Gentle Spectrums 2014 Finale.

Happy Canada Day for July 1st!  How is everyone enjoying summer?  It is garden and flower-planting season for those of us who live in ‘hardiness zone 3’ regions but I’m going to get into a posting groove.  There are articles I’d like to write for blog readers and it’s time to play games with reading challenge participants.  I have watched all the links added to the review pages and reply to all comments but I invite everyone, challengers and subscribers, to interact.  :)  When I post, I like to do it right, so it takes me some time.  By now there is a lot to say.  Today, an easy date to remember, is the birthday of our very long-lived cat.  She got to be physically present with us for two decades and every July 2, we speak of her still, by saying:  Happy Birthday, Thumbelina!  Our Siamese turned a very happy fifteen years-old in June.  Well done, McCartney!

Shortly after, my Mom checked herself into the hospital due to chest pain.  This was the third time.  She dreaded the thought of bypass surgery, as anybody would:  when arteries to the heart are rebuilt to replace any that are blocked.  Open-heart surgery is only less serious than operations on the brain.  However she very bravely accepted the recommendation and all of a sudden, was granted a team to do it the next day.  It can be a five-month wait but a sharp cardiologist urged a specialist to fit Mom in right away.  It was a success and Mom is recovering at home.  She prefers that despite the nurses’ good care.  She kept giving away her hospital food to us, while sending my fiancé into the rain for things they didn’t serve, like bananas!

This is why posting was slow, along with summer weather having me outside more.  We have two flower projects to finish in the short period Manitoba gets.  Everything else is growing beautifully.  I’ll share pictures soon!  A February 28 end date for 2014 challenges was awkward, the premiering year of my trio.  We ironed that out for 2015.  It was to my pleasure that returning and new participants débuted our second run on February 1.  This is the last summary for 2014.  A winner for ETHEREAL was chosen seamlessly.  I hope she lets me know soon that her gift set arrived.  MY KIND OF MYSTERY was tricky, with a person who stopped blogging partway through the year.  It also happened that our GENTLE SPECTRUMS 2014 prize recipient required a redraw!

I chose a friend in Scotland but I believe she’s moving house.  I still look forward to touching base with her.  I can trade books with her – and all of you – any time.  The name we drew this time is someone who has returned for 2015 and who has never hesitated to keep adding book titles well past the minimum 10.  She was excited to be chosen for our GENTLE SPECTRUMS grand finale, so much that she wrote a post with the words:  “Winner winner, chicken dinner”!  That is what I call enthusiasm and that is my favourite trait about our member:  SUE in Utah, USA!  Even though it took me time to write it up for reasons like those shared herein:  congratulations!

This clears me to write about our present activities.  There is an optional Goodreads group.  I created it because it is an easy forum for sharing pictures.  MY KIND OF MYSTERY has riddles, ETHEREAL has spiritual or Earthy topics;  GENