Carolyn’s “Birth Year Reading”!


I have been happy to discover the wonderful J.G. (whose given name I must ask), the rewarding kind of hostess I strive to be, who takes interest in our contributions and makes us glad we put in the energy.  I joined her “Naturally Reading” theme and have had this birthday year one in mind.  The criteria are a lot more narrowed, straight to your birth year but the rest is as easy as finishing one book.  I prefer to do better than that, so I am looking around our pride and joy, our very generous library of book possibilities at home!

I am the most enthusiastic birthday celebrator!  I take meaningful pleasure in savouring the magic of mine each November;  with music, friends, and great vegetarian food.  This is another theme for me!  My rule, since our personal library of unread books is large:  themes are for trotting through books we own.  It is a lot of fun shopping within the collection Ron & I have built, starting with my childhood bargain bin purchases at my uncle’s family cottage.

I know very well the young year 1972 is a wonderful source of literature and music.  One novel on hand succeeds other ouevres by an authoress, Barbara Mertz, whose pseudonyms and heroines I prefer spacing out.  Stay tuned for alternatives I know I will find.  I have a good idea where more good 1972 material is in our reserves, as long as they aren’t far inside a series I am just beginning to read.

February 11th:
I want to get along in another Amelia Peabody novel, my least favourite series and after a two year wait, treat myself at last to the second Vicky Bliss, her best series.  I wish it were the longer one.  From Barbara Michaels, I have a 1969 novel that precedes “Greygallows”.  I read in order, single novel or not!  However with a break provided by a plethora of other authors even over the next couple of months, I can fit those in.

December 6th:
Before my parents moved from our family homestead, Mom gave me a box of books belonging to me, as well as my brothers, that I was unaware she had.  I have maintained my collection as far as I knew, so I am to have for certain everything that is mine.  Two great 1972 childhood books are among them.  I think finding this year in literature is specific enough but this year, J.G. wanted 100 pages as prize-qualifiers.  I am showing the whole lot.  Two are full 100+ page novels, well done!

House Of Rising Water”  Melissa Napier  1972
The Magic Sled”  Nathaniel Benchley, Mel Furukowa  1972
Raggedy Ann And The Cookie Snatcher”  Barbara Shook Hazen  1972
Greygallows”  Barbara Michaels  1972


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I cherish animals, plants, reading, music and free spirituality. I welcome you for articles, literary activities, and interaction! Surrounding ourselves with good people is a delight. I occasionally review at The Book Depository.
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4 Responses to Carolyn’s “Birth Year Reading”!

  1. J.G. says:

    How nice that you’ve filled your list with books from your library! Welcome to the BYRC! I hope you’ll enjoy the trip back in time.

    • This is your fullest group and I don’t know if I’m game for enough of the 1972s I have to generate much competition. However I *will* finish the challenge I set for myself and it doesn’t mean a prize isn’t possible in this one. I have lots of opportunities in your quieter two. I hear this one has been on the internet for years: very well done!

  2. J.G. says:

    Congrats on your reading and thank you for the report, Carolyn. Your candles are burning brightly! Your Amazon review of “House of Rising Water” actually made me want to read the book, although that’s way outside my usual genre. Isn’t it a pleasure when an older book turns out to have aged so well? ~ Jane (just for you!)

    • Thank you for your name and for caring about Conan. I replied to all your notes. You know, you are one of my participants too and Melissa Napier’s gothic novel (I’m sure hard to come by), is a possibility in our prize draw next week! Just e-mail me that your name is in. :)

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