Gothic Fiction 2016

Gothic Fiction 2016

I occasionally encounter reading groups that are right up my alley and which my own circles have been offering since 2014.  Even though “ETHEREAL” used the word “gothic” every year but this one, beginning on February 1….  it got missed by the audience that belongs with us!  :)

I am very happy to acquaint Diana Leigh.  It sounds like she might join “MY KIND OF MYSTERY” too;  also created with gothic mystery in mind.  Why wouldn’t everyone, who loves this stuff?  I might offer gothic paperbacks as prizes!  They are treasures to acquire.

I’d like to bring attention to a short essay I wrote three years ago.  When referencing websites that describe what “gothic mystery” is:  there are none better than the one I wrote!  Please visit it here.

Diana Leigh makes her theme easy by not sticking to books labelled “gothic”.  She welcomes us to let the feel of our reading be our gauge and so, I shall.  Please stay tuned for the material I will list, including reviews I hope you read.
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Suddenly October is here, Canada has had Thanksgiving, and recently our youngest brother flew in to introduce us to his baby son!  It was wonderful to see my toddler niece and Sister-in-law again too.  As I look forward to my birthday next month, it is only now that I make time to catch-up the few reading groups I joined.  The ones I host are quiet too and I’ll bet others would say participation is toned down this year generally.  As a gardener I tend to think about produce and flowers from spring until mid November – which is saying something in prairie Canada!  Many of our garden rows are hardy vegetables and herbs that we’ll take a little while more to harvest.  We have even covered flowers on the very few frost nights so that many are alive and bright to continue boosting our spirits and looking lovely!

I’m glad reading challenges are few this year, with me sitting down to blogging so seldom.  That doesn’t mean I haven’t been reading all along, at least at night, so here is the lengthy outcome of gothic or gothic-feeling literature!  It turns out I am particiularly glad to read the refresher that Diana Leigh allows us to label the atmospheric content of what we have read because some of my selections might not appear to match.  Trust me that they are suspenseful or something about them has taut energy that has us bracing ourselves for the conclusion.  “The Inuk Mountie Adventure” features a school boy visiting an Inuit town with his class and there is no mansion.  The scariest part occurs on the ice in an overnight igloo!
~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

The Wyndham Case”  Jill Paton Walsh  1993
The Union Street Bakery”  Mary Ellen Taylor  2013
Ghost On Black Mountain”  Ann Hite  2011
The Midnight Side”  Natasha Mostert  2000
More Than You Know”  Beth Gutcheon  2000
The Haunting Of Josie”  Kay Hooper  1994
An Inquiry Into Love And Death”  Simone St. James  2013
The Boggart”  Susan Cooper  1993
The Cold Blue Blood”  David Handler  2001
The House With A Clock In Its Walls”  John Bellairs  1973
The Thirteenth Tale”  Diane Setterfield  2006
The Forgotten Garden”  Kate Morton  2008
Vane Pursuit”  Charlotte MacLeod  1989
The Dead Sea Cipher”  Elizabeth Peters  1970
Mystery Of The Strange Traveler”  Phyllis A. Whitney  1949
A Dream Of Ghosts”  Fran Bonham  1973
The Ghost Of Ernie P.”  Betty Ren Wright  1990
Season Of The Witch”  Natasha Mostert  2007
The Lake Of Dead Languages”  Carol Goodman  2002
(20) “The Bootlegger’s Daughter”  Margaret Maron  1992

Keeper Of The Castle”  Juliet Blackwell  2014
Windwood Farm”  Rebecca Patrick-Howard  2014
Shielded Past”  Patti Morelli  2015
The Mannequin”  Darcy Coates  2014
Outpost”  Joe Hart  2012
The Bassumtyte Treasure”  Jane Louise Curry  1978
Gatekeepers”  Robert Liparulo  2008
The Ghost Belonged To Me”  Richard Peck  1975
The Fate Of Mercy Alban”  Wendy Webb  2013
The Bilbao Looking Glass”  Charlotte MacLeod  1982
Prince Of Darkness”  Barbara Michaels  1969
Madam, Will You Talk?”  Mary Stewart  1955
The Cat Who Played Post Office”  Lilian Jackson Braun  1987
The Dead Of Midnight”  Catherine Hunter  2001
The Restorer”  Amanda Stevens  2011
An Unsuitable Job For A Woman”  P.D. James  1977
The Wandering Soul Murders”  Gail Bowen  1992
The St. Andrews Werewolf”  Eric Wilson  1993
A Body Surrounded By Water”  Eric Wright  1987
(40) “Property Of A Lady”  Sarah Rayne  2011

Still Life”  Louise Penny  2005
House Of Echoes”  Barbara Erskine  1996
The Inuk Mountie Adventure”  Eric Wilson  1995
Paragon Walk”  Anne Perry  1981
The House At Midnight”  Lucie Whitehouse  2008
Human Croquet”  Kate Atkinson  1997
The Ghost And Mrs. Muir”  Josephine Aimee Campbell Leslie  1945
The Paris Key”  Juliet Blackwell  2015
The Ghost Writer”  John Harwood  2004
Mr. Penumbra’s 24-Hour Bookstore”  Robin Sloan  2012
Tower Of Silence”  Sarah Rayne  2003
Secrets Of The Lighthouse”  Santa Montefiore  2013
The Kingdom”  Amanda Stevens  2012
The Curse Of The Blue Figurine”  John Bellairs  1983
The Etruscan Chimera”  Lyn Hamilton  2002
The Mummy Case”  Elizabeth Peters  1985
The Ghost That Came Alive”  Vic Crume  1975
Finding Laura”  Kay Hooper  1996
The Satan Stone”  Louise Osborne  1977
(60) “The Séance”  Joan Lowery Nixon  1980

“Is It A Ghost Story You Want?”  Cindy Sprigg  2011
The Haunted Garden”  W.E.D. Ross  1973


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3 Responses to Gothic Fiction 2016

  1. Diana Leigh says:

    Thank you for joining. I’m signing up for My Kind of Mystery today. :-)

    • I am happy to hear that! It is nice to be in one another’s circles. I think you read that prizes are a choice from my second-hand book list, which can be the vintage paperbacks you seek. However if you join in on discussions solely for fun; that’s just as good for me.

  2. Great job, and great list! The Amanda Stevens books are a couple of my favorites. Thanks for participating in the challenge!

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