My Kind Of Mystery Summary

My Kind Of Mystery 2015

Hello mystery buffs!  There is a month for logging your progress and reading whatever you like.  I like to keep the review pages of my whole trio open for a few months anyway.  I hope you’re looking forward to the end-of-year prize draw on January 31!  I haven’t heard anyone mention the prize point table I used since the latter half of last year.  I think it’s  straightforward but if it doesn’t appeal to you, I will just give an entry to all participants.  All you had to do was join me to be eligible but I would like to hear from you, to know you’re with me.  This is an ideal time to share progress.

Last year, someone won who had removed her blog.  She had commented a time or two in early months but I don’t think she returned to blogging.  Part of the point of events and prizes, along with sharing a year with you that you enjoy, is differentiating myself and attracting members in subsequent years.  I don’t consider it a waste and think of it as a thank-you treat.  She e-mailed excitedly and might mention our groups in some other platform like Twitter.  However you can see I would rather award someone who is still here.

It isn’t about finishing.  As you will see in the 2016 posts I am in the middle of preparing, our level charts are going to become cute progress markers, instead of minimum requests.  My circles will be all about YOU telling me how many you have read and giving you a warm, comfortable home base for whatever you accomplish.  However we can’t get any laxer than that, so a word from you all that you have seen these updates would be wonderful.

I am eliminating that problem in the new year too, using e-mail to sign-up instead of a linky button.  I’ll list guests on a page, by country, which will be nice.  All discussions and events are voluntary but sometimes my posts are informational or clarify things.  A quick note to tell you there is a relevant post, means never again posting anything that is solely seen by crickets.  In fact, a guest can easily let me know by e-mail that have moved to France.  That would be awesome because there’s an Yves Rocher perfume I can’t find in Canada.  It’s called “Cantate”, for those who want to know.  Instead of being floral based, it smells like candies.  I’ve had it a good 20 years and only sparingly wear it every second or third year.  I think I’ll sprinkle some on now!

While we’re digressing, I need of a room fragrance called “PECAN CARAMEL” that should be easier to get.  It was made by Avon, sold by Regal, but didn’t appear in catalogues I saw after.  This scent proves the concept of aromatherapy because I feel happy and stress free the moment I spray it.  I have far less left than I do of the Cantate perfume.  Probably because I spritzed it liberally, before not seeing a way to obtain any more.  Just putting it out there, should my readers have bloodhound shopping skills!

I thought it would be fun to report that the highest quantity of reviews in “MY KIND OF MYSTERY“, is in letter A-C.  It has 77 reviews and the next highest, D-F, has 45.  Those who don’t  review only have to drop off a list of finished titles at any of this group’s pages:  the review page, the Mother page, or this one.  I hope you take advantage of our alphabetized format, which makes it easier to spot authors you like.

Did you have noteworthy experiences?  I discovered books I love by Simone St. James, Wendy Webb, Karen White, and Augusta Huiell Seaman;  who published them one-hundred years ago.  Happy anniversary to my favourite, “The Boarded-Up House”!  It’s free for “Kindle” and is veritably my kind of mystery:  about exploring an oddly empty mansion, instead of hinging on crime.  It’s excellent!  I was surprised to find I disliked Margery Allingham and Dorothy L. Sayers’s first novels but am assured  regarding the latter, that succeeding novels are much better.  I hope the same can be said of Marion C. Beaton, whose first Hamish Macbeth novel I loathed.  This is a case in which I collected, I would say more than twenty of her works;  some of them first editions!  I didn’t feel like trying the sequel this year but will get it out of the way soon.  I may well like her Agatha Raison series better too.  I have loved an author whose first book I disliked, have you?  I gave Juliet Blackwell a second chance and she became a top favourite, no less.

Tell us honestly: when you dislike a book other people like, do you wonder if it’s you, or whether people give out five stars too easily and aren’t discerning?  However I have defended Karen White as well as Lyn Hamilton, whose series some people vent terribly about, which I love for reasons I am able to thoroughly cite.  In those cases too, I think they missed what was gifted and different about those books I loved.

Lastly:  an extra name in the bowl will be given to everyone who guesses the book that served as our “MY KIND OF MYSTERY” banner this time!  Answer with a comment on any of our mystery pages, if you figure out the name and publishing year.  If you really don’t know, say that in a comment.  It’s close enough to January 31 that I might as well furnish a hint.  Thank you all for being a part of this with me.  Every comment and expression of pleasure has meant something to me.  Yours sincerely, Carolyn.


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6 Responses to My Kind Of Mystery Summary

  1. Excited about the new year and new challenge. I’ll get it up on the site soon

    As for new adventures discovered in the mystery world this year, one is the charm of some new paranormal mysteries, a renewed interest in cozies (have so many still to try), an excellent re-read of ‘And Then There Were None’, which let me love the book even more, Jack Getze’s new book in the Austin Carr Mystery Series, Big Shoes, a surprisingly fun holiday day mystery ‘Murder on the First Day of Christmas’ by Billie Thomas, the thriller/mysteries for the Pendergast series by Douglas Preston and Lincoln Child

    I hadn’t smelled Pecan Caramel but that sounds excellent

    • I must know what those paranormal mysteries are of course. :) They match “Ethereal” as much as “My Kind Of Mystery”. I see signs of interest poking up, statistics of people around our wonderful world seeing if my new challenges are up. So I wrote updates and the Goodreads preview to reassure them they are coming. When you get a chance to e-mail, let me know if you need Agatha Christie “The Hollow” and anything else on the PDF list I sent you. Happy new year!

  2. neer says:

    Dear Carolyn

    I read GIRL ON THE TRAIN and it felt absolutely flat. Ii hasn’t happened for the first time either. Have read books that everyone is raving about only for them to do nothing to me: THE FARM; THE SHADOW OF THE WIND…. the list goes on. I have decided not to pay attention to best-selling lists now. I am excited about THE BOARDED-UP HOUSE. I’d rather read a less known book which is exciting rather than book which gets all those rave reviews but does nothing to me.

    HAPPY 2016

    • Hello Neer! Happy new year to you too. I can’t wait to find out when your package and Christmas card arrive for you. Thank you for your note greeting at Christmas. My friend, I could do a long post all about not listening to other people’s reviews! Haha. I hope you find the free copy of “The Boarded-Up House” and also “The Girl Next Door”, which is not as mysterious in terms of exploring an old building but is stll much better than popular books 100 years later, these days. I’m happy I enticed you to read them! I looked at the description of “The Girl From The Train” but something didn’t seem like it would be for me either. Thank you for sharing your report.

  3. Sandra says:

    Yes, I am guilty. Guilty of completely failing every challenge I signed up for last year and guilty of moving to France and not telling you or anyone else on my blog yet. It was just life, that came in between me and my reading ambitions last year. That’s my only apology. I still managed to read some books I really liked, e. g. Maurice Leblanc’s Arsène Lupin series. Like you, I don’t like Dorothy L. Sayers, but maybe I will give her books another try.

    • Hello Sandra! There is no failing in our circle. I only care that you join, see our posts, and comment once in a while. You made me very happy, the way you have followed along! You will love 2016 even more. This time I state aloud, in all my groups, that there are no minimum levels. They are just friendly places to keep in touch and for you to tell ME how your reading came out. It’s true that you actually moved to France! That is such a funny coincidence that I made that joke! Keep an eye out for “Cantate”. LOL!

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