Carolyn’s “Mount To Be Read”

I have belonged to Bev’s reading challenges for years and she to mine, in their fourth year.  My newer, fourth theme is “Celtic Coasts“, reprising for its second year!  She wracks our brains with some crazy criteria and particularly this time, has two generalized outlets.  I like “Mount To Be Read” as a full year’s list of every book I read, all of which I review as well.  She does offer prizes, which I have been thrilled to win a few times and I’m sure she knows that, very much like her, it is in my personality to strive for the best I can do each time.  We are not women to choose a level and close out shop when we arrive at that plateau, oh no!  We push higher, which is why she and really everyone in my own groups, make me feel rewarded about creating themes, as well as playing along elsewhere.  Bev would be glad to know her groups are a great part of the reason I track how much I read and fit in many more books than I used to.  I became one of the heavy-hitters, of 125-150 a year.  I will aim for “Mount Everest” right away.

There are rules but we buy in such bulk at charity sales, it is important for me to keep reading.  Because they are physical objects, with recent exception of a few freebies on a PC app (no portable device to make this a comfortable, frequent mode);  second-hand is the only way to afford the authors’ suites and series I have spent my life gathering.  A new release is rare:  new to me if published since 2000.  Although I honestly can’t keep track, it is also a rarity to read something recently procured.  I need to keep pushing forward to stay atop the literary gems of our home but my year’s queue is usually comprised of “it’s about time” material.  How could it not be?  I have been buying in bulk since I was at least 15.  I am no sharp tac with mathematics but I hastily calculated about two years ago that if I read 150 books per year, I probably couldn’t finish what we have in 20 years.  Everywhere I glance around any of our rooms, I behold several books I would love to start reading.  Ron & I have in real life what the heaviest readers store in virtual reality “Kindles”.  If you don’t believe me, watch my blog for a reprisal of my well-received photograph activity:  “Show Me Your Stash”.  Onwards and upwards!

Pike’s Peak:  12 books
Mount Blanc:  24 books
Mount Vancouver:  36 books
Mount Ararat:  48 books
Mount Kilimanjaro:  60 books
Mount El Toro:  75 books
Mount Everest:  100 books
Mount Olympus:  150+ books

Nancy’s Mysterious Letter”  Mildred A. Wirt  1932
Postcards From The Edge”  Carrie Fisher  1987
The Prophet’s Camel Bell”  Margaret Laurence  1963
Emily Carr:  The Life & Adventures Of A West Coast Artist”  Cat Klerks  2003
Escape From Big Muddy”  Eric Wilson  1997
A Question Of Murder”  Eric Wright  1988
A City Called July”  Howard Engel  1986
Ghost Behind Me”  Eve Bunting  1984
The Girl On Legare Street”  Karen White  2009
(10)  “Bliss House”  Laura Benedict  2014
“The Red Carnelian”  Phyllis A. Whitney  1943


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I cherish animals, plants, reading, music and free spirituality. I welcome you for articles, literary activities, and interaction! Surrounding ourselves with good people is a delight. I occasionally review at The Book Depository.
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2 Responses to Carolyn’s “Mount To Be Read”

  1. J.G. says:

    Bev’s challenges are addicting, indeed, and Mount TBR is a good one for folks who collect far faster than they can read (I am one of those, too!). I look forward to “Show Me Your Stash” when it next appears. :-)

    • I didn’t do any of them last year, even Mount To Be Read because I needed a year of no rules, except things I would be reading anyway. I *love* bending my mind to creative themes, which my challenge “Gentle Spectrums” is like by always try to do it in a way that it never disqualifies possibilities more than it keeps encouraging books that fit all through the year. Anyway other than Mount To Be Read eliminating 2016, I like a place for a full list of what I read in each year. My full reading, including a menu for Canadian authors, fill two menus atop this blog. Those are alphabetized and I hope, an enjoyable spot to glean excellent author references. When I have time I’ll do a five-star spot too.

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