My Kind Of Mystery 2017 Summary!


I have not forgotten about my read group quartet!  I have been preoccupied not knowing where our kitty has been for 3 months.  They are sons and daughters to us.  Conan O’Brien is named after a comedian for good reason;  is intelligent and loving too.  A good outcome, home with us safe, is the only one we’ll take.  He should be back now that it has snowed.  We are certain he has been on a voluntary exploration of our forest, with me away so much that week.  Everyone supporting us in this, with enocouraging stories or prayers, has helped.  Next to my cherished family, reading is another kind of joy and balm.  I have kept it up and it’s time for an update.



All of our review pages are alphabetized by the author’s last name.  Bookcovers decorating each linky button show an author in those letter range, for extra clarification.  It looks like a few folks filed books until the letter of a title.  I don’t know of anyone else dialing into the internet by telephone line and assume everyone’s connection is faster than ours.  So I’ll leave folks to add their links into the author buttons.  I’ll delete misfiled ones in February;  sooner if I see the switch has been made.



Has anyone worked on guessing this year’s “My Kind Of Mystery” logo?  I’ll give you a whole batch of hints, since it is October and include a cheatsheet that will serve you well.  To let me know you are trying this, ask for more hinting in the comments if you come up dry and chat about it. If you hit upon the answer, e-mail me so that others can play along.  It costs nothing to guess, right or wrong, so try whether you’re sure or not.  RIEDELFascination(at)Gmail(dot)com.

The author of our unnamed msytery logo is:  a male, Canadian, who recently passed away.  “Recently” does not just mean a year.  The fourth clue is that I have read a lot by this gentleman.

Your instinct might be to poke around on Goodreads but the shelf combinations are numerous.  The cheatsheet to always consider is to use my review menus, here at the top of my blog!  It’s an easy scan of authors alphabeticall.  You’ll see how much I’ve read by authors in one glance.  Another cheatsheet is that I seldom read male authors.  That makes my general review tab manageable enough, called “Mine”.  However the knowledge that you can use my “Canadian” review tab makes this a piece of cake.

Then, you sleuths will investigate which authors are with us.  Next, try to find this particular version of the cover, to name the book.  If you need further hints to narrow any of this down, comment away!



Because joining numbers were low, which I will change by putting out our 2018 shingle earlier, you know I am drawing one prize for all four groups.  The same folks tend to be in more than one group.  If we build up to at least 20 per group, I’ll feel comfortable soliciting prize donators and have at least four draws.  There’s the odd person who just wants to play.  Please shoot me an e-mail confirming you want your name in the bowl for our year-end draw, or not.  It will be a second-hand book or other gift option, from me and encompasses all of my guests internationally.  :)

I’d like to draw early and avoid a rise in shipping costs that Canada Post rolls out every new year.  What the heck, I’ll send a Christmas card with that mail.  :)  Please be reassured you have until January 31 to finish and I keep the review buttons open a few months longer than that.  I’m determined that other hostesses start their challenges February 1st because January is when most folks have time to browse and update blogs.  As always, you can count your reading from January to December if you want.  You merely aren’t stuck filling things in over Christmas.



The comment forms are working.  I don’t know if their absence last year has us quiet.  Share anything you like:  about yourself pesonally, as the Lord knows I do, or anything noteworthy.  Authors you were keen to try but disliked, like Ellery Queen for me?  Blech!  One look at my sole review will explain why I’m selling all the rest I had collected.  Authors or books you loved, new discoveries or comfortable favourites?  Book scores you were excited to find, for those like me who covet the real physical deal?

I feel satisfaction about running through a lot of opening series volumes.  I get a sense of liking the large number of series books I pieced together over decades.  Well, not many decades:  I’m only forty-four….  until November 18th!  :)  It felt good to dig into the first novels of several series to confirm that I was right about liking the sound of them.  It is only the odd one I couldn’t bear to continue:  like Ellery Queen, Marion Chesney Beaton, and Kathy Reichs.  By interesting contrast, Patricia Cornwell is less violent compared to her and I located the last volume I needed just last week.  Others didn’t thrill me but I am willing to continue, largely because I already own hundreds of their titles, like I said!  I’ll try more of Margaret Frazer, Alexander McCall Smith, Margery Allingham, P.D. James, Mary Stewart, Josephine Tey.

