Let’s Discuss The Ethereal!

Discussions have been quiet this year.  I, myself have been reading what I feel like, instead of being concerned about titles fitting the challenges in which I am a guest.  Hazellie is a special person who joined my circle, a tarot reader and numerologist whose new website is:  Hazelliewong.com.  She said she looked forward to having great talks about the Ethereal.  I feel the same way:  so let’s talk!

What draws  you to metaphysical books?  Whether factual, or made-up stories, which topic areas are special to you?

For me it’s spirits and ghosts, hallowed locations where surreal phenomena might be observed, or where miracles might occur.  I believe in these things in real life and love reading about it in any form, outside traditional religions.  I am free-spirited and open-minded.  Sometimes fictional novels and television programs are better because the examples aren’t as subtle as real life.  There can be some really spectacular forays into the paranormal or spiritual.  I’m also vastly interested in knowledge about trees and plants as healers:  not to be consumed but as sentient, communicative entities, themselves.

Have any of you tried alternative healing methods, or embarked on ghost-hunting expeditions?  To a mild degree, yes is my answer to both!  :)

We checked out a spiritualist church a few times, where the custom is healers spending a few minutes with anyone who wants their services.  The sermon follows a brief mediumship reading of the congregation by the pastor.  I can’t say I felt the effects of this healing.  The time I sought chakra-balancing, it was a very telling!  The new practitioner instructed me to think about things in my life I wanted improved or healed, medical and otherwise, as she passed her hands above the chakra regions of my head and back.  Like a database shuffling through categories, I briskly flitted over issues I wanted solved and then very naturally summed these things up in the form of a prayer and a thank-you in advance for fixing them.  I recall forgetting something I wanted to include and took a moment to ponder it, before moving along and eventually closing this brainstorming.

As soon as we finished, the bright young practitioner exclaimed at what a unique experience this was for her!  She talked about how she hovered her hands over each chakra zone, which correlates to medical and emotional situations in our lives.  She said she would stay there until she could tell I was done with that issue and then would proceed to focus her hands elsewhere.  It was very telling, when she said that she had left one chakra zone but found her hands pulled back to a previous spot.  It seems obvious it was at the point where I backtracked to a subject I had forgotten and wanted to request its healing too!  She ended by asking if I was spiritual and I said, indeed yes.  She incredulously remarked that she had never felt her hands heat up at the head chakra.  She was in awe when I confirmed for her that I was directly speaking to God in closing.  I wish I could afford to try more sessions like this.  Also, it seems to be a uniting experience for both people.

Copyright (C) 2006 C.M. Riedel.

Copyright (C) 2006 C.M. Riedel.

I have toured haunted locations, visited independently, and joined a public group in which the paranormal investigators showed us how to use their equipment.  That was new privilege, even if in a giggling crowd.  I rejoined the investigators privately.  I knew the director of a haunted manor.  The team was bringing along a medium and I was invited on that private walkthrough.  About a year after, I worked very briefly at that museum.  We were busy pleasing a rather edgy, mean boss but I explored everywhere I wished.  I excited enthusiastic visitors with the few tours I hastily learned how to give.  Everyone wants the guide who secretively tells them the paranormal side!  Here’s a related post I wrote some time ago.  https://cmriedel.wordpress.com/2012/07/06/into-ghosts/

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I cherish animals, plants, reading, music and free spirituality. I welcome you for articles, literary activities, and interaction! Surrounding ourselves with good people is a delight. I occasionally review at The Book Depository.
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12 Responses to Let’s Discuss The Ethereal!

  1. Shonna says:

    What draws me to metaphysical books?
    The same things that draw me to many books. Good characters, good writing, good plot. Once I find a writer I like I return to them. For nonfiction I am not tied to a particular religion, but enjoy expanding my mind into other possibilities.
    Have I tried alternative healing or embarked on ghost hunting expeditions.
    Yes to the first, no to the second. I have tried naturopathy (which discovered the causes of my digestive issues), chakra healing (which was wonderful), reiki (which led me to get my Reiki I certification), meditation (which I am still working towards doing regularly), and acupuncture (mildly successful). I am interested in aromatherapy, but find the information overwhelming. Other members of my family have also tried some of these with success.
    I’ve also had experiences that cannot be explained in ways other than extrasensory or paranormal as have other members of my family, and some friends. I definitely believe in something, but don’t have a name for it.

    • What an insightful conversation starter! I see a lot of similarities in people, faith-wise, that is encouraging, having traditional relatives. My spirituality is stronger than ever, without fealty to nor requiring approval of religion. No putting a name to it indeed. :) Congratulations on attaining reiki certification! I’m keen to try that in person. Meditation is something I’m stepping up. It has become imperative: with noisy neighbours who are either clueless, despite our polite conference, or rude. I’m glad your indigestion is healed.

      Funny you bring up aromatherapy. Yesterday at a meal for my Dad’s birthday, I told my family I would really like a spray bottle of anything resembling PECAN CARAMEL. I have a dwindling home spray I got from Regal years ago. When I take a whiff of it, it makes me extremely happy instantly. I believe this scent, that is pleasant to me personally at the very least, truly must be healing!

  2. I’m not sure either – I just like the mystery and unknown of the paranormal, that excitement and different “occurrence” that disrupts everyday life. Find it fascinating.

    • And also proof that loved ones and life does not end, after physical expiration? That’s a big comfort for me and something to look forward to too. I think spirits are proof that other layers of life exist: as well as alternative healing, psychic senses, sentience of plants… Would you say you agree? That you love knowing this isn’t all there is, or in a positive spin: that there is more to discover?

  3. I’m drawn to quite a few aspects of metaphysical type books. I have definitely always been drawn to the paranormal. I had a really interesting upbringing in my family. It was always said that we were always quite “sensitive” to paranormal beings like spirits and uncanny intuition. Things have happened over the years that make this pretty hard to ignore and I’ve just grown up with a fascination for the paranormal. I blame a lot of that on my mom, she has always been into paranormal literature. I don’t know if I like one paranormal being in the books I read over another though. I think it is all really interesting. One thing I have always, always, always been drawn to ever since I can remember is magic. I have always loved witches, wizards, and warlocks. When I was young I definitely explored druidism and wanted to learn herbal remedies and such. I was always fascinated with the history of it and the ancient rituals etc. I am like you, I have always had an open mind.

    Luckily I married someone who is pretty open minded as well and is fascinated with ghosts. We did go to a ghost hunting tour in our town but it really wasn’t anything of the sort. It ended up being a few hours of storytelling and walking around downtown to specific spots like the Alamo. I haven’t really tried much herbal remedies myself as an adult though I may start looking into them again. I still have a few books on my shelf on the subject. As a child though my father would sometimes use old Mexican traditions on us like if we were burning up with fever he would rub an egg on our body and it was supposed to soak up the evil energy and he would crack it in a cup of water or something to that affect I can’t remember exactly how it went but it was something like that. Apparently one of his relatives had been a witch doctor and he had picked up a few things but that’s a pretty common one in my culture. Growing up in a city rife with history has always been really fascinating to me. I danced Mexican Folkloric dancing when I was little so I was always around the old missions here and places where battles took place and I was always on the lookout for spirits etc.

    When I was in high school is when I really fell in love with paranormal books. I don’t know if vampires would be considered paranormal but my all time favorite author is Anne Rice, and once again that love comes from my mom. I fell in love with those books before I could read and when I read them for the first time a whole new world opened up for me. I devoured everything from her and one of those series was the Mayfair Witches. I still hold those books and the Vampire Chronicles so very close to my heart.

    • I’m glad we didn’t miss input from you, Kristianne. What a compelling conversation! ?Eres Méjicana, o mitad Méjicana? Estudié tu cultura muchisimo porque mi tema en la Universidad De Manitoba fui…. !Espanol! Well…. falling into more than a little Spanish might not help the chat we finally have going, LOL! Let me say I am loving learning this about you. I was going to remark “Aren’t you lucky to live in a historically famous place” but every place had a battle and has a history, hopefully for many positive, important things. Winnipeg has just opened the first Human Rights Museum in Canada and I believe, in our whole continent. Toronto has an Animal Hall Of Fame; honouring animals who saved lives. Both special. As for haunted places, we have tons and I have a good sensitivity. But I don’t see spirits. Do you?

      In my family, the males or Dads, including mine, are dubious and religiously traditional (blah)! Our Moms and women are forward-thinking and intuitive, flexible-minded. So it’s cool to hear someone’s Dad being “out there”. He has long since loved my cats as his Grandchildren and in fact, they preceded their first human Grandchildren for years. For this group, anything that you think fits the otherworldly theme, is fine by me. I call vampires / werewolves / zombies “supernatural”. “Paranormal” for me is non-fictional entities, like spirits and sixth sense abilities. I love reading about witches too and select, imaginative fantasy. Too bad most of it is for kids, right! A world is just opening for me now, with the information at last that there *is* ghost literature for adults. I have received my first Simone St. James in the mail and others are on its heels. It is also a gift, to talk about these things with special ladies like all of you. Carolyn.

      • I agree this is definitely a fascinating topic! It’s funny because alot of things happened in the house I grew up in. I haven’t seen much as an adult other than getting that feeling where the hair stands up on your neck/arms or you just feel someone walk into a room you are sitting alone in. I do however, have a distinct memory of hanging Christmas ornaments with a little girl around my age when I was about seven and everyone else was asleep. My parents had a baby that died before I was born so I always assumed it was her. My father saw her late at night and thinking it was me followed her through the house and the room she entered turned out to be empty. Things like that happened all the time. So interesting! I definitely wish I spoke Spanish more, I feel like I’m losing it because no one in my family ever speaks it since my grandparents passed. Speaking of which, I work from home and I was sitting at my desk working a few days ago and my nose just filled with the scent my grandma used to wear when she was alive. Typing this out just reminded me of that! I called to my husband to tell him and he got a little scared but I was touched, like if my grandma came by to say hello, I’m thinking of you!

  4. What special things to share! The young cat who passed away suddenly last year, one of our kittens born here who is missed every day? I wish I could still hold and see him but that belonged to physical life, which is why we grieve. However a month after he crossed over, I heard his voice! Distinctly and loudly, straight behind me while I was calmly at a flowerbed! That was a first for me and I appreciated it very much. Love has a voice like no other; it isn’t a meow. The stories you told (sorry about your Sister) are extraordinary: your Grandma recently and Sister at Christmas. THIS is why spirits/ghosts is the topic that moves me the most! This is why I love reading about them better than anything else! Examples proving that our loved ones still exist and that we might still see or hear them. You have hit the root of this subject for me. Thank you for these inspiring images.

  5. Sorry I’m late coming into the discussion, Carolyn! What interesting questions!

    What draws me to metaphysical books and what topics am I specifically interested in? Well, I’ve been interested in the metaphysical since I was a child, and I would say it’s probably because my father used to read a lot of spiritual books and we used to have a lot of discussions about spirituality and the metaphysical. I’ve just always been interested in finding out more about the mysteries of life. I’m specifically interested in topics where I can learn something that I can use and apply in my life or to help others. Topics like tarot, astrology, palmistry, crystals, etc. I am also interested in reading about spirit communication.

    Alternative healing methods and ghost-hunting; yes to alternative healing methods, I am a certified master herbalist with a background in nutrition, but in recent times I’ve become more interested in energy healing because I feel a lot of ailments start from emotional and spiritual imbalances. No to ghost-hunting because if I was a ghost, I don’t think I would appreciate people trespassing into my space. I have communicated with spirits, but it has always been based on mutual respect, so both sides actually want to communicate with each other.

    I think your experience with chakra balancing was very interesting. I’ve tried aura healing, but not chakra balancing, and I’m guessing they must be quite different.

    • Your training and experiences sound wonderful. Spirits: my passion, lifelong attraction since I was a child as well, is BECAUSE I have the uttmost respect for them. I tried going places where they might obviously been seen, in case they need me! “Ghost-hunting” to me meant visiting places that are known to be hallowed and now you know why. I consider them sacred. They might be my dearest Love and other friends and family, who are always welcome to visit me anywhere. No special place is required but I want to learn about the theory that some places seem to be an easier place to perceive them.

  6. To be honest metaphysical books are quite outside my comfort zone. I rarely read them and never buy them. I’d say it’s because they’re all just a little too fantastical for me, but maybe I should be trying out non-fiction rather than fiction!
    I have always been intrigued by the notion of witches and I also believe in ghosts or spirits – not sure if they’re one and the same. I’ve felt from a young age (17) that my deceased grandfather (Gido) has been watching over me and protecting me from harm. I took part in a therapeutic touch course once and the woman running said she could see a strong male figure in my aura. I like to believe that was him. With that said I believe in auras and the healing properties of transferring energy from one person to another. I’ve received Reiki as an alternative healing treatment and really enjoyed it. One book that really had an effect on me that is related to human energy and channeling auras is The Celestine Prophecy. If you haven’t read it, I highly recommend it – (the film version – not so much!)

  7. Yes, spirit and ghost are synonyms. “Ghost” has an outlandish impression associated with it through fiction. If we don’t want to scare people who aren’t comfortable that the non-physical world is normal, not fantastical; it’s more soothing to use “spirit”. We are spirits / souls who receive about 100 years to live inside a physical form and journey this kind of life. A spirit / ghost is a soul functioning independently of it. It would be all right to use the “soul” as a synonym too. It has religious associations. Spirit seems the most neutrally understood. I define metaphysical as anything beyond black & white, including the spiritual. When I say “paranormal”, people only think of ghosts, psychic abilities, and fantasy characters.

    I encompass everything: including the intelligence of animals and nature. A sad many are unaware of their equalness as thinking, communicating members of our world. I am always comforted by trees, some will say the same of water bodies or simply the sky. You share many aspects with which you are comfortable. Reiki, auras, certainty that our loved ones, like your Grandfather continue to be devoted to us. You have very nice associations with the metaphysical! I’m glad you wrote. I own “The Celestine Prophecy” and related sequels. I will consider them soon based on your enthusiasm. Merry Christmas!

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