Happy “Future” Day!

Today is special.  How could I have missed it?  A huge chunk of my family members, including me, have absolutely loved the “Back To The Future” films since the beginning.  We were children in 1985, when the premiering film travels back to 1955.  It’s coming back to me now, since this was such an awakening, prominent era in every facet of my life, that there was tons of trivia and side information about these wonderful films.  Little things, like fellow Canadian musician Corey Hart being offered an audition for the Marty McFly role, because his emotive music videos showed he could act.  How Canadian Michael J. Fox could not attend the red carpet premiere for the first film, the very one that skyrocketed his career, because he was in England for a mini movie of “Family Ties”!  There are deleted scenes that would have properly explained the modern hairdryer Marty holds, when convincing George McFly that he is an alien at his bedside.

Yes sire, my family loved these films so much that we chomped on every bit of footage and every ounce of lore we came across. We acted out the parts and wished we could relive the films.  We know every line to this day I’m sure.  The music soundtracks make us smile.  Film II came out the week of my birthday (another spectacular date – next month!) in 1989.  Film III was released a year later.  By 1992, I visited California myself and was very excited to personally devour a “Back To The Future” virtual ride and the genuine film set.

I’m much more passionate about the paranormal than science fiction but something magical about the dynamics and of course acting of all of the films, captivating us for a lifeitme.  This trilogy’s treatment of time travel is hilarious, enpowering, and inspiring.  Things the characters change have an instant, recognizable effect;  such as the photo of siblings erasing piece by piece.  These elements satisfy the core of what magic, fantasy, and paranormal-lovers relish:  that there are more workings and personal possibilities in the universe than the four corners of the normal world that we see. Therein is the enchantment and wonder.  Saving family, the underachiever rising above mediocrity, and not least of all the comedy held my heart for a lifetime.  Each of us remains more dedicated than ever to defeating bullies.  The bravery of presenting yourself to a lady you admire found empathy and cheerleading from most audience members too.

For me especially, with the kind of crazy memory one sometimes hears about, there is a plethora of detail constants from film to film that are immensely titillating and satisfying.  We instantly know Marty is going to meet his Mother figure, waking from a head injury while she declares her time period’s year!  Children needing to lend him a skateboard or hover-board, the bully smashing into a manure pile….  all of the best comedy parts are reprised from film to film in and match each era.  After our re-enacting and my young, solo trip to Universal Studios itself, that was all we could glean from this phenomenal trilogy;  the first being the top film of 1985.  This is why a highly significant date escaped my sharp memory radar!

Back To The Future II

Has it really been thirty years?  Over this duration we have replayed some of the films from time to time of course.  It has been a very long while, or I would have picked up on this nugget for sure.  Guess what today is?  In the 1989 sequel, you might remember the premise that Marty and Doc Brown need to rescue family outcomes in the future.  The date of their travel is TODAY!  HAPPY “BACK TO THE FUTURE DAY”: October 21st, 2015!!!!

The only way I can think of to celebrate meeting a fictional date, is to invite reminiscence with me.  When a film is successful and stays memorable for us, what fun to enumerate the reasons, right?  I’ll conclude my contribution to entertainment history by saying:  I wish Doc’s cliff-hanger quote at the end of film I were true about us today.  “Roads?  Where we’re going, we don’t need any roads“!


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I cherish animals, plants, reading, music and free spirituality. I welcome you for articles, literary activities, and interaction! Surrounding ourselves with good people is a delight. I occasionally review at The Book Depository.
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