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Gentle Spectrums 2015

I hope Christmas has been a ray of light.  Happy new year 2016!  January 31, my trio of groups are having their year-end prize draw!  Winners are e-mailed my list of second hand books from which to choose!  Large, gauging by the giveaway-designated boxes in our library.  I accompany it with a page of other prizes, knowing book tastes are very personalized.  A fun, weird combo:  for example, a selection from my greeting card collection.  A few are in the form of photo prints.   Canadian postcards, even garden planting seeds!  A thank you for being members, a reward for sharing your journeys.  Like birthday and Chritmas presents:  I find it’s nice to have something to open.  A treat is something to look forward to – like these groups have a purpose towards which to aim.  Leave a note to show you saw this and summarize your progress in our categories.

There are fresh ones coming up!  I look forward to presenting my 2016 year.  Please help us grow by telling others about RIEDEL challenges widely.  :-)  Thank you for playing along with me and know I have fun in store.  I thought blog readers would like a look at how “Gentle Spectrums” is going.  Here are two samples of participants’ books and my colours too.  We see for instance, our friend Sue in Utah, is clearing out Jan Karon’s warehouse.  ;)  It’s odd, I have a bounty of colour literature I didn’t take up.  Via supplementary words like “light” and “bright“, I have squeezed in 12.  The rest of our matching is worth perusing at our review page.  Click the colour palette and each title.

Did some books noticeably differ from expectation?  I disliked a few legends:  Gabriel García Márquez, Margery Allingham, and Dorothy Sayers’s first novel too.  Perhaps they all have better oeuvres.  If this was a year for garnering favourite authors, which is very special:  please do identify those five-star books.  I am in love with Karen White’s “Tradd Street“.  It finally provides adult ghost fiction;  including code-deciphering and a treasure hunt!  Most authors who write concepts this fantastic, turn them into kid’s literature.  Thank you for making it a forty year-old!  Who wouldn’t love an adventure like that?!  She usually writes romances.  I’m grateful for this haunted house series.

Two new favourites are beginning to create much-wanted adult ghost fiction:  Wendy Webb, in northern Minnesota and an already award-winning Canadian:  Simone St. James!  I loved both their books, told them so, and was over the moon to receive an energetic reply from Simone St. James!  That is a dream come true, an author excited about how much I love her work and telling me I made her week!  How is your variety?  This was my year for blowing it through the roof:  essays, poetry, a lot of Canadiana, and an abundance in non-fiction.  Several children’s books warmed my heart too, many at our review page.  Yours sincerely, Carolyn.
~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~


Emerald City”  Jennifer Egan
The Golden Ball”  Agatha Christie

Diamond Head”  Cecily Wong

Rock With Wings”  Anne Hillerman
In This Mountain”  Jan Karon
Harry Potter Sorcerer’s Stone”  J.K. Rowling
These High, Green Hills”  Jan Karon

The Klondike Gold Rush:  Photographs From 1896-1899”  Graham Wilson  1997
Gold Digger”  Vicki Delany  2009
Fool’s Gold”  Juliet Blackwell  2013
Greystones”  Antonia Lamb  1966
“Mystery Of The Stone Tiger” Carolyn Keene 1963
~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~


Just As Long As We’re Together”  Judy Blume

Yes Please!”  Amy Poehler

Happy City”  Charles Montgomery
Dream Days”  Kenneth Grahame
The Love Song Of Miss Queenie Hennessy”  Rachel Joyce

Come Rain Or Come Shine”  Jan Karon
A Light In The Window”  Jan Karon
At Home In Mitford”  Jan Karon
Jan Karon’s Mitford Cookbook & Kitchen Reader”  Jan Karon

Cats Know Best”  Lesley Anne Ivory, Colin Eisler  1988
Wish Upon A Unicorn”  Vicki Blum  1999
A Hill For Looking”  Martha Brooks  1982
Charmed”  Barbara Bretton  2011
A Vision In Velvet”  Juliet Blackwell  2014
Step To The Music” Phyllis A. Whitney  1953
The Snail’s Spell”  Joanne Ryder, Lynne Cherry  1982
The Life Story Of The Butterfly”  Jilly MacLeod, Joanne Cowne  1996
Lost Treasures, True Stories Of Discovery”  Larry Verstraete  2006
The Art Of Robert Bateman”  Ramsay Derry  1981
The Joy Of Cats”  Jo Kittinger  1999
Yummiest Love”  Lisa McCourt, Laura J. Bryant  2009
~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

White Horses And Shooting Stars”  David Greer, Chum McLeod  1994
“The Klondike Gold Rush:  Photographs From 1896-1899”  Graham Wilson  1997
“Gold Digger”  Vicki Delany  2009
House Of Dark Shadows”  Robert Liparulo  2008
“Fool’s Gold”  Juliet Blackwell  2013
“Greystones”  Antonia Lamb  1966
Dear Mr. Blueberry”  Simon James  1991
Bluenose Ghosts”  Dr. Helen Creighton  1957
The Little Rabbit Who Wanted Red Wings”  Carolyn Sherwin Bailey  1931
Murder Sees The Light”  Howard Engel  1984
“Hunting For Hidden Gold”  Leslie McFarlane  1928
(12)  “The Black Dudley Murder”  Margery Allingham  1929
~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

I haven’t done wrap-up pages but can, if you like them.  If you took the time to make fresh posts, or updated your original ones:  you bet I will give you the respect of reading them!  Drop those links off at any “Gentle Spectrums” page or post.  Even if you get to it at a later date, I always read your comments.  Please know, outside of the “Blogspot” captcha and “Disqus” e-mail confirmation barriers, I always wish to comment and show I have visited.  I respond to your posts here if I have to, so be sure to come back and see what I wrote.  :)


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I cherish animals, plants, reading, music and free spirituality. I welcome you for articles, literary activities, and interaction! Surrounding ourselves with good people is a delight. I occasionally review at The Book Depository.
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2 Responses to Gentle Spectrums Samples & Updates

  1. Sue says:

    Bwahaha! Yes, an audio book re-visit of Jan Karon this year added many books to the subjects category! I feel like I did pretty well in the Gentle Subjects as I have gotten more than one book in all categories except Humorous, but I could probably go back and add some there. I only have 12 in Gentle Spectrums and thought I would have more just from regular reading and without concentrating on colors. Well, there’s still almost a month left. Who knows what that will bring? :)

    • You always do wonderfully, Sue! I am writing up the new year’s quartet (yes, a new theme is launching)! We’re going to turn levels around so they are merely descriptive signposts. Instead requesting 10 colours for instance, I leave everyone to tell ME how far they go. No more minimums, just creative ways to describe where we got. Same across all groups, except of course filling 12 easy as pie subjects.

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