Pray For Forest Fire Evacuees.

Saskatchewan, Alberta, British Columbia, and Northwest Territories have been enduring forest fires for weeks!  We send prayer, healing, and protection to our citizens!  May we never face a fire.  Each time it rains, I give thanks for the blanket of moisture.

Once, a new neighbour panicked about a rumour.  I prayed there would be no disaster.  It worked.  A grass fire was several towns away, not approaching us.  Before we knew that, our electricity blinked out.  I packed all night.  Since that day:  pet carriers for our kitties and treasured mementoes sit where they could be removed quickly.  A “What would you do” practice was not in vain.

Some dismiss how much belongings matter;  the same who quip “They’re in a better place” after someone died, instead of comforting the grief.  In a panic, brains race on autopilot.  The time to think is in advance:  where are your important things?  Make them handy and tell your household where that spot is.  Do you make CDs of photos?  Are photo albums and negatives in a plastic container, instead of cardboard?  The same for music records:  plastic tubs keep moisture out and are easier to carry.

Prince Albert National Park, SK
Prince Albert National Park, Saskatchewan

May those places receive rain quickly!  I hear the territories are something to see.  British Columbia has a heritage of dense forests and massive trees.  Alberta is gorgeous and holds dear memories.  Saskatchewan is our neighbour to the west and our prairie twin.  We are Canadians who are born here.  With smaller cities, far from oceanic attractions, we are thus less-visited ~ less popular.  We have a unique perspective that bonds us to our homes.

La Ronge Provincial Park, SKLa Ronge Provincial Park, Saskatchewan

Smoke from forest fires can be seen in the United States.  Even though we are nearer Ontario, Saskatchewan’s disaster has made our sky grey!  The threat is real and we feel for them daily.  Sunrise was a peculiar hue and smoke discoloured the moon!  Dear God, how bad it must be.

If the distance to south-eastern Manitoba made sense, we would willingly baby-sit evacuated kitties at our small house.  Do you have friends closer to those regions?  * Here are ways to help, like sending supplies.  We can all pray that the people and animals are safe.
Canadian sisters and brothers:  know that we care.

Trinity Church 1860, La Ronge, SK
Holy Trinity Church was built between 1854 and 1860.
It is the oldest remaining building in Saskatchewan.


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