How “A RIEDEL Clue” works.

At midnight, we will play our first instalment of “A RIEDEL Clue!  Instead of filling tomorrow’s post with explanations, here’s a note about the logistics for you to peruse today.

*  THIS IS AN UNUSUAL EVENT BECAUSE IT ONLY WORKS FOR THE “My Kind Of Mystery” READING GROUP.  However:  anyone can write a post and join at the main page.  Everyone else, chat with us in the comment boxes:  starting now!  Watch the festivities, write anything except guesses.  Those are e-mailed, because participants are competing with each other!


A RIEDEL Clue” entries are earned.  One person could win without a draw.  I like to randomize as little as possible, which is why we have end of year prize points.  Everyone who signs-up for my groups gets their name in a bowl for a prize but I believe extra efforts deserve to be recognized.

It also gives supplementary books somewhere to go.  Some of us are already reading at the highest level:  “Invisible Floor”.  Rather than it being useless to level up, or surpass ALL of the categories;  you obtain more prize draw entries.  Make sense?

Full Mystery Levels

So!  If you’re new – and it makes me happy that many of you are – what I do is give an obscure clue at first.  People have gotten ‘a hole in one’ before.  A riddle is supposed to be worked out a little bit ~ not something you find on the internet in one search.  If the first vague clue is all someone needs and nobody else makes a correct guess:  they win.

If any clue stumps you, ask for a hint in the comments.  This shows me people are playing.  If you’re mutely awaiting the next round, I don’t know that.  It’s great to see that my guests are participating.  If someone has the right answer, I’ll warn you guesses have to be made without any further clues.  I stop the rounds when someone knows it.  That’s why you are competing with each other, in a game involving a little skill…  or good internet searching!

Furthermore:  please don’t be afraid to guess.  Guesses are unlimited.  You don’t want a single entrant to take the pot, even though it’s allowed!  {GRIN}  Also I will tell the folks who e-mail whether they are right or wrong and how close.  One could say it creates a bit of an advantage.

Be bold and guess.  I’m an easygoing hostess.  If the answer weren’t reached after a few rounds, I would draw from among all who tried.  It’s well worth speaking up and trying.  Let’s drill this for anything to do with this blog:  EFFORT IS REWARDED.

Sound good?  See you at midnight for the game!  Any other details you need will come with the clue.  You may e-mail or post any clarification you need.  I normally give 48 hours per round but might extend it, until I see how many are playing and not away on summer vacation.


About RIEDEL Fascination

I cherish animals, plants, reading, music and free spirituality. I welcome you for articles, literary activities, and interaction! Surrounding ourselves with good people is a delight. I occasionally review at The Book Depository.
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