Carolyn’s “Mount To Be Read”

I have belonged to Bev’s reading challenges for years and she to mine, in their fourth year.  My newer, fourth theme is “Celtic Coasts“, reprising for its second year!  She wracks our brains with some crazy criteria and particularly this time, has two generalized outlets.  I like “Mount To Be Read” as a full year’s list of every book I read, all of which I review as well.  She does offer prizes, which I have been thrilled to win a few times and I’m sure she knows that, very much like her, it is in my personality to strive for the best I can do each time.  We are not women to choose a level and close out shop when we arrive at that plateau, oh no!  We push higher, which is why she and really everyone in my own groups, make me feel rewarded about creating themes, as well as playing along elsewhere.  Bev would be glad to know her groups are a great part of the reason I track how much I read and fit in many more books than I used to.  I became one of the heavy-hitters, of 125-150 a year.  I will aim for “Mount Everest” right away.

There’s one rule but I have bough in such bulk since I was 15, it is important to keep reading, without worrying about exactly when we got every one.  Second-hand is the only way to afford the authors’ suites and series I have spent my life gathering, on paper.  A new release is rare:  new to me if published since 2000.  It is also a rarity to read something recently procured.  My year’s queue is usually comprised of “it’s about time” material.  How could it not be?  I hastily calculated two years ago that if I read 150 books per year, I probably couldn’t finish what we have in 20 years.  Everywhere I glance around any of our rooms, I behold several books I would love to read.  Ron & I have in real life, what the heaviest readers store in “Kindles”.  Watch my blog for my well-received photograph activity:  “Show Me Your Stash”.  Onwards and upwards!

Pike’s Peak:  12 books
Mount Blanc:  24 books
Mount Vancouver:  36 books
Mount Ararat:  48 books
Mount Kilimanjaro:  60 books
Mount El Toro:  75 books
Mount Everest:  100 books
Mount Olympus:  150+ books

Update October 28, 2017
I topped “Mount Everest” on the first of this month!  It will be icing, to see if I achieve 150 books by Bev’s closing date, December 31.  Please enjoy my updated reviews!

Nancy’s Mysterious Letter”  Mildred A. Wirt  1932
Postcards From The Edge”  Carrie Fisher  1987
The Prophet’s Camel Bell”  Margaret Laurence  1963
Emily Carr:  The Life & Adventures Of A West Coast Artist”  Cat Klerks  2003
Escape From Big Muddy”  Eric Wilson  1997
A Question Of Murder”  Eric Wright  1988
A City Called July”  Howard Engel  1986
Ghost Behind Me”  Eve Bunting  1984
The Girl On Legare Street”  Karen White  2009
(10)  “Bliss House”  Laura Benedict  2014

The Red Carnelian”  Phyllis A. Whitney  1943
The Jackal’s Head”  Elizabeth Peters  1968
The No 1 Ladies’ Detective Agency” Alexander McCall Smith 1998
Resurrection Row”  Anne Perry  1981
The Sweetness At The Bottom Of The Pie”  Alan Bradley  2009
Real Murders”  Charlaine Harris  1990
Body Of Evidence”  Patricia Cornwell  1991
Still More Two-Minute Mysteries”  Donald J. Sobol  1975
The Man In The Queue”  Josephine Tey  1929
(20)  “Natural Pet Healing”  Von Braschler  2003

The Man With A Load Of Mischief”  Martha Grimes  1981
The Novice’s Tale”  Margaret Frazer  1992
L’Arbre Aux Ballons”  Phoebe Gilman  1984
A Wind In The Door”  Margaret L’Engle  1973
The Mystery Of The Gulls”  Phyllis A. Whitney  1949
Robert Frost Seasons”  Robert Frost, Christopher Burkett  1992
The Crying Child”  Barbara Michaels  1971
House Of Rising Water”  Melissa Napier  1972
The Wine Of Angels”  Phil Rickman  1998
(30)  “The Dollmaker”  Amanda Stevens  2007

The Stranger In The Mirror”  Jane Land  1974
The Elusive Mrs. Pollifax”  Dorothy Gilman  1971
Celebrating Earth Day”  Janet MacDonnell, Diana Magnuson  1994
Layla Learns To Be Brave”  Bron Whitley  2015
A Gift Of Ghosts”  Sarah Wynde  2011
Blessed Be The Busybody”  Emilie Richards  2005
A Deadly Cliché”  Ellery Adams  2011
Beyond Words:  Talking With Animals & Nature”  Marta Williams  2005
Who We Are”  Elizabeth May  2014
(40)  “Women Explorers:  One Hundred Years Of Courage”  Helen Y. Rolfe  2003

