Canadians Undecided About Monday?

There has been unbelievable hype over faraway elections of other countries.  We need excitement about the election of our Prime Minister….  NEXT WEEK!  The New Democrat Party (NDPs) and the Green Party discuss in their platforms, available on-line, that our voting process itself needs changing because it has never accurately represented what we want.  I immediately agree.  There are candidates for every region and the more Members Of Parliament (MPs) that win from a party, determines each provincial Premier.  The sum of all seats determines our Prime Minister.  Québec has a deluge of seats.  Many, many of our Prime Ministers were men from Québec.  I adored Jack Layton and voted for him before he died, with uplifting hope.  Otherwise, I am tired of male Prime Ministers who favour Québec!

What I appreciated about Prime Minister Stephen Harper is that he is from Alberta.  Unfortunately he belongs to the Conservative party, which has never been in line with my beliefs.  I enjoyed his prairie perspective and performance of piano from time to time but in Canada, there is no cap to whom we can elect.  We have had Prime Minister Harper long enough and it has begun to feel like a dictatorship.  Most personally for me:  he is not the one we have been awaiting, to improve animal rights.  On Myspace, I connected with numerous peers to help animals.  Foreigners urged everyone to write to Stephen Harper.  I had to say they were wasting their words;  that our best bet was the NEXT Prime Minister.  He was constantly re-elected.

I fear Canadians not knowing for whom else to vote.  This coming Monday, Canadians are at risk of sticking with the same name because the NDP and Liberal candidates are new!  We don’t know them.  This post is to persuade you to read, not simply choose the same Prime Minister yet again, or worse;  not vote.  The turnout in 2011 was appalling.  OUR country is worthy of hype.

I took time to read about Green Party leader Elizabeth May, NDP leader Thomas Mulcair, and Liberal leader Justin Trudeau.  Everybody targets the issues of health care, crime prevention, jobs, the environment….  What we need to do is think about the changes to our country that are most vital to us personally.  I listened to my heart and did this search:  “Animal rights + each name”.  A photo of Justin Trudeau’s family wearing fox fur hats, coats, and blanket blinked into view.  I read his response to backlash.  Ugh.  As long as Canadian companies process the bodies, it’s okay…?  He may have wonderful qualities but isn’t the person to save animals.  Thomas Mulcair inserts a line about animal welfare in his platform, which I appreciate.  Elizabeth May gives us a whole detailed page.

Her website doesn’t stop at “Talking the talk”.  She host an abundance of petitions for change, including equal pay for women, affordable housing, safe drinking water.  Her platform covers a whole lot more than environment concerns.  Nonetheless, here is what lifted my heart and got me excited about my country’s choices.  SHE IS GOING TO ASK THE HOUSE OF COMMONS TO REMOVE ANIMALS FROM THE ‘PROPERTY’ CATEGORY!  SHE WILL ASK THE HOUSE OF COMMONS TO RE-WRITE LAWS, SO WE PROTECT ANIMALS AS LIVING, BREATHING, INDIVIDUAL LIFE!

I have awaited this all of my life and tear up, that we are close to realizing it.  Instead of charging criminals essentially for mistreating ‘a shoe’, they go to jail for harming A SENTIENT LIFE!  Dear God, we have needed this.  I used to consider the Green Party too small to use our votes but that’s untrue if we vote for them!  With one seat on Capital Hill, Elizabeth May passed bills and broke records.  Every country questions what their leaders did with the time they were bestowed.  Did they make any difference?  Read on Elizabeth May’s website that she has never taken her party’s sole Member Of Parliament seat for granted.  Imagine if she grew bigger and became our leader.

Undecided?  Instead of another man favouring Québec, how about a woman who made a home on both coasts?  There can be so many more seats, we stop thinking of the Green Party as “too small to consider”.  It makes me happy that on Monday, there is an option that lets me put my heart into my vote.  Dear Canadians, choose someone to stand behind and use your power on Monday, too!

*  Read for yourself Elizabeth May’s platform.  She isn’t solely about environmental and animal welfare, paramount decisive factors for me.  The Green Party’s plan, backed-up by a budget, includes medicine in our health plans and makes attending university ~ free!  THIS matches my picture of my home country.


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