To make my vast selection of real books possible, they can be no more than $9.00 with shipping at, in like new shape.  I also seek them at charity sales in person and drive a good distance for those.  I’m now selling duplicates or books I don’t wish to keep, from home.  Some happy scores were the next several Amanda Stevens adult ghost mysteries I need and the next mint condition hardcover of Sarah Rayne’s ghost mystery series too!


The three novels I want most are:  the third “Tradd Street” volume by Karen White, “Strangers On Montague Street“, the second “Alfred Hitchcock & The Three Investigators” volume by Robert A. Arthur:  “The Mystery Of The Stuttering Parrot“, and the third “Pennyfoot Hotel” mystery by Kate Kingsbury:  “Service For Two“.  If you find these, let’s please trade!  Karen’s can be bought new, in softcover but I want it to be far less than $20.00.  I need help with the other two, which are finally getting cheaper but aren’t worth $8.00 shipping in inferior condition.  If I can help you find anything, send your lists!


I hope Canadians had a happy Thanksgiving.  Ron & I were lowkey and ate our garden food.  We will be grateful forever when Conan O’Brien is home and celebrate it with a special vigour henceforth.  I wish everyone, blog readers as well as group participants, a happy Hallowe’en!  We only get a few children trick-or-treating to us in our country community but I’ll bet no other children get to choose books with their candy!


About RIEDEL Fascination

I cherish animals, plants, reading, music and free spirituality. I welcome you for articles, literary activities, and interaction! Surrounding ourselves with good people is a delight. I occasionally review at The Book Depository.
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7 Responses to My Kind Of Mystery 2017 Summary!

  1. Sorry the numbers were lower this year. Truthfully I have been very remiss on keeping challenges updated on my blog and have mainly been using Goodreads this year for that. I need to do a massive update again. An issue is I don’t always review in order since I backlog what’s on the site, so having it done on Goodreads doesn’t always mean it makes it over to the site yet – since with the site I put a lot more bells and whistles on it

    Still thinking of your missing, exploring kitty.

    I’m not good at the clues/contest as much plus have won before the in the past with your generous prizes, so wishing everyone else good luck as well

    • You don’t want to assume it’s hard without having tried! ;> I read so few men, especially if we pair down to the Canadian review menu above: trust, me it would be a cakewalk. Peek at the men to see which one left us recently. For fun, despite allowing someone else to win in 2017.

      Of course, don’t worry about linking reviews or your page until later than January, if you wish. The comment forms remain open and the link buttons, a few extra months. If you like, just link your page in the comment box, or wherever you’d like us to look and say about how many you read in all. Don’t worry about catching-up a whole bunch of individual reviews. Or link a couple of books you would especially like us to see.

      Thinking of our exploring kitty matters: thank you. It has snowed early! So Conan must be heading back for certain.

  2. Pussreboots says:

    I’m just enjoying the challenge for the fun of reading and reviewing mysteries. I’ve actually read so many more this year that I’m devoting Wednesdays to posting mystery reviews. As I am SWAMPED in books, I don’t want my name added to the giveaway hat. If you’re planning to run this challenge again in 2018-2019, I will join up.

    • Very thoughtful of you and Erin. More chances for our fellow members who will be in the bowl. I really do use the bowl from our kitchen scale! Play along and see if you get the right author and book, for the mystery logo. The author is as easy as scanning the sparse males in my Canadian review tab above, by whom I read a lot of books. :-)

      If you have too many reviews lo link, even in January and later (I keep the linky buttons open a few months), putting the URL of the page where you list your titles in the wrap-up button is fine, Sarah! Your calico cat is exquisite. Our Conan had better be home any day. It has snowed. Three months are too much without him cuddling, jumping way up on the back of this computer chair onto my shoulders, and everything that we can’t live without about him.

      • Pussreboots says:

        I am current with posting my reviews here. My avatar is Caligula cat (1995-2014). She was a great cat. I now have two tuxedo cats who I include on my blog’s header. My main icon / logo though will probably always remain Caligula.

      • I can count on your energy or prayer for Conan to get home safely, can’t it? I mention my babies because I want to hear back. :)

        I honour Caligula, now that you have told me about her. I was certainly missing a face in the second half of 2014. Love is Conan’s brother (whom you see me holding at Goodreads and in that photo album). He suddenly had heart failure at 4. I wish he had had as many years as Cal but we have a million memories in those years. What a wonderful legacy your girl has.

  3. Pussreboots says:

    It’s not a summery per se of this challenge, but I have posted a summary of the mysteries I reviewed this year. It also includes books pre-challenge.

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