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Happy “RIEDEL Challenges” day!  February 1st is when my four groups renew.  Here is to a fun year with MY KIND OF MYSTERY 2017!  Do you read them?  Millions do, so I hope you click the banner to join me and tell others!  This is my post to share how I do.  I start with a little planning, then smooth my list out into finished books with their reviews.  This is still the genre I read the most and likely always will but I really do branch out, especially in the years sampling many sorts of Canadian literature and non-fiction.  I enjoy several fantasy series too, which I did not grow up reading.

I’d like to delineate my two favourite kinds, adult ghost fiction / paranormal (which also belong in Ethereal).  Rarest of all:  true mysteries, for adults, based on something mysterious, instead of a plot directly generated by crime.  If you know of these books, please tell me!  One is Lyn Hamilton’s “The Celtic Riddle“.  Below, see my review of Karen White’s “The Girl On Legare Street” to know what I mean.  I search for something like these every time I consider a book.  You might call it “Eclectic Nancy Drew-type plots, for forty year-olds, with ghosts”.  Yes, rare indeed!  It is a joy to find it!  In the quest for My Kind Of Mystery;  this series is perfection!  What are the kinds you love best?


Nancy’s Mysterious Letter”  Mildred A. Wirt  1932
Escape From Big Muddy”  Eric Wilson  1997
A Question Of Murder”  Eric Wright  1988
A City Called July”  Howard Engel  1986
Ghost Behind Me”  Eve Bunting  1984
The Girl On Legare Street”  Karen White  2009
Bliss House”  Laura Benedict  2014
The Red Carnelian”  Phyllis A. Whitney  1943
The Jackal’s Head”  Elizabeth Peters  1968
The No 1 Ladies’ Detective Agency”  Alexander McCall Smith  1998
Resurrection Row”  Anne Perry  1981
The Sweetness At The Bottom Of The Pie”   Alan Bradley  2009
Real Murders”  Charlaine Harris  1990
Body Of Evidence”  Patricia Cornwall  1991
“Still More Two-Minute Mysteries” Donald J. Sobol 1975
“The Man In The Queue” Josephine Tey 1929
“The Man With A Load Of Mischief” Martha Grimes 1981
“The Novice’s Tale” Margaret Frazer 1992
“The Mystery Of The Gulls” Phyllis A. Whitney 1949
(20) “The Crying Child”   Barbara Michaels   1971

“House Of Rising Water” Melissa Napier 1972
“The Wine Of Angels” Phil Rickman 1998
“The Dollmaker” Amanda Stevens 2007
“The Stranger In The Mirror” Jane Land 1974
“The Elusive Mrs. Pollifax” Dorothy Gilman 1971
“A Gift Of Ghosts” Sarah Wynde 2011
“Blessed Be The Busybody” Emilie Richards 2005
“A Deadly Cliché” Ellery Adams 2011
“The Sign Of The Twisted Candles” Walter Karig 1933
“The Cruellest Month” Louise Penny 2007
“A Man Lay Dead” Ngaio Marsh 1934

(30) “The Roman Hat Mystery” Ellery Queen 1929

“Mini Finfouin Et La Mère Crochu” Serge Wilson 1982
“Les Loups-Garous” Michel Beaulac 1981
“The Thai Amulet” Lyn Hamilton 2003
“The Splendour Falls” Susanna Kearsley 1995
“The Emily Carr Mystery” Eric Wilson 2001
“A Sensitive Case” Eric Wright 1990
“Skeleton Cave” Cora Cheney 1954
“Raggedy Ann And The Cookie Snatcher” Barbara Shook Hazen 1972
“The Bordeaux Betrayal” Ellen Crosby 2008
(40) “Aunt Dimity Takes A Holiday” Nancy Atherton 2003

“All That Remains” Patricia Cornwell 1992
“Cruel & Unusual” Patricia Cornwell 1993
“The Devil’s Footprints” Amanda Stevens 2001
“Christina’s Ghost” Betty Ren Wright 1985
“What Eric Knew” James Howe 1985
“Bones On Black Spruce Mountain” David Budbill 1978

“The Old Willis Place” Mary Downing Hahn 2004
“Rutland Place” Anne Perry 1983
“The Ghost Of Channing House” Genevieve St. John 1967
(50) “The Scent Of Lilacs” Carolyn Wilson 1966

“A Haunted Love Story” Mark Spencer 2012
“A Victim Must Be Found” Howard Engel 1988
A Colder Kind Of Death”  Gail Bowen  1994
Homeport”  Nora Roberts  1998
House Of The Lost”  Sarah Rayne  2010
Mysterious Rescue”  Philippa Dunn, Larry Hall  1973


As reviews fill-up, please enjoy following along here:  My Kind Of Mystery reviews 2017.


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