100+ In 2016


More and more, I am choosing challenges with hostesses who reward participation. So many closed their review buttons crisply after new year’s eve.  I spent days tallying them, at Christmas!  It became clear some were a waste of time.  More than not offering a prize, I didn’t think the hostesses would read the posts I spent valuable holiday time filling in.  I wondered why I was bothering.  “The thrill of finishing” is insufficient.  I could do that on my own.  Hosting takes more attention and heart, than pasting a logo and thinking of a name.  I am happy to rejoin Freda because she makes doing so rewarding!

She will welcome me by visiting this post, answers comments at her blog, and is a warm Canadian I am happy to support.  Speaking of which, it is year three for my groups, girl!  :-)  The most special thing, which I cannot fathom making time to accomplish as a Mother and new wife, is looking at our reviews.  She reads all of mine!  The “helpful” button at Amazon Canada is never gladder than when she visits.  I am an author-in-training who carefully polishes 300-word reviews.  It’s my guess this is why I get away with some brief children’s literature.  I do the same full-fledged review for every book.  To be read – my articles at my own blog, as well as my reviews – is the number one gift to me.

This post will show everything I read all year.  Please give the last linky page about a week after new year’s eve.  Nine of my books were left out last year and I hated telling friends:  “I’m too busy with ‘reading challenges to visit the last week of the year”.  Better still, I encourage hostesses to begin in February.  I read right until the end, to push the number of books and reviews every year.  I broke 150!  My goal is to see if I maintain that with greater ease.  :)  Thank you for caring about our entries, Freda.  I am happy to return!

(1)  “Lucky Man”  Michael J. Fox  2002
(2)  “The Kids Canadian Bird Book”  Pamela Hickman, Heather Collins  1995
(3)  “The Sunflower’s Gift”  Ann Marie Brezovski, Patricia Trudeau  2014
Let’s Go! The Story Of Getting From There To Here”  Lizann Flatt  2007
Eyes Of An Angel, Spirit Guides, Reality Of Love”  Paul Elder  2005
(6)  “Andrew Goes Fishing In Manitoba”  Carol, Kristin Szuminsky, Jack Brown  2008
(7)  “The Wyndham Case”  Jill Paton Walsh  1993
(8)  “Feint Of Art”  Hailey Lind  2006
(9)  “The Union Street Bakery”  Mary Ellen Taylor  2013
(10)  “Ghost On Black Mountain”  Ann Hite  2011

(11) “The Midnight Side”  Natasha Mostert  2000
(12) “Throw Your Tooth On The Roof”  Selby B. Beeler, G. Brian Karas  1998
(13) “The Ice Diamond Quest”  Eric Wilson  1990
(14) “Charlotte And The Quiet Place”  Dr. Deborah Sosin  2015
(15) “More Than You Know”  Beth Gutcheon  2000
(16) “The Hills Is Lonely”  Lillian Beckwith  1959
(17) “One Fish, Two Fish, Red Fish, Blue Fish”  Dr. Seuss (Theo Seuss Geisel)  1960
(18) “What Makes My Cat Purr?”  Ann Tompert  1965
(19) “The Mousehole Cat”  Antonia Barber, Nicola Bayley  1990
(20) “The Haunting Of Josie”  Kay Hooper  1994

(21) “The Divali Story”  Anita Ganeri, Carole Gray  2003
(22) “An Inquiry Into Love And Death”  Simone St. James  2013
(23) “The Boggart”  Susan Cooper  1993
(24) “The Cold Blue Blood”  David Handler  2001
(25) “The House With A Clock In Its Walls”  John Bellairs  1973
(26) “The Thirteenth Tale”  Diane Setterfield  2006
(27) “The Forgotten Garden”  Kate Morton  2008
(28) “Vane Pursuit”  Charlotte MacLeod  1989
(29) “Dr. Seuss’s ABC”  Theodore Seuss Geisel  1963
(30) “The Dead Sea Cipher”  Elizabeth Peters  1970
(31) “Mystery Of The Strange Traveler”  Phyllis A. Whitney  1949
(32) “Escape From Mr. Lemoncello’s Library”  Chris Grabenstein  2013
(33) “A Dream Of Ghosts”  Fran Bonham  1973
(34) “The Ghost Of Ernie P.”  Betty Ren Wright  1990
(35) “Season Of The Witch”  Natasha Mostert  2007
(36) “The Lake Of Dead Languages”  Carol Goodman  2002
(37) “Aunt Dimity Detective”  Nancy T. Atherton  2001
(38) “The Bootlegger’s Daughter”  Margaret Maron  1992
(39) “Keeper Of The Castle”  Juliet Blackwell  2014
(40) “Windwood Farm”  Rebecca Patrick-Howard  2014