The Sign Of The Twisted Candles”  Carolyn Keene (Walter Karig)  1933
The Olden Days Coat”  Margaret Laurence, Muriel Wood  1979
The Cruellest Month”  Louise Penny  2007
A Man Lay Dead”  Ngaio Marsh  1934
The Roman Hat Mystery”  Ellery Queen  1929
Gem-Bem & Mystery Of Ball Of Branches”  Christiane D’Aoust, Brock Nicol  2010
Little Rascal”  Sterling North  1965
The Secret Of The Caves”  Leslie McFarlane  1929
Roo’s Big Adventure”  Philippe Harchy  1994
(50)  “The Edible Woman”  Margaret Atwood  1969

The Land Without Unicorns”  Vicki Blum  2001
Pooh Welcomes Winter”  Kathleen Weidner Zoehfeld  1998
Un, Deux, Winnie A Le Ventre Creux”  A.A Milne, E.H Shepard  2002
Three Billy Goats Gruff”  Susan Blair, Peter Christen Asbjørnsen, Jørgen Engebretsen Moe  1963
The Magic Sled”  Nathaniel Benchley, Mel Furukowa  1972
Talking With Nature”  Michael J. Roads  1985
La Princesse À La Robe De Papier”  Robert N. Munsch, Michael Martchenko  1980
Mini Finfouin Et La Mère Crochu”  Serge Wilson  1982
Les Loups-Garous”  Michel Beaulac  1981
(60)  “Je Suis Un Canard”  Mike Wilkins, Jeff Wakefield  1975

The Kissing Man”  George Elliott  1962
A Life In Folklore”  Dr. Helen Creighton  1975
Wait And See”  Robert Munsch, Michael Martchenko  1993
The Thai Amulet”  Lyn Hamilton  2003
The Splendour Falls”  Susanna Kearsley  1995
Patrick The Diesel”  Kendall James MacDonald  1974
The Emily Carr Mystery”  Eric Wilson  2001
The F-U-N Book For Canadian”  Mabel Guinnip La Rue, Petersham  1930
A Sensitive Case”  Eric Wright  1990
(70)  “True Confessions Of A Heartless Girl”  Martha Brooks  2002

The Mystical Life Of Jesus”  Sylvia Browne  2007
Skeleton Cave”  Cora Cheney  1954
The Cat And The Bird In The Hat”  Norman Bridwell  1968
Walt Disney’s Bambi”  Felix Salten  1941
Raggedy Ann And The Cookie Snatcher”  Barbara Shook Hazen  1972
The Bordeaux Betrayal”  Ellen Crosby  2008
Aunt Dimity Takes A Holiday”  Nancy Atherton  2003
The Language Of Miracles”  Amelia Kinkade  2006
Animals As Teachers And Healers”  Susan Chernak McElroy  1996
(80)  “All That Remains”  Patricia Cornwell  1992

Cruel & Unusual”  Patricia Cornwell  1993
The Devil’s Footprints”  Amanda Stevens  2001
Christina’s Ghost”  Betty Ren Wright  1985
What Eric Knew”  James Howe  1985
Bones On Black Spruce Mountain”  David Budbill  1978
The Old Willis Place”  Mary Downing Hahn  2004
Rutland Place”  Anne Perry  1983
Talking With Nature / Journey Into Nature”  Michael J. Roads  1985, 1990
The Ghost Of Channing House”  Genevieve St. John  1967
(90)  “Weird Things Customers Say In Bookshops”  Jen Campbell  2012

He Saw Himself In All His Creatures”  Dr. Helen Norrie  2006
All Kinds Of Babies”  Millicent E. Selsam, Symeon Shimin  1953
Nicky’s Picnic”  Harriet Ziefert, Richard Brown  1986
Franklin In The Dark”  Paulette Bourgeois, Brenda Clark  1986
Candlenight”  Phil Rickman  1991
The Scent Of Lilacs”  Carolyn Wilson  1966
A Haunted Love Story”  Mark Spencer  2012
For Pet’s Sake, Do Something”  Monica Diedrich  2007
The Monster At The End Of This Book”  Jon Stone, Mike Smollin  1971
(100)  “A Northern Nativity”  William Kurelek  1976

A Victim Must Be Found”  Howard Engel  1988
Boo To You, Winnie The Pooh”  Bruce Talkington  1996
The Ghost-Eye Tree”  Bill Martin Jr, John Archambault, Ted Rand  1985
Buenas Noches, Luna”  Margaret Wiseman Brown  1947
A Pussycat’s Christmas”  Margaret Wiseman Brown  1949
A Colder Kind Of Death”  Gail Bowen  1994
Cats Are Smarter Than Jack”  Jenny Campbell  2005
Homeport”  Nora Roberts  1998
The Poetry Of Cats”  Samuel Carr  1986
(110)  “House Of The Lost”  Sarah Rayne  2010

Cat Quotations”  Helen Exley  1991
Mysterious Rescue”  Philippa Dunn, Larry Hall  1973
The Usborne Book Of Famous Paintings”  Rosie Dickens, Philip Hopman  2009
The Incredible Journey”  Sheila Burnford  1960
13 Horrors Of Hallowe’en”  Isaac Asimov (editor)  1983
Nova Scotia”  Tanya Lloyd Kyi  2003
Donald Duck Et La Boîte Magique”  Walt Disney Productions  1978
A Day With The Animals”  View-Master Ideal Group  1986
Tweety And Sylvester, Picnic Problems”  Betty Biesterveld, Leon Jason  1970
(120)  “The Haunting Of Sunshine Girl”  Paige McKenzie  2015

