Celtic Coasts 2017 Summary!

So fast, it is winter and December.  My mind was on my parents selling our family homestead and then worrying about our cat, Conan.  I can’t describe how important he is to me.  Our other cats don’t do the things he does and you bet that I love them all.  I had a lovely home birthday on November 18th with my parents, now apartment-dwelling, three other friends, and of course my spouse, Ron.  The music mix CDs I had ready were appreciated as highly as I hoped, even if we didn’t get around to dancing this year.  But the atmoshere was enjoyed and we tried a new music trivia boardgame that Ron & I found at a thrift shop.  It is called “Encore” and I did win.  It might be partly due to reading challengs that I mentally think of titles in categories so well!

Subduing everything, I hope resolved by Jesus’s birthday, is Conan’s absence.  Your prayers, abilities, and power you know of to send out a positive outcome, boost our spirits very much.  I believe all of your caring energy is drawing our cherished cat safely home.  Telling us stories you’ve heard about cats missing four months or more who were reunited at home all right, are exactly what is encouraging for us to here.  Please keep it up.  Imagine the joyous celebration Christmas will be, to tell you that our cat son is back home with us?

We would celebrate and praise more than ever before.  We will thank our whole town for keeping posters up and spreading the word.  We would thank whomever have kept conan safe, warm, and fed when it has been cold;  even though he hunts easily and it is frustrating that those folks are taking a long time to notice his tattoo and posters.  Just so you know replies to this personal stuff matters:  thank you very much with all our hearts.

Don’t forget to e-mail me to put your name in the bowl for the year end prize draw.  I would like to draw by this Monday and avoid a change in postage in January.  One member asked to be in the draw, three said they don’t need additional books.  However let me be clear that second-hand books are one option.  There is a whole prize page of other fun little options and as a matter of fact, choosing things would make for lighter mailing!  Plant seeds, post cars, a couple of second hand CDs, some of my photography prints or greeting cards.  I would be delighted to mail one of those intead!  If that changes your mind, do put in your name.

May I remind you?  Guessing the 2017 My Kind Of Mystery logo is for everyone, whatever challenge they are in.  Since you earn an extra name in the prize draw bowl, it makes sense to open it to all of my challenge players.  If you assumed it was difficult, let me say that two people have solved it.  One declined to be in the draw and one solver is not in any of my challenges!  You truly only need to look at my Canadian review page, a menu tab atop this blog and glance at the small quantity of male authors I read.

I said he is a Canadian who died fairly recently, by whom I have read a lot of books.  Eric Wilson is alive and Leslie MacFarlane died long ago.  It doesn’t leave much else;  really, a piece of cake.  I will even add that he was English but emigrated here as a young adult, coming from poor parents.  The only tricky part might be finding my cover version of the right book but two people sniffed it out easily.  I will announce the answer by Monday, December 11th as well.


We might have a humble quantity since we opened last year but CELTIC COASTS has been praised from the beginning as a great idea.  I am certain people would love our outlet for Wales, Ireland, and Scotland because Irish and Scottish literature is popular but there has been no place for Wales and no group putting the Celtic countries together.  All we need to do is let people doing individual challenges, know about us!  Also please tell the folks who join “Rose City Reader” that we provide a place for Ireland, Wales, and Scotland.

I also need to erect sign-up posts this month, even though I firmly argue that December is too busy to start or finish clubs of any kind.  January there is suddenly an openness of free time to browse and think about literature, which is why I continue to encourage hostesses to start February 1, instead of January 1.  At any rate, my four groups do.

How have you fared?
I did not get around to Maeve Binchy or Lillian Beckwith yet but have been reading eleven Celtic books.  It is fun that most of them are from new authors to me.  See my Celtic Coasts post.  Only two books stretch the criteria.  Anne Perry qualifies by living in Scotland for years.  Dr. Helen Creighton was a Canadian who saved and publicized Nova Scotia folklore.  However the heart of a lot of Nova Scotia heritage, especially music and tales, are Celtic in origin.  Her autobiography, which I found by wondrous chance in a closing out book shop, is well worth knowing.

Did you dip into Wales?
I am pleased that I had a book in queue that was all about Welsh culture and politics, by Phil Rickman, even if I did not like “Candlenight” very much.

Any pleasant Celtic surprises or plans?
I plan to read more Maeve Binchy and Lillian Beckwith.  I thought Josephine Tey’s first novel was alright.  My Mom has “The Incredible Journey” by Sheila Burnford, whose belongings I have stored as she sorts them out.  Even though those pets had a planned route and were only away a month, the discussion of a cat’s ease of survial especially, succeeded at cheering me up regarding Conan’s survival and return.  Sarah Maine is a new discovery, received for my birthday three weeks ago.  Among used books I scored recently, I have several more Celtic authors and settings that I will be excited to try next year.  I have read very leisurely this year but ample Celtic content came into play very naturally.

My Celtic coasts post is here.

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