(41) “Shielded Past”  Patti Morelli  2015
(42) “The Mannequin”  Darcy Coates  2014
(43) “Outpost”  Joe Hart  2012
(44) “The Bassumtyte Treasure”  Jane Louise Curry  1978
(45) “Gatekeepers”  Robert Liparulo  2008
(46) “The Ghost Belonged To Me”  Richard Peck  1975
(47) “The Forgotten Door”  Alexander Key  1965
(48) “Witch’s Cat”  Ruth Chew  1994
(49) “The Prairie Dog Conspiracy”  Eric Wilson  1992
(50) “The Fate Of Mercy Alban”  Wendy Webb  2013
(51) “A Wee Christmas Homicide”  Kaitlyn Dunnett  2009
(52) “The Bilbao Looking Glass”  Charlotte MacLeod  1982
(53) “Prince Of Darkness”  Barbara Michaels  1969
(54) “Madam, Will You Talk?”  Mary Stewart  1955
(55) “The Cat Who Played Post Office”  Lilian Jackson Braun  1987
(56) “The Dead Of Midnight”  Catherine Hunter  2001
(57) “The Restorer”  Amanda Stevens  2011
(58) “An Unsuitable Job For A Woman”  P.D. James  1977
(59) “The Wandering Soul Murders”  Gail Bowen  1992
(60) “The Reconciliation”  Clive Barker  1991

(61) “An Antidote For Avarice”  Caroline Roe  1999
(62) “The St. Andrews Werewolf”  Eric Wilson  1993
(63) “The Shore Road Mystery”  Leslie McFarlane  1928
(64) “A Body Surrounded By Water”  Eric Wright  1987
(65) “Always Looking Up”  Michael J. Fox  2009
(66) “The Cabot Trail”  Warren Gordon  1997
(67) “Common Ground”  Justin Trudeau  2014
(68) “Gold Fever”  Vicki Delaney  2010
(69) “The Glass Castle”  Sharon E. McKay  2002
(70) “Ghosts & Other Scary Stories”  Pat Hancock, Allan Gould  1993
(71) “From Anna”  Jean Little  1972
(72) “Bathroom Book Of Canadian Trivia”  Angela C. Murphy  2005
(73) “Property Of A Lady”  Sarah Rayne  2011
(74) “Still Life”  Louise Penny  2005
(75) “The Wolfe Widow”  Victoria Abbott  2014
(76) “There’s A Wocket In My Pocket”  Theodore Seuss Geisel  1974
(77) “House Of Echoes”  Barbara Erskine  1996
(78) “The Inuk Mountie Adventure”  Eric Wilson  1995
(79) “Paragon Walk”  Anne Perry  1981
(80) “The House At Midnight”  Lucie Whitehouse  2008

(81) “Keepsake Crimes”  Laura Childs  2003
(82) “The Other Side And Back”  Syvlia Browne  1999
(83) “The LLama’s Secret”  Argentina Palacios, Charles Reasoner  1993
(84) “Niagara”  Tanya Lloyd  2000
(85) “Human Croquet”  Kate Atkinson  1997
(86) “Death By Digeridoo”  Barbara Venkataraman  2013
(87) “Beethoven Lives Upstairs”  Barbara Nichol, Scott Cameron  1989
(88) “The Ghost And Mrs. Muir”  Josephine Aimee Campbell Leslie  1945
(89) “The Paris Key”  Juliet Blackwell  2015
(90) “Hornet’s Nest”  Patricia Cornwell  1996
(91) “Jewels Of The Sun”  Nora Roberts  1999
(92) “The Ghost Writer”  John Harwood  2004
(93) “Mum’s The Word” Kate Collins  2004
(94) “The Bear Who Stole The Chinook And Other Stories
Frances Fraser, Lewis Parker  1959
(95) “Mr. Penumbra’s 24-Hour Bookstore”  Robin Sloan  2012
(96) “Tower Of Silence”  Sarah Rayne  2003
(97) “Secrets Of The Lighthouse”  Santa Montefiore  2013
(98) “Zin Zin Zin! A Violin”  Lloyd Moss, Marjorie Priceman  1995
(99) “In Praise Of Cats, An Anthology”  Dorothy Foster, Alan Daniel  1974
(100) “Design For Murder”  Carolyn G. Hart  1987