The Comfort Of Cats”  Pamela Wallin, Anne Bayin  2003
The Prophet”  Amanda Stevens  2012
Prairie Ghosts, True Manitoba Ghost Stories”  Lois Forsberg  1988
The Kissing Hand”  Audrey Penn, Ruth E. Harper, Nancy M. Leak  1993
Amos And Bertha, The Dragons Of Mount Pilatus”  Irene Ritter  1999
The Sin Eater”  Sarah Rayne  2012
Greygallows”  Barbara Michaels  1972
Lost Among The Living”  Simone St. James  2016
The Road Runner, A Very Scary Lesson”  Russell K. Schroeder, Phil DeLara, Bob Totten  1974
(130)  “The Night Before Christmas”  Clement C. Moore, Corinne Malvern  1949

Big Bird’s Red Book”  Rosanne & Jonathan Cerf, Michael J. Smollin  1977
The House Between Tides”  Sarah Maine  2014
Animals On The Farm”  Jan Pfloog  1963
Mickey Mouse & The Mousketeers, Ghost Town Adventure”  Walt Disney Corporation  1977
Walt Disney’s Sleeping Beauty” (Tell-A-Tale)  Norm McGary  1959
Little Red Riding Hood” (Tell-A-Tale)  June Goldsborough  1964
Bugs Bunny’s Birthday Surprise”  Alfred Abranz, Richard Thomas  1960
Baby Goes Around The Block”  Gladys M. Horn, Erica Merkling  1953
The Little Bird”  Dick Bruna  1959
(140)  “Baby’s First Book”  Evelyn Swetnam, Joan Allen  1973

Walt Disney’s Pluto”  Tony Strobyl, Neil Boyle  1957
Old MacDonald Had A Farm”  Carl & Mary Hauge  1975
The Waiting Room”  F.G. Cottam  2010
The Together Book”  Revena Dwight, Roger Bradfield  1971
Georgie And The Robbers”  Robert Bright  1963
The Slipper Point Mystery”  Augusta Huiell Seaman  1919
Aunt Dimity Snowbound”  Nancy Atherton  2004
Beauty And The Beast”  Teddy Slater, Ron Dias, Ric Gonzalez  1991
Walt Disney’s Sleeping Beauty” (Little Golden Book)  Michael Teitelbaum, Ron Dias  1986
(150)  “The Truth About Stone Hollow”  Zilpha Keatley Snyder  1974

Update New Year’s Eve, 2017
I finished Mount Everest on October 1, 2017.  I did successfully reach 150 books on December 23, 2017.  I compose a thorough 300 words for every book, therefore children’s books as a boost this languishing year is withstanding.  A worthwhile fact is that standard size books entail my feedback.  For tinier books believe it or not, I put in much more work.  They inspire quite educational research about their backgrounds, authors, and artists.

2018 needs to be happy.  Our son-like cat needs to be home.  Happy New Year 2018 to us all, with all of our hearts!  Carolyn and our family.

The game Bev likes to play.
A stitch in time saves…  “Who We Are”
Don’t count your chickens before…  “The Monster At The End Of This Book”
A penny saved is….  “The Comfort Of Cats”
All good things must come, via…  “The Language Of Miracles”
When in Rome…  “Aunt Dimity Takes A Holiday”
All that glitters is not…  “The Red Carnelian”
A picture is worth…  “A Life In Folklore”
When the going gets tough, consider…  “The Mystical Life Of Jesus”
Two wrongs don’t make…  “A Sensitive Case”
The pen is mightier than….  “The Girl On Legare Street”
The squeaky wheel gets…  “Women Explorers:  One Hundred Years Of Courage”
Hope for the best, with…  “The Slipper Point Mystery”
Birds of a feather flock to…  “Donald Duck Et La Boîte Magique”.


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2 Responses to Carolyn’s “Mount To Be Read”

  1. J.G. says:

    Bev’s challenges are addicting, indeed, and Mount TBR is a good one for folks who collect far faster than they can read (I am one of those, too!). I look forward to “Show Me Your Stash” when it next appears. :-)

    • I didn’t do any of them last year, even Mount To Be Read because I needed a year of no rules, except things I would be reading anyway. I *love* bending my mind to creative themes, which my challenge “Gentle Spectrums” is like by always try to do it in a way that it never disqualifies possibilities more than it keeps encouraging books that fit all through the year. Anyway other than Mount To Be Read eliminating 2016, I like a place for a full list of what I read in each year. My full reading, including a menu for Canadian authors, fill two menus atop this blog. Those are alphabetized and I hope, an enjoyable spot to glean excellent author references. When I have time I’ll do a five-star spot too.

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