Special Historic Occasions

It’s my parents’ anniversary!  I shared a nice conversation with them today, which you can do with three people when you have landline telephones.  There was a lot to joke and chat about in earnest.  Even “Back To The Future Day” means something in our film-loving family.  My spouse & I just last week took them to see an uplifting and memorable music concert, which we raved about again.  I’ll finally blog about that;  stay tuned.  Our country, on Monday, October 19th, elected a brand new Prime Minister!  And in the RIEDEL family, we are joyfully in the midst of our whole string of birthdays.  Mine and Dad’s are next month.

1972 Birthdays

With my parents in my very first November.

When my parents married, they were nearly 30, which has become the norm.  I don’t know about you but when I hear of someone in their 20s marrying, my reaction is:  “Gosh, that’s young”.  We in our 40s are the gorgeous adults!  Those in their 30s are just grown-up, and the 20 year-olds are babies.  Not unlike other youth starting out with menial jobs and tiny apartments, my Mom & Dad married without owning a car.  Mom’s Grandma invited the newlyweds to spend Christmas with her in Swan River, so they took a bus.  They shared this memory with me because a very significant announcement was made on television that Christmas night.  My parents must have been watching the news with Great-Grandma.  They felt a surge of excitement over a baby who was born.  Prime Minister Pierre and Margaret Trudeau welcomed their first son, Justin.  This newborn is our Prime Minister today!

Margaret & Justin Oct-19-2015

Margaret & Justin conveying love and pride, October 19, 2015.

Because he and another leader were new in this campaign, our country really shook up our votes.  The NDPs, made popular by the late Jack Layton, were unseated and so too, our 9 years-long conservative government.  My two concerns are that Prime Minister Trudeau not pander to Québec heavily and whether or not he improves animals’ rights.  His family, at least in 2010, were fur-wearers.  It is my hope he cares about changing laws to protect the welfare of living animals;  the minimum first step.  Admittedly, with new candidates and debates not televised for this election;  his acceptance address was the first time I heard Prime Minister Justin Trudeau speak.

I have to say:  I was moved by his gentle passion and resolve.  As a writer, I pick up on the words people choose.  It wasn’t the typical rhetoric of politics.  He said: “We have proven it was possible to win by being positive, not mudslinging”.  He thanked our former Prime Minister, Stephen Harper for the years he and his family gave themselves to our service.  He said opposing parties aren’t our enemies and he is going to listen to every Member Of Parliament in our House Of Commons.  Green Party leader Elizabeth May still has her seat, whom I also admire.  Now she has an ear who not only cares about our people but a Prime Minister who prefers learning from what others have to say, instead of pretending he knows-it-all.

Fits In With Other CDNs Oct'15

Justin fits in with other young Canadians:  October 2015.

Aesthetically but reaching profound layers, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has gotten other countries of our world to notice:  a member of our generation is leading us over here.  Wisdom, nobleness, and heart have nothing to do with age or appearance but I foresee our Prime Minister and his lovely wife garnering an affectionate celebrity, similar to our embracement of Prince William and Kate Middleton.  Prime Minister Stephen Harper is fine-looking and young but unfortunately, belonged to a political party that feels stifling.  He was soft-spoken and seldom addressed us.  I have awaited someone for whom we would cheer and roar.  The way he leads us comes first.  What I’m saying is, our current generation across the world taking notice of him, is a very positive change.  The impression that governmental leaders must be fat, bearded, white-haired old men is gone.

I find myself in awe, that I now have a Prime Minister who is only 11 months older than I am!  We 1970s babies relate to one-another exceptionally well.  I am encouraged and uplifted by a Prime Minister for the first time since I was born.  I do thank Prime Minister Stephen Harper and his family for their personal sacrifice in governing Canada.  Our new Prime Minister has already taught us to respect those who were not our political choice. What graciousness, what an example.  I hope the Harpers resume very happy lives in Alberta. Congratulations and God speed to our new hope:  Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and his family!  I think I will be sentimental about his swearing-in on November 4th.  What a good feeling this is.

Justin & Sophie Grégoire Oct-19-15

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau & Sophie Grégoire:   October 19, 2015.


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2 Responses to Special Historic Occasions

  1. Dagny says:

    What a lovely photo of your parents and you as an infant. Thank you for sharing.

    • Thank you! It was wonderful to do a tie-in with our new Prime Minister, who is my age and finally be a country of hope, happy with our leader. Yes, this is a personal time of year for birthdays too. I’m so glad you enjoy my hippy-looking parents and 11 day-old me!

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