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Now that my groups are started February 1, including colourfully-decorated review pages and my participation posts:  I turn towards other bloggers as a guest!  The distinction of my first this 2017 goes to a new discovery and her year creating it:  “Reading Naturally“.  I saw that my reading would fulfill a lot of J.G.’s categories, enough to join;  as long as the generous prizes are inclusive of Canadian guests.  It matters that anyone offering Amazon gift certificates will e-mail the Canadian equivalent from the “.ca” website instead of “.com” because we cannot use American certificates on our site.  Of course, we wouldn’t buy from their site (I only purchase physical objects) and lose a portion to out-of-country postage.  She reassured me by replying:  “Yes”!

What I notice most strongly is an eager hostess.  This is most important when I consider challenges!  Will they stick with it, take interest in what you contribute;  care to acquaint you?  I put a lot of concentration into updating posts for the challenges I join and would not do it, if hosts and other members did not read them.  J.G. is very engaged and appreciative in a way I hope my guests feel too, because this is always my aim.  I anticipate a sense of community, however small the group.  It is well worth joining.

The subject matter is a pleasure too:  all about animal and nature protection, natural vistas and stories.  Our cats are daughters & sons to Ron & I and our year is happily dedicated to gardening:  food, including fruit and herbs, regardless of our location and flowers galore!  This is a theme fitting me well.  This year especially, I can’t believe how much books I have had queued are uncannily matched!  Here is how my application to her headings looks.  Come back to see what I add, including my reviews.  I am getting warmed-up with 10 books so far!  Here are J.G.’s criteria and categories.

Exposed to nature:  1-3 books
Engaged with nature:  4-6 books
Immersed in nature:  7+ books.


(01)  A giant in animal advocacy, environment protection.

“Lost In The Barrens” Farley Mowat 1956


(02)  Outdoors activity or gear on the cover.

“The Emily Carr Mystery” Eric Wilson 2001


(03)  ANIMALS.

Natural Pet Healing”  Von Braschler  2003
The Mystery Of The Gulls”  Phyllis A. Whitney  1949



House Of Rising Water”  Melissa Napier  1972


(05)  CURRENT ISSUE:  climate change, biodiversity.

The Prophet’s Camel Bell”  Margaret Laurence  1963


(06)  WATER.

A Deadly Cliché”  Ellery Adams  2011

“Talking With Nature” Michael J. Roads 1985


(07)  NEW:  published in 2016 or 2017.


(08) DYSTOPIA-FLAVOURED:  emphasizing future consequences.

“Timescape”  Robert Liparulo  2009


(09)  EXTREME ELEMENT:  sailing, mountain-climbing.

Women Explorers:  One Hundred Years Of Courage And Audacity”  Helen Y. Rolfe  2003


(10)  SEASONS.

A City Called July”  Howard Engel  1986

Robert Frost Seasons”  Robert Frost, Christopher Burkett  1992


(11)  PLANTS.

L’Arbre Aux Ballons”  Phoebe Gilman  1984

“Journey Into Nature” Michael J. Roads 1990


(12)  A wilderness locale.

Escape From Big Muddy”  Eric Wilson  1997

The Crying Child”  Barbara Michaels  1971


(13)  SPIRITUAL:  emphasizing connection.

A Wind In The Door”  Margaret L’Engle  1973


(14)  SKILLS.

Celebrating Earth Day”  Janet MacDonnell, Diana Magnuson  1994

Beyond Words”  Marta Williams  2005


(15)  ADVOCACY:  speaking up for nature.

“Owls In The Family”  Farley Mowat  1961


(16)  MEMOIR of Canada’s ‘Green Party’ leader.

Who We Are”  Elizabeth May  2014


About RIEDEL Fascination

I cherish animals, plants, reading, music and free spirituality. I welcome you for articles, literary activities, and interaction! Surrounding ourselves with good people is a delight. I occasionally review at The Book Depository.
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4 Responses to Reading Naturally

  1. J.G. says:

    These books look wonderful, Carolyn, and thanks for joining in. It’s nice to have you along and thank you for your kind words. I’m looking forward to your reviews and maybe to adding some books to my TBR list. It always seems to work that way!

    And yes, the “new” category must still be nature-related–and sometimes it’s fun to read “the latest,” you know?

    • A benefit of what I love about you already is the certainty that you would read my post! I’ll see what arises in that category, particularly if I am allowed to adjust my definition of new just a little bit. It will still entail a complex effort because new for me is 2000+ and I can’t afford to shift Elizabeth May’s already unique presece on my shelves, from 2014. I need her for that rare category that it only happened I would be reading this year. I’m a paranormal and mystery girl.

      Explanation? I rarely do new because I am a physical book-buyer and second-hand is the only way to afford it. Most important, I do challenges entirely with what I own. Not to worry that this allows a lot of home shopping room. We have the collecting of a lifetime on hand, more than people have on Kindles! I’m glad you love what I’ve chosen so far. I will find many more as my reading continues. I’ll try to match nature to something “new” that is at least from 2015, knowing that this is a feat.

      • J.G. says:

        No worries about adjusting the definition of “new.” Enjoying the challenge is more important than following the rules to the letter.

        I’m a physical book-buyer, too, although I feel a bit guilty about new titles when there are so many classics still left to be read! I use the library and my local used bookstores for that, when I can; there are gems to be had and the searching is part of the fun. And I always find something . . . to add to the stack!

      • I am a rule-follower, especially in consideration of fellow-guests competing for your exciting prize(s). You don’t even reveal what they all are and I have the birthday theme on my mind two. I see two novels in my birth year but reading every author in order cramps preference; like Agatha Christie! My fiance, Ron wonders what I’m going to do about the film coming out when I’m only within her first ten novels! Haha.

        With Amazon gifts for my birthday and Jesus’, I do have some occasion for new treats. I’ll see if I can match my selections to nature themes, which of course includes animals. When you peruse this blog far enough, you’ll find that our sons & daughters are a loving family of cats, so reading of animals is where our hearts are!

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