Ethereal Summary 2017!

I can’t believe we have had Christmas and begun new year’s, 2018!  I hope yours were merry.  Ours were very nice, in a sombre year.  We had Christmas story-reading, nice food and presents.  My brother’s & his wife’s 1 1/2 year-old kitten, Bella, enlivened us.

A new apartment isn’t easy for my folks.  Folks need to reorganize over the years, instead of sorting belongings quickly upon a house sale.  I put in the time to save everthing personal but after a week of confinement, our precious cat took a trip.  We expect Conan home by spring and have our community keeping watch too.  We know that everyone’s prayers have kept Conan safe!

My brother’s & wife’s cat elder passed away a month before Christmas.   We cheered them up about our dear Lopez.  Respect, not avoidance of a subject, brightens us.  Yesterday, we honoured my friend’s 60 year-old animal-loving brother:  with modern music and an especially great sermon.  It became a celebratory, warming, reunion among she & I and her relatives, with my parents as well.  I came home feeling good.  She believes in the spiritiual like me and her sources are certain our Conan is alive.  That is the boost of all boosts!  Suddenly, there were also happy cat stories Ron & I need to hear:  “My cat got home after 5 months.  My cat got home after 9 months”.  I met my friend’s new husband, thrilled with his earnest urgings that we visit.  Reestablishing bonds feels wonderful.

Riding along on this warm feeling today, I find that I won prizes in four reading challenges!  I am thrilled, re-energized, and believe this is another positive sign for the situation dearest in my heart.  Good signs have kept us afloat all along.  It is time to share the love with group participants!  Since activity of all four of my reading groups overlaps, here is an updated general summary, as well as a close-out of Ethereal.

The overall, year-end winner representing all four is:  NEERU ARNAND!  Her choice, a 1975 mystery by Pierre Audemars, is already on its way to India.  Congratulations, Neeru!  I e-mailed members a while ago about drawing in early December, to avoid a rise in postage and so we focus on our renewed challenges by February.

It is time to answer the riddle of this book cover logo!  The Canadian male author, by whom I read several books viewable in my review menu, and who passed away as recently as 2015:  is ERIC WRIGHT!  The specific book is the first of his well-loved Toronto police series:  “The Night The Gods Smiled“!  It isn’t the version I have but I thought this colourfully-saturated cover was gorgeous, isn’t it?  I am happy to tribute an author who is fondly remembered.  If you don’t know enough Canadian fiction or authors of any type, I would be thrilled if my review menu steered you to great discoveries.

Two people solved this logo riddle:  Puss Reboots and an acquaintance at Goodreads, who is not in these groups.  She worked it out for fun.  Bravo, ladies!  I don’t know how difficult Puss Reboots found it but if you are e-mailing to make guesses, or commenting to request hints, the plan is always to leave increasingly clear clues.  One thing more:  if I find time to update more regularly, my summaries will be brief and not like diaries!

 I finished 83 books for ETHEREAL!
I finished 11 books for CELTIC COASTS.
I finished 67 books for MY KIND OF MYSTERY.
In GENTLE SPECTRUMS, I finished 7 colours and
4 to 27 books per title-matching category!

I made a very good journey in ETHEREAL books.  My learning spectrum redoubled animal communication, with our Conan in mind certainly.   These workbooks often show how to heal, through our God-given energy and loving souls.  Meditation too, better attunes us to all healing skills.  I read of nature like never before:  speaking with and learning from plants, such as trees, who are beloved to me.  My home is a forest and my childhood home has a lovely, tall Cottonwood tree!  His offspring branches are growing well here at my own home.  I will be excited to see how they look in spring.

I loved “The Mystical Life Of Jesus”, discussing parts left out of the gospel and highlighting things we don’t think of, that it contains.  For example, if one knows who is responsible for replenishing wine at Jewish weddings, the identity of the groom at Canaan is no mystery.  The parts where Jesus said:  “Look:  I am not dead”!  Amazingly obvious.  This was one of the most uplifting, fascinating books I have ever read.  Why?  Because it feels freer, that religion does not own access to the Lord.

Ethereal is a group that I feel very good about building because I balance typical spirituality with the spectrum of metaphysical concepts.  My new year’s reading will include the power of flowers and all kinds of wonderful literature I own.  Non-fiction and story-wise, I enjoyed a good dose of spirit reading too!  I own the last novel I need by Simone St. James, the latest few by Amanda Stevens, and the next one I need by Sarah Raine.  Standouts are “The Girl On Legare Street” by Karen White, “The Olden Days Coat” by Manitoba’s dear Margaret Laurence.  Get this book if you can.  I am going to find the movie!  “A Life In Folklore” is Dr. Helen Creighton’s fantastic autobiography.  Not least, is a stellar masterpiece that needs to return to print availability:  “Prairie Ghosts, True Manitoba Ghost Stories” by Lois Forsberg!  It is the best ghost collection I have ever seen and what good fortune, that it is local.

I did well and hope to learn and be entertained by the wonderful array of literature I have in mind, brightly standing all over our home!  How about you?  Some like to track reading January to December, so this is our summary!  Please know you have well past January 31, a couple of months, to populate our review pages.  Please browse what everyone read and comment as the mood inspires you.  HAPPY NEW YEAR 2018, with love from Carolyn!


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I cherish animals, plants, reading, music and free spirituality. I welcome you for articles, literary activities, and interaction! Surrounding ourselves with good people is a delight. I occasionally review at The Book Depository.
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9 Responses to Ethereal Summary 2017!

  1. Congrats on another year well done and another year of the challenge. As always your group and this page are inspiring, unique and fun.

  2. Cyndi says:

    Happy New year! We have am uplifting cat story, too. When our youngest daughter was going through some tough times with anxiety we rescued an abandoned kitten from the parking lot where I worked. Alley helped her through quite a few panic attacks. A few years ago, she disappeared during a huge snow storm with subzero temps. We were so worried. But, when the weather warmed a couple of weeks later she sauntered back in. From the looks of her she found a warm, safe place, and she had lost her tags so no one could call us. So, Ally is still with us and is nearing 20 years old. We will keep your Conan in our prayers. 😊

    • Thank you, Cyndi, Ally, and your family! You likely know the story that he took a vacation in daylight, after I had been in the city daily, sorting belongings from our family house. My parents had the new apartment to deal with and one brother & wife would not look closely as was needed to ensure nothing personal to us got missed. Ron & I feel Conan savoured great weather until about October, 3 months. If he sensed danger, he is smart to stay in safe places. Then winter hit; 5 months. Stories about a cat being home after winter is exactly what we need! Good news and thoughts are my balm constantly, since requesting new hope and signs. Xoxo!

  3. Pussreboots says:

    The logo challenge took me about ten minutes to track down. I recognized the vintage of the artwork so I was able to narrow down my search pretty well. I’ve had fun with this challenge, even starting late. I hope you have another year long challenge planned for us.

  4. Pussreboots says:

    I finished 42 books for the My Kind of Mystery Challenge.

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