(101) “A Morbid Taste For Bones”  Ellis Peters  1977
(102) “Clorinda”  Robert Kinerk, Steven Kellogg  2003
(103) “The Kingdom”  Amanda Stevens  2012
(104) “The Curse Of The Blue Figurine”  John Bellairs  1983
(105) “The Etruscan Chimera”  Lyn Hamilton  2002
(106) “The Mummy Case”  Elizabeth Peters  1985
(107) “The Ghost That Came Alive”  Vic Crume  1975
(108) “Finding Laura”  Kay Hooper  1996
(109) “The Riddle Monster”  Lisl Weil  1981
(110) “Post-Mortem” Patricia Cornwell  1990
(111) “The Satan Stone”  Louise Osborne  1977
(112) “A Ghost, A Witch, And A Goblin”  Rosalind Fry, Lalavihari De  1970
(113) “The Séance”  Joan Lowery Nixon  1980
(114) “Dead Cold”  Louise Penny  2006
(115) “Is It A Ghost Story You Want?”  Cindy Sprigg  2011
(116) “Déjà Dead”  Kathy Reichs  1997
(117) “Tiktala”  Margaret Shaw-MacKinnon, Laszlo Gal  1996
(118) “Zoom Upstream”  Tim Wynne-Jones, Eric Beddows  1992
(119) “The Haunted Garden”  W.E.D. Ross  1973

(120)  “When The Ghost Screams”  Leslie Rule  2006
(121)  “Linda’s Homecoming”  Phyllis A. Whitney  1950
(122)  “Baby Animals”  Stephanie Longfoot  2004
(123)  “The Cat And The Fiddler”  Jacky Jeter, Lionel Kalish  1969
(124)  “A Wish To Be A Christmas Tree”  Colleen Monroe, Michael Monroe  2000
(125)  “Jack’s Basket”  Alison Catley  1987
(126)  “Christmas Surprise”  Sharon Gordon, John Magine  1980
(127)  “That’s What Bears Are For”  Marilyn Helmer, Sonia Nadeau  2012
(128)  “The Reef”  Nora Roberts  1998
(129)  “House Of Whispers”  Margaret Lucke  2008
(130)  “Silence For The Dead”  Simone St. James  2014
(131)  “The Vanishing”  Wendy Webb  2014
(132) “A Funny Thing Happened On The Way To The Future”  Michael J. Fox  2010
(133)  “Wish You Were Here”  Rita Mae Brown  1990
(134)  “Arthur’s Christmas”  Marc Brown  1984
(135)  “A Paris Apartment”  Michelle Gable  2014
(136)  “Overshadows: An Investigation”  Richard Palmisano  2003
(137)  “The Bank Of The River”  Michael Richan  2013
(138)  “The Story Of Santa Claus”  Barbara Shook Hazen, Carolyn Bracken  1989
(139)  “Shaku Of Wondrous Grace”  Art Miki, Henry Kojima, Sylvia Jansen  2007
(140)  “Noah’s Ark”  (Board Book)  Amanda Bartlett  1996

(141)  “Joseph And His Coat Of Many Colours”  Amanda Bartlett  2004
(142)  “The After House”  Michael Phillip Cash  2014
(143)  “Mansion Of Menace”  Caroline Farr (Richard Wilkes-Hunter)  1976
(144)  “The Cat Who Came For Christmas”  Cleveland Amory  1987
(145)  “Dark Spring (Our Canadian Girl)”  Kathy Stinson  2001
(146)  “A Mighty Big Imagining (Our Canadian Girl)”  Lynne Kositsky  2001
(147)  “The Girl From Turtle Mountain”  Deborah Ellis  2004
(148)  “I’m A Manatee”  John Lithgow, Ard Hoyt  2003
(149)  “The Moon Lady”  Amy Tan  1992

*  Please don’t close December buttons until a week after new year’s, so there is breathing room to finish reviews.  We are freer come January!  *


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I cherish animals, plants, reading, music and free spirituality. I welcome you for articles, literary activities, and interaction! Surrounding ourselves with good people is a delight. I occasionally review at The Book Depository.
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2 Responses to 100+ In 2016

  1. Freda Mans says:

    So happy to have you join us for a third year! I love reading your reviews, I get so many great reading ideas for myself.
    Happy reading!! Let’s hope you get another 150+ year!

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