Checking On Gentle Spectrums

I can’t believe I have had my birthday only two weeks ago and now we have reached December!  Even though RIEDEL Fascination groups go until January 31, with review page links open longer so folks can take their time catching-up on things like this;  there is much to do.  I wrote all four of my update posts October 3rd and rolled each out a little at a time.  There are almost no comments so I’d better e-mail members as planned to tell you the posts have been here, inviting conversation!  For my overall subscribers, there is much more I want to blog about and I will, when reading group posts are attended to.

First up:  I am sorry to not have had the financial resources to do a halfway activity and prize but as it turned out, this year was the leanest membership-wise, thus it would not have been feasible to hand out prizes if only one or two of those sparse people participated.  If I roll out my new group pages by this month, that ought to generate many more guests and participation will be way up as a natural course;  by the odds simply being higher.  Because we are so few and also considering those finances, one end-of-year draw will cover all four groups.  I hope that’s all right.  If I get at least 20 in each group I will resume a separate prize for each.

Up until now, I have kindly put everyone’s names in the bowl, whether I heard from them or not.  It was a way to encourage quieter folks to consider activities worthwhile and to inspire them to rejoin at least.  However it is best to ensure folks are interested.  If you are keen on a second-hand book of your choice, offered with several other nice selections (plant seeds, my own greeting cards, a few CDs, my own photo prints….) please e-mail me:  “Put me in the year-end draw”!  My address switched from Hotmail to RIEDELFascination[at]Gmail[dot]com because it was a hair-puller on slow-speed telephone internet.  Suddenly having to switch e-addresses meant it was no easy feat to gather your names and prepare a notification message from a new location but I believe I have everyone’s contacts ready to go.  I thought you might find these posts in the interim and left notice at the Goodreads group.

It is a shame the comment boxes were mysteriously missing from the review pages, which contributed to the feeling that things were quiet.  For those who need to submit a list of books read for each of our groups, who do not have review links:  please use the comment boxes the sign-up pages for each, or these update posts for each.  Discussions and inquiries can occur on any group page like this too.  While blogspot is fickle for non-blogspot users, I visited many of your reviews at Goodreads.  Whenever I could, I did more than click the “like button” but commented;  which I hope you enjoyed.  Comments mean the world to me because I work hard at everything I write.  That is why I can never just roll out a post.  Each one is an endavour for me.  Non book-related musings are coming soon!

Okay:  people who do not review can submit a list of titles on any matching group blog page or post.
Anyone wanting in on the end-of-year prize draw should e-mail me.
Any posts that got missed, related to books or not, certainly invite comments perpetually!

Last piece of business:  if anyone, in this group or not, has ideas for new Gentle Spectrums subjects:  now is the time to share them.  I need to find a new logo, implement the 10 subjects, and see if any of my software works on windows 7.  I switched from XP and the same software I got used to won’t function on this operating system.  Likely Nero will work.  Now:  here is that update I had ready at the start of October!  It might feel like a year-end chat instead of the interim update it is but I will leave it as I wrote it, instead of pouring over it.  Here we go!


I think it was last year that I started refreshing our categories, despite enjoying the endless possibilities derived from plants and other early themes.  Only a new member posed a question about “Couples, Pairing”.  I meant for it to be as broad a theme as any other but it was awkward to describe.  Are you finding material for it?  If you can’t find much, it’s alright to skip any category you need to.  We are about the pleasure of sharing whatever you read, never feeling sheepish about not getting to something.  That’s why our year-end reward is for everyone:  because there is no such thing as not finishing and because joining any of these groups is all it takes to make me happy.  :)

Do you have favourites?  Have you been surprised to find content easier to fulfill in particular categories than you expected?  I didn’t think I would have much for “Music”, “Fashion”, or “Photography” and I thought I would have to rely on secondary words to get around them.  To my surprise I ended up with books containing “Beethoven”,”Violin”, and “Didgeridoo” in their titles!  In “Literature” I surpassed my expectations by coming up with such direct examples as “Library” and “Languages”.  I imagine everyone is doing well with “Fashion”.

I am thrilled, like I have been in preceding years, that you are continuing to add content to categories you have already fulfilled once.  That’s the other reason I eliminated rules about reaching any specified quantity:  so everyone is a finisher but especially, so that you keep on counting!  When we’re through our quiet year, I will increase the chitchat and game-playing occasions.  We don’t want you to finish a minimum and disappear.

If you have struggled with any category please let me know.  Here is a clarification that will be helpful.  For the following themes, a directly related word does not need to squeeze into a title:  “Music”, “Photography”, “Canadian”.  If you read a photography book, it’s all right to submit any title it might have.  The same goes for music and Canadiana, which can for example, be simply authored by musicians or Canadians.  Does this remove a hurdle?


About RIEDEL Fascination

I cherish animals, plants, reading, music and free spirituality. I welcome you for articles, literary activities, and interaction! Surrounding ourselves with good people is a delight. I occasionally review at The Book Depository.
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2 Responses to Checking On Gentle Spectrums

  1. Sue says:

    I have been having a hard time with the couple category but am finally reading a book that qualifies. Possible future categories: royalty, so anyone with a royal title would work; fairy tales, so an original or a re-telling; weather or seasons. Just some ideas. :)

    • You’d like to see weather and seasons back, would you? Good to know! I love your new ideas; we could work well outside royalty and fairy tales.

      I hope it helps everyone, knowing books about Canada, music, and photography don’to have to have those words in the title. They can simply be those books! :)

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