A subject that has prompted me to a post is something I noticed on the Oscar awards show.  I seldom watch.  Sad, dreary films that tend to win are no more what I watch than what I read.  I understand dismal emotions are tough portrayals worth recognizing.  Fun, fantastical films that spark imaginations in a happier way, like the upcoming “Ghostbusters III”, don’t get on the bill.  I watched this time because my spouse was.

I was pleased for the lovely woman JENNY BEAVAN, winning her second Oscar thirty years apart, as BEST COSTUME DESIGNER of the year.  She was responsible for the “Mad Max:  Fury Road” costumes.  Dystopia isn’t my thing but I applaud her.  I see articles about disapproving of her casual outfit but that is not what I am speaking of.  Her acceptance was nice, at a reasonable length.  In closing she very briefly and respectfully added, as I remember:  “I think “Mad Max” is prophetic because what it depicts could happen.  We need to take care of our world to make sure that doesn’t ever happen“.  How many of you observed the same thing I am relating?

What was rude and appalling is that the instant JENNY BEAVAN politely, briefly said she had one thing to add and was clearly closing a reasonable speech:  the Academy awards personnel blared music!  Goodness, she wasn’t saying anything convtraversial and she only proceeded for one more very polite and important sentence!  There was no soapbox, it wasn’t about politics, it is the nicest, gentlest cautionary remark about the environment I have ever seen.  If only everyone were so brief and calm on this subject.  People are ruffled about “Sharmeen Obaid-Chinoy” getting cut off by the Academy, which was inappropriate too.  Good on you for speaking up, Ms. Chinoy!  Nobody appears to be talking about the same happening to JENNY BEAVAN at her brief addendum;  therefore I am writing about it.

A remark arose that was more appalling than the Academy’s rude, unnenecessary censorship attempt.  Thankfully I did hear JENNY BEAVAN.  Joy Behar of “The View”, did not.  She declared:  “Leonardo DiCaprio was the only one who said anything of substance”.  I could have slapped Joy Behar.  The same woman who snubbed nurses for representing themselves with stethescopes, only to find this is part of their equipment.  I dislike “The View”, since Rosie O’Donnell’s departure for a family crisis.  I channel-flipped on February 29, after I show I did watch, had closed.

I was appalled that Leonardo DiCaprio’s longer acceptance speech was not curtailed.  He launched into more assertive climate change cautions and warnings.  Please know my objection has nothing to do with his win.  It was a Canadian story that his film told.  Additionally, he spoke on a subject I support:  safeguarding our environment.  My question is, why did the Academy solely approve hearing from him?  I am certain Leonardo would agree and would like his peer to be heard as well.  He plodded on less gently than JENNY BEAVAN, at greater length, and possibly made the point less well than she did.  But it is not Leonardo DiCaprio the Academy interrupted by blaring music over him.  Why not?  Because he is a larger celebrity?  Was the music-blarer touchy early in the show and lax when it was nearly ended?  This was appalling.  Joy Behar is obviously one who missed the costume designer’s well-meaning message.

JENNY BEAVAN said it first.  Simply, amiably, calmly, respectfully:  “Mad Max” has the capacity for being prophetic, so let’s take care of our world.  I applaud this two-time Oscar-winning woman.  Did you catch her nice message through the censor attempt, as I was glad to?  Why do you think that rude moment has gotten missed?  How many of you managed to hear and appreciate what she had to say?

Jenny Beavan's Award 2016


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3 Responses to I Heard You, JENNY BEAVAN!

  1. I didn’t watch the awards, but you make me wish I did now. I have no idea why they would have censored her for a brief sentence on the environment, as you said but let Leo do a lengthy speech on it. Could it have possibly been some sort of error or oversight?

    • Erin, my blog so far receives so few comments: truly I’m thrilled by any I receive! Double-posting is a leg up, believe me! I meant the word “censored” not for subject matter but simply cutting off her attempt to keep speaking. Someone with the music button was too gung-ho about overseeing speech length. I think it’s because Jenny’s award was early but it felt appalling and rude because her speech was so brief and amiably-expressed. You can see hers and Leonard’s speeches at You Tube I’m sure. (Those of you on high speed internet are lucky to be able to view videos). When you see the length and more arduous tone of Leonardo’s speech and addendum, cutting Jenny off seems all the more appalling. Maybe his being one of the last awards made that button-pusher less gung-ho. I hope it wasn’t fame influencing her.

  2. Sorry for the double posting – it was glitch.

    And now I see a typing error, too — meant to say I didn’t WATCH the awards, not I didn’t “want the awards”

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