My winners in 2015!

I announced this news in my tiny Goodreads sister group but it is time my blog had a nice post about the outcome of my 2015 reading group draws. I look forward to having comments recorded for posterity, as I always do. Here are my groups’ winners of 2015! I hope all of these folks return this year. The good Lord knows we need them, this dry membership year. ;) Congratulations to all of three of these guests.

The winner of Gentle Spectrums is KRISTI!  She lives close to Canada, in Illinois, USA.  Her blog is called “Books And Needlepoint”.  It is lovely that Kristi belonged to two of my 2015 challenges.  She is finializing her choices from among my prize lists.  I am pleased and curious about her selection of a previously banned but highly-awarded Manitoba classic:  “A Jest Of God” by our own Margaret Laurence.

The winner of My Kind Of Mystery is KARI!  Her blog is “Know It Not So Much” and she has been in at least two of my groups since I started, which means a great deal.  She let me choose her prizes, with a little guidance.  They left Manitoba just ahead of a blizzard.  LOL!  I am sure the treats will love living with her technologically-sound family in California, USA.

The winner of Ethereal is LuAnn!  She belonged to all three of my 2015 groups, with her blog “Back Porchervations”.  She is a home school Mom in Kentucky, USA.  She won an unusual prize.  For 2015, a sweet person I acquainted from Malaysia offered her talents for that group’s gift.  LuAnn had a choice of a numerology or tarot reading, from Hazellie!  It will be fun to hear what she picked and how she enjoyed it.

Thank you, Hazellie, for having joined ETHEREAL 2015.  I hope you return to Canada.  Offering us this prize along with your membership, was a boon to our group and generous of you.

My Kind Of Mystery 2015

Honourable mention goes to Neeru!  A warm and enthusiastic player from India, who has been in all three of my reading themes, she identified this mystery book that was our logo!  It is:  “The Black Dudley Murder” by Margery Allingham in 1929!  This gave Neeru an extra entry into our year-end prize.  Well done.  :)  Neither of us liked the book but what a colourful, enchanting, moody cover.  Please do browse our book reviews, for previous years and our new sessions.  My menus are at the top of this blog.

This year’s new MY KIND OF MYSTERY logo is very whimsical.  I would be thrilled and impressed with anyone who solves it.  We could use many more participants in the 2016 session, which now comprises a quartet of themes.  Let’s cheer our winners and wish this year’s participants a fun time.  :)


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I cherish animals, plants, reading, music and free spirituality. I welcome you for articles, literary activities, and interaction! Surrounding ourselves with good people is a delight. I occasionally review at The Book Depository.
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8 Responses to My winners in 2015!

  1. Dagny says:

    Congratulations to all the winners!

  2. neer says:

    Thanks dear for the mention and congrats to the winners. I will soon be signing up for your challenges. Hv been tied up with a few other things so hv neglected d blog and books. Hope to rectify it soon.

    • Take your time. Most important is an e-mail, letting me know you received your prize package and if you are happy with the contents. My Christmas card was in there too.

      • neer says:

        Nah dear. Haven’t received it. I am waiting eagerly for it too. Usually it doesn’t take more than 2 weeks for parcels to reach so I am kind of losing hope. Fingers crossed.

      • Only if people “usually” send air mail. Because our finances are slim, I send mail at the cheapest possible price it can go, which is surface mail. It should be there by now but I wouldn’t lose hope. If it didn’t get lucky and catch a fast boat, it is taking a long boat ride. I have seen parcels take two months before. This is getting to be more but still, here is your refreshed hope.

  3. Bev Hankins says:

    Congratulations to the winners!

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