RIEDEL Fascination’s Anniversary!

Five and a half years ago, Ron & I moved to this country town because our apartment complex would stop accepting pets after renovating.  Our cats, McCartney (15 today) and Spirit (11 today) are our lives, our sons.  Promising to help animals more when I had a house:  I welcomed young, pregnant Marigold as a foster one month in.  Her children – and ours – were born four days later:  ANGEL, LOVE (gone a year from heart failure), PETAL, and CONAN.  They are the loves of our lives, five years old now and Marigold, six.  Two metamorphosed into the happiest family of seven kitties I have ever known and I miss our seventh dearly.

Love on March 3, 2014.

As soon as our kittens were born, I told the shelter they needn’t bother enlisting me to foster.  I would keep all of them (and spay all of them of course) right here, where the infants were born.  Even Marigold had never entered the shelter but had been driven to a meeting place and given to me after being checked by a veterinarian.  I would reinburse that check-up fee and not one of them would ever see a cage.  To my shock and stress, instead of leaping at six instant homes;  the shelter was reluctant to wipe our family from their “to cage” list.  They were never officially with the shelter, could stay together, which is exceptionally rare;  and no one would love them more than Ron & I.  But because we believe in giving them air and exercise outside, this city shelter fought me.

For two months we had no one over, nor hung photographs in our new home, because we needed desperately to convince these stubborn people we would cherish our cats.  I had always wanted a blog.  I am a writer.  Five years ago, today, I suddenly had something very important to talk about and unload from my soul.  Even though I run reading groups, RIEDEL Fascination was always meant for any subject that matters to me.  My first article was published five years ago on this day, February 11, 2010!  I discussed the sinister feeling, that well-intentioned rules could have deprived five cats from the world’s best Father and Mother, had we not put our feet down and fought.  They have the right to go outside:  supervised, in daylight.



Winter Feline Parade

Familar? A portion of this extraordinary memory became my RIEDEL Fascination banner!  For the first time, I am showing you our whole photograph, today!


On the “Ellen DeGeneres Show” today, she ran a humorous segment with videos about how dogs allegedly welcome their people with more enthusiasm than cats.  She did not have a video of all of the faces that greet Ron in the window:  EVERY DAY THAT HE ARRIVES HOME from work.  By the time he opens the door, they are standing upon a ledge, couch edge, and on the floor at his feet.  Those at eye level reach up with arms to hug him, tap him with a paw, and meow at him eye to eye.  Not all cats are aloof.  Our babies have always been excited to show their love for us and are very tactile and chatty.

My New Family, Sept 2010

I love to chat too.  Every time you leave me a comment, even better than pressing the “like button”;  I feel like it is a present and I am thrilled!  I want to be read, I want to start conversations, I am very glad to know you.  So to you, subscribed to me and everyone who ever reads my words:  thank you!  I share my blog’s fifth anniversary with you today.  May our words keep flowing and be reciprocated!  Yours gratefully in central Canada, Carolyn.

Carolyn & The Four, Nov-20-2010


About RIEDEL Fascination

I cherish animals, plants, reading, music and free spirituality. I welcome you for articles, literary activities, and interaction! Surrounding ourselves with good people is a delight. I occasionally review at The Book Depository.
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4 Responses to RIEDEL Fascination’s Anniversary!

  1. Anonymous says:

    Happy anniversary on your blog Carolyn!

    • Thank you, Leslie. I hope you enjoyed the photographs and story, especially the full portrait of the banner that has headed my blog for five years. I am sure it is an unusual and loving view of cats walking through snow together! I am showing it for the first time and hope people have fun seeing the whole view, that doesn’t fit the banner diameters.

  2. Thanks for sharing all these memories :)

    • I treasure that my beloved, dear cats following along around our home, in every season, is a joy still going on with 6/7 of them. I am glad there is one of these hard to capture photographs, to show how lovely it is that our cats happily trot along.

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