“A RIEDEL Clue” One – Solved.


*******  Which mystery legend, débuting in 1910, was born in India?  *******
A person no longer living, considered British.  Birth name is not the one we know.  If you were thinking Indian or Hindu:  steer in another direction.  This is a popular, English language author.

Only one person guessed but I hope most of our group tuned in and that I entertained you.  I prepared this riddle last year, thinking an English person’s birth in India was a rarity.  I have gotten a leg up in my world history, I must say!  I additionally discovered the birthplace, surely a highly specific slam dunk, is an author’s Mecca!  This brings us to our region in question.

This photograph that has been paired with our posts.  I wonder;  was it chosen -in all of India- because it is pretty, or is it a clue?  The lines of text were likely considered the sole provider of clues.  But if the mysteries we read were linear and obvious, we wouldn’t like them, would we?  LOL!  Our winner used the two rounds of word clues alone but there was another way.  Book heroines do utilize the chief focal point (a ‘body on the floor’).  However….  they also look elsewhere.  If you hover or click on this mountain photograph:  you see its location!

Mussoorie Library Established 1843

It turns out a”writer” or “author” is a staple there.  But if you search “MYSTERY AUTHORS BORN IN MUSSOORIE?  The answer to our riddle is first on the screen.  Our subject is seventh in a second page with a little eyeballing too;  a ‘golden age’ page.  See if you work it out as we go along, before reading the conclusion.

Patricia Wentworth 1878

She is Dora Amy Elles, born November 10, 1878 in Mussoorie, Uttarakhand, India.  In 1901 she married George Dillon, an Irishman serving in the Indian Army and in 1906, returned to England as a widow.  She wrote novels under a penname and her first in 1910, was an instant success;  winning ‘best first novel’.

My next clue if there were another round was:  “Many of this author’s titles contain a colour.  In her series, her heroine’s name may be considered a colour and a metal“.  For how many of you would that have done it?  Is the answer leaping to mind with that?

Patricia Wentworth Parasol

Dora Amy Elles married George Turnbull, also an officer and dictated her books to him.  The heroine of her last thirty-two was Miss Silver!  Retired governess turned professional sleuth.  This series of mysteries proved to be an instant success, enduring until the present day.  Who is it?


Grey Mask

The smiling lady looks too sweet to generate a cover like this, doesn’t she?  I propose a fun conclusion:  those who find the solutions, share how they did it.  I love knowing.  I hope you found the angle I demonstrated, helpful.

The solver of our riddle is Neeru, whose blog isA Hot Cup Of Pleasure!  I teased that she felt compelled to work hard and not miss an answer that pertained to her country.  Well done!

I invite anyone not keen on riddles or prizes, to create one.  I start broadly and plan two more clues honing in.  More creativity is better than one.  :)  Let’s hear reactions from our group and everyone who has been our audience!  I can’t tell how many you were, besides the two who commented.  To all, thank you for playing.

P.S.  Happy eleventh birthday to you, our dear little kitty, Spirit!


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I cherish animals, plants, reading, music and free spirituality. I welcome you for articles, literary activities, and interaction! Surrounding ourselves with good people is a delight. I occasionally review at The Book Depository.
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