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Happy “RIEDEL Challenges” day!  February 1st is when my four groups renew, so here is to a fun year with EHTHEREAL 2017!  Click the banner to join me and tell others about it.  This is my post to share how I am doing.  I start with a little planning, then smooth my list out into finished books with their reviews.

A few might not contain the metaphysical or fantasy, books in which animals are depicted intelligently (which I call accurate!) or with spiritual backgrounds, like “A City Called July”.  Howard Engel bases this detective case on Benny Cooperman’s Jewish community.  More obvious fare about spirits, psychics, witches etc….  will certainly populate front and centre of this theme.  If you know people reading this stuff, please send them to me!  :)


A City Called July”  Howard Engel  1986
Ghost Behind Me”  Eve Bunting  1984
The Girl On Legare Street”  Karen White  2009
Bliss House”  Laura Benedict  2014
Body Of Evidence”  Patricia Cornwell  1991
Natural Pet Healing”  Von Braschler  2003
The Novice’s Tale”  Margaret Frazer  1992
L’Arbre Aux Ballons”  Phoebe Gilman  1984
A Wind In The Door”  Madeleine L’Engle  1973
(10)  “The Crying Child”  Barbara Michaels  1971

The Wine Of Angels”  Phil Rickman  1998
A Gift Of Ghosts”  Sarah Wynde  2011
Blessed Be The Busybody”  Emilie Richards  2005
Beyond Words:  Talking With Animals & Nature”  Marta Williams  2005
The Olden Days Coat”  Margaret Laurence, Muriel Wood  1979
Gem-Bem & The Mystery Of The Ball Of Branches”  Christiane D’Aoust, Brock Nicol  2010
Roo’s Big Adventure”  Philippe Harchy  1994
The Land Without Unicorns”  Vicki Blum  2001
Pooh Welcomes Winter”  Kathleen W. Zoehfeld, Robbin Cuddy  1998
(20)  “Un, Deux, Winnie A Le Ventre Creux”  A.A Milne, E.H Shepard  2002

Three Billy Goats Gruff”  Susan Blair, Peter Christen Asbjørnsen, Jørgen Engebretsen Moe  1963
The Magic Sled”  Nathaniel Benchley, Mel Furukowa  1972
Talking With Nature”  Michael J. Roads  1985
La Princesse À La Robe De Papier”  Robert N. Munsch, Michael Martchenko  1980
Mini Finfouin Et La Mère Crochu”  Serge Wilson  1982
Je Suis Un Canard”  Mike Wilkins, Jeff Wakefield  1975
The Kissing Man”  George Elliott  1962
A Life In Folklore”  Dr. Helen Creighton  1975
Wait And See”  Robert Munsch, Michael Martchenko  1993
(30)  “Patrick The Diesel”  Kendall James MacDonald  1974

The F-U-N Book For Canadian”  Mabel Guinnip La Rue, Petersham  1930
The Mystical Life Of Jesus”  Sylvia Browne  2007
The Cat And The Bird In The Hat”  Norman Bridwell  1968
Walt Disney’s Bambi”  Felix Salten  1941
Raggedy Ann And The Cookie Snatcher”  Barbara Shook Hazen  1972
Aunt Dimity Takes A Holiday”  Nancy Atherton  2003
The Language Of Miracles”  Amelia Kinkade  2006
Animals As Teachers And Healers”  Susan Chernak McElroy  1996
Christina’s Ghost”  Betty Ren Wright  1985
(40)  “The Old Willis Place”  Mary Downing Hahn  2004

Talking With Nature” / “Journey Into Nature”  Michael J. Roads  1985, 1990
He Saw Himself In All His Creatures”  Dr. Helen Norrie  2006
All Kinds Of Babies”  Millicent E. Selsam, Symeon Shimin  1953
Nicky’s Picnic”  Harriet Ziefert, Richard Brown  1986
Franklin In The Dark”  Paulette Bourgeois, Brenda Clark  1986
Candlenight”  Phil Rickman  1991
A Haunted Love Story”  Mark Spencer  2012
For Pet’s Sake, Do Something”  Monica Diedrich  2007
The Monster At The End Of This Book”  Jon Stone, Mike Smollin  1971
(50)  “A Northern Nativity”  William Kurelek  1976

Boo To You, Winnie The Pooh”  Bruce Talkington  1996
Buenas Noches, Luna”  Margaret Wiseman Brown  1947
Cats Are Smarter Than Jack”  Jenny Campbell  2005
Cat Quotations”  Helen Exley  1991
The Incredible Journey”  Sheila Burnford  1960
“13 Horrors Of Hallowe’en”  Isaac Asimov (editor)  1986

Donald Duck Et La Boîte Magique”  Walt Disney  1978
Tweety And Sylvester, Picnic Problems”  Betty Biesterveld, Leon Jason  1970
The Haunting Of Sunshine Girl”  Paige McKenzie  2015
“The Comfort Of Cats”  Pamela Wallin, Anne Bayin  2003
“Prairie Ghosts, True Manitoba Ghost Stories”  Lois Forsberg  1988

“Lost Among The Living”  Simone St. James  2016
“The Darkest Road”  Guy Gavriel Kay  1986
“Into The Fire”  Jodi McIsaac  2013
“The Mysterium”  Eric McCormack  1992
“Owls In The Family”  Farley Mowat  1961
“A Dry Spell”  Susie Moloney  1997
“The Dragon & The Dry Goods Princess”  David Arnason  1991


While the review page fills-up, please enjoy following along here:  ETHEREAL reviews 2017.


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