Non Fiction And Translation

I need to refresh my skills but one thin blogosphere friends might not know about me, is that I am an accomplished linguist.  I don’t merely mean with animals.  :)  Languages are something I have always taken to with ease.  As a tiny child, I was already enthralled to make friends of other cultures.  The rare time Ron & I travel, it is our pleasure to honour host countries by doing our best to use their language.  We don’t do everything the Romans do though.  ;)  We request vegetarian food!

Pertaining to Canada, a good portion of my reading has turned to non-fiction.  Michael J. Fox’s memoirs are a must;  exceedingly well-written with a vocabulary surpassing mine visibly and hilariously engaging all at once.  I love details about Canada, be it history or autobiographies of authors, like Margaret Laurence.  A special favourite are true ghost records from individualized regions of our country.

For the third time, I’m linking my non-fiction and translation reading material with these groups.  This year:  I seriously urge Jen to visit my post and grace it with a comment from her, being hostess and all!  I don’t conside challenges without prizes a waste, if I have the pleasure of the hostess reading my contributions.  :-)  Check back for the literature I add to both places.


Just A Beginner 01-03  ~  A Conversationalist 04-06
Carolyn Is Trilingual 07-09  ~  A Top Linguist! 10-12

I will reach “Conversationalist” level for certain.  Let’s see how many more translated works I read.  A few might be in their originating languages.  :)


The LLama’s Secret”  Argentina Palacios, Charles Reasoner  1993
The Bear Who Stole The Chinook And Other Stories”  Frances Fraser, Lewis Parker  1959
The Riddle Monster”  Lisl Weil  1981
A Ghost, A Witch, And A Goblin”  Rosalind Fry, Lalavihari De  1970
The Moon Lady”  Amy Tan, Gretchen Shields  1992


Dilettante 01-05  ~  Seeker 11-15
Explorer 06-10  ~  Master 16-20

I see I have already cleaned up the “Dilettante” level.  There will be many more.


(1)  “Lucky Man”  Michael J. Fox  2002
(2)  “The Kids Canadian Bird Book”  Pamela Hickman, Heather Collins  1995
(3)  “Let’s Go! The Story Of Getting From There To Here”  Lizann Flatt, Scot Ritchie  2007
(4)  “Eyes Of An Angel, Spirit Guides, Reality Of Love”  Paul Elder  2005
(5)  “Andrew Goes Fishing In Manitoba”  Carol & Kristin Szuminsky, Jack Brown  2008
(6)  “Throw Your Tooth On The Roof”  Selby B. Beeler, G. Brian Karas  1998
(7)  “The Hills Is Lonely”  Lillian Beckwith  1959
(8)  “What Makes My Cat Purr?”  Ann Tompert  1965
(9)  “The Mousehole Cat”  Antonia Barber, Nicola Bayley  1990
(10)  “The Divali Story”  Anita Ganeri, Carole Gray  2003

(11)  “Always Looking Up”  Michael J. Fox  2009
(12)  “The Cabot Trail”  Warren Gordon  1997
(13)  “Common Ground”  Justin Trudeau  2014
(14)  “The Glass Castle”  Sharon E. McKay  2002
(15)  “Bathroom Book Of Canadian Trivia”  Angela C. Murphy  2005
(16)  “The Other Side And Back”  Syvlia Browne  1999
(17)  “The LLama’s Secret”  Argentina Palacios, Charles Reasoner  1993
(18)  “Niagara”  Tanya Lloyd  2000
(19)  “Beethoven Lives Upstairs”  Barbara Nichol, Scott Cameron  1989
(20)  “The Bear Who Stole The Chinook And Other Stories”  Frances Fraser, Lewis Parker  1959

(21)  “Zin Zin Zin! A Violin”  Lloyd Moss, Marjorie Priceman  1995
(22)  “In Praise Of Cats, An Anthology”  Dorothy Foster, Alan Daniel  1974
(23)  “A Ghost, A Witch, And A Goblin”  Rosalind Fry, Lalavihari De  1970
(24)  “Tiktala”  Margaret Shaw-MacKinnon, Laszlo Gal  1996
(25)  “When The Ghost Screams”  Leslie Rule  2006
(26) “Baby Animals”  Stephanie Longfoot  2004
(27)  “A Funny Thing Happened On The Way To The Future”  Michael J. Fox  2010
(28)  “Overshadows:  An Investigation”  Richard Palmisano  2003
(29) “Shaku Of Wondrous Grace”  Henry Kojima, Art Miki, Sylvia Jansen  2007
(30) “The Cat Who Came For Christmas”  Cleveland Amory  1987


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