “Postmortem”, was violent and disturbing.  Kathy Reichs was so much worse, I decided to give Patricia another try.  With Kathy’s first novel, I barely avoided something I do not do;  not finish a book.  She is another author I am selling without reading anything more.  I peeked at her next introduction and the topic is even more horrific;  a well of slain villagers.  I fortunately started with Patricia’s less popular trilogy.  I liked “Hornet’s Next” much better and loved her writing.  It was the main reason I endured “Postmortem” and thought I would continue.

Thankfully sexual assault does not pertain to the story.  “Body Of Evidence” much more traditionally focused on case-solving.  Although the murder was unfortunately brutal, the book’s tone wasn’t depressing.  I was surprised to find Kay moaning about a lost love that occurred long ago when she is independent and respected today but the suspicion of a love interest lent a personal angle that made the threads of this case matter.  The police inspector is becoming a friend and we even travel to Florida, which we discover is her home.  I think the book was brisker and brighter because we only see one hasty part of an autopsy and seldom enter her workplace.  The whole book was about her being a sleuth and Frank Marino helping;  with a series of small leads that grow into excellent detecting.  I will continue this series I have almost entirely bought!  https://www.amazon.ca/review/R3HWM53P9TI0VB/ref=cm_rv_eml_rv0_rv

Update, January 5, 2018
Even though I targeted three novels for this theme and named others potentially, I got to 150 books this year.  I was less keen about some, pushing myself with a good quantity of literature overall that I didn’t name.  There was no failure and I tackled three that I named.  I dismissed one assuredly and read the other two in earnest.  I loved one enough that I enjoy both of Patricia Cornwell’s series.  That its background is not only police but an autopsy team is saying something, when I am no fan of crime mysteries!  I am bolstered for Jane’s new year, glad she has this unique forum for reporting about books we were unsure we would like and giving them a chance.

  Jane requests treat ideas.  Who wouldn’t be delighted!  Mine are bizarre, modest, and fun.

*  I would love to locate “Service For Two” by Kate Kingsbury!  However, I have seen Jane’s giveaways, as a winner this new year 2018!  After choosing one, I have my eye on Masaru Emoto’s revelations about water, the oldest one first and Kitty Burns Florey’s information about handwriting.

*  I love flowers!  Whether in pots, or outside everywhere;  I love seeds.  I offer seeds as one of my prize choices.  I have ample Marigolds, cosmoses, bachelor’s buttons, and regular “tall” sunflowers.  The giant “Grey Stripe” and other varieties would be lovely and anything not named.  I can’t seem to find Poached Egg Plants this year.  Thank you!  This is generous and fun!


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4 Responses to Dread & Read Update.

  1. J.G. says:

    It sounds like you experienced plenty of “dread” but had a good time making the attempt, anyway, and that’s what matters, I would say. Thank you for participating! Sweeteners are on their way!

    • We will get that silly Kate Kingsbury novel and its sequel at a reasonable price but it seems to be the longest search. Did you find it? I can’t wait to see the blend of the other ideas! Is “The Soul Of The Octopus” being mailed by the Orion publisheers? I am excited wondering how many parcels there are. Thank you for all of this brightness and generousity, in all three of your groups! Happily, Carolyn.

  2. It was a fun reading year for us both. Glad you had success with the challenge. I think all of us love flowers in our ways too.

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