Sifting for good things.

It is a relief to catch-up because WordPress has been rejected by either my internet connection or a software glitch for weeks.  Today’s accessibility might be tenuous so I am taking advantage of updating my review menus and finally writing a post.  A summary from the personal side, to begin.

I shared that spring and half of July were dulled by the stress of dreading to say good-bye to my childhood house and yards, where my twenty-one year old cat is buried.  I also told you about our Cottonwood tree that gives me peace.  It is so immense that you see it well before you reach my childhood street and it has triple trunks.  It is logical enough and doable to separate from a loved-one’s remains.  As I hoped, her cross with a plaque and garden lights pacify me enough at my own property.  After planting wildflowers and visiting and talking at Thumbelina’s actual resting place over and over until my last night sorting through the house, I was ready to leave it with peace in my heart.  Her cross and garden lights are sanctified relics that marked her actual remains for fourteen years and I spent her birthday at that exactly place on July 2nd.  These are the items you look at when you visit, so bringing them to my own home was good enough.

It was harder to leave our Cottonwood tree, who stands just as friendly and very much alive;  probably for 800 to 1000 years!  But I made peace with him and was finally ready to exit, after spending eleven hours sorting everything I could on July 13;  leaving at 3:00 in the morning for my own home an hour away.  I looked forward to being happy for the rest of our summer.  This July 1st, Canada turned one-hundred-and-fifty years old;  with the ten provinces and territories it has now.  I am a patriotic Canadian who wanted to revel in that milestone and I went to our town’s fireworks but it was a shame to have a heavy worry.  Cleaning out a constant, decades-old home is seldom enjoyable but this was an abnormal, awful, unprepared chore.  Our Dad was bad-tempered anytime we wanted to get something done.  He didn’t prioritize but obligated our Mom to grab the handiest parcels.  He didn’t drive her back to look around the last three days.  He Dad drew a ridiculous line about anything else going in their apartment, not based on importance of the items.  Try working with that.  Expectedly, he is complaining about things he didn’t end up with!

More stressful than saying good-bye to the place, which went well, was a brother and wife focused on emptying the rooms, not as dedicated to personal artifacts.  I was constantly scared about retrieving them each time I drove to the city, for weeks.  I was relieved to observe that they waited for me to sort as thorougly as I needed but this was not clear until my last day.  This is what I mean about our move being abnormal.  Some families make it fun and I hoped to.  I stuffed our cars with photo albums, baby things, personal family papers.  Even ornaments and furniture with personal history that ought to be with one of us.  I couldn’t believe how many artifacts personally belonged to me and would have taken them years ago, as I said last time.  Everything was retrieved in bits and pieces.  It took week-ends and every day the week of July 13.  I had no truck or van to scoot things out in bulk.  I did the sorting there and piled our cars with what I brought home for myself, Mom, and youngest brother.  I was ready to celebrate finishing all of that.  Along with planting wildflowers for my twenty-one year-old cat’s resting place, I took Cottonwood tree branches I hoped would grow into his offspring trees.

As you know, when I arrived home late on July 13:  Conan was missing.  My dear cat is still not home two months later but we remain convinced he is on his way home with autumn upon us and very good signs.  People replying to say they support me while I’m worried about him means everything.  People acknowleding that these were odd cirumstances and that our belief in him coming own all right is very justifyable, helps a lot.  His safe return is all that matters and that happy reunion must be close.

We have had a terrible time with dogs on two sides of our land!  People need to ensure dogs are never whining or barking for more than a minute;  then they don’t spoil the peace for anyone.  I have told both neighbours about a training collar that will eliminate that excessive, inappropriate behaviour.  The citronella spray collar works the first day you try it!  Neither of them have jumped to it.  I’d like to point out for them that it is only one thing they need to do to solve the problem, so that we aren’t affected daily.  Leaving it be, as I have for YEARS, is uncomfortable.  Speaking up is uncomfortable.  I wish dogs lived in families who stay on top of them.

Happy thoughts are that when Mom & Dad visited, she was thrilled to see a little of what I took home on her behalf.  They like seeing familiar furnishings and ornaments around here and enjoyed the other cats.  Conan and his siblings had their seventh birthday on September 7th!  I wished he were here for it but on vacation, he had a happy birthday as well.  I telepathically told him I hope we celebrate their others at home.  Our gardens and flowerbeds are beautiful and flourishing, with no frost.  Flowers and food that need more growing time are receiving it, here in hardiness zone 3.  My Cottonwood branches are working!  I think some are budding minisculey and others are unquestionably leafing!  There have been too many serious downs but I gratefully embrace what is good and appreciate friends, at any distance.


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I cherish animals, plants, reading, music and free spirituality. I welcome you for articles, literary activities, and interaction! Surrounding ourselves with good people is a delight. I occasionally review at The Book Depository.
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3 Responses to Sifting for good things.

  1. Carla Norton says:

    I have been trying to send psychic messages to Conan, telling him to go home.
    I have the same birthday as Thumbelina. July 2, although mine was back In the Seventies. I met a man who lived in the house next door to my childhood home, and i almost blurred out that my childhood cat is buried under his Apple Tree. Luckily I stopped myself.

    • Why? I planted those wildflowers to be sure they know there’s a sacred place there. My neighours will tell the new folks if they’re keen. They knew Thumbelina fondly. How nice that you share one of the most special days of my life. :)

      I am certain Conan is coming home as soon as he’s had his fill of beautiful weather. I don’t think he is a lost but in case, your guidance and love help. He would enjoy hearing from someone who is making friends with his Momma from the computer; thank you, Carla! He was thrilled that I tried my animal communication the first week. I hadn’t used it when my youngest five came. The sensations felt in my body were undeniably from connecting and he made gestures that he knows thill me into laughing. I was left with joy. By the way, he knows about me keeping in touch by computer because when I’m too long at it, he jumps to the back of this chair, purrs, and massages my shoulder. Are you still where you’re from?

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