My Ethereal Page, 2016!

ETHEREAL is ready for 2016!  I hope even more join me than before!  This is my personal post to share what I read.  A bit of the description follows but please click on this year’s lovely logo, to see my original group site, telling you how to join.


Welcome to year three!
There are millions of books with mystical subject matter and as many people reading it passionately.  The trouble was finding groups that weren’t “YA-oriented”;  as if we grownups weren’t believers in the afterlife, the magic in our world, and ourselves.  My favourite subject is spirits / ghosts!  This was even scarcer.  The popular theme seemed to be vampires, not my cup of tea, nor do I have any enthusiasm for twenty year-old heroines.  Today, I am elated to report that there are finally new authors creating ghost fiction for adults, such as our Simone St. James!  I thanked her personally.

My faith is broad.  “Ethereal” is a home for everything under the sun that goes beyond the black & white.  If you are among the millions reading about haunted houses, psychics, witches and serious literature:  healing, dreams, miracles;  I invite you to our group.  We leave nothing out.  Fantasy and children’s literature are magical.  Clergywomen and clergymen heroes suit our spectrum too.  All we need is a spark of mysticism or spirituality.


The Stars Of Riedel Cards

Our boys, McCartney & Spirit, have their own line of cards!

I will hold one event with a prize, before our year-end draw.  Other activities are for fun.

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New Ethereal Levels

Levels now work in reverse – for fun.  Instead of declaring how many to read, you tell me how it works out.  I will reach “The Soul” but it would be fun to target my brand new category, “Harmony”.  When we reach a marker, let’s comment:  “I am at X”.  Books I finish will have links.


“The Union Street Bakery”  Mary Ellen Taylor  2013
“Ghost On Black Mountain”  Ann Hite  2011
“The Kissing Man”  George Elliott  1962
“A Dry Spell”  Susie Moloney  1997
“The Dog Who Wouldn’t Be”  Farley Mowat  1957
“Owls In The Family”  Farley Mowat  1961
“The Dragon & The Dry Goods Princess”  David Arnason  1991
“The Darkest Road”  Guy Gavriel Kay  1986
“The Land Without Unicorns”  Vicki Blum  2001
“Into The Fire”  Jodi McIsaac  2013


About RIEDEL Fascination

I cherish animals, plants, reading, music and free spirituality. I welcome you for articles, literary activities, and interaction! Surrounding ourselves with good people is a delight. I occasionally review at The Book Depository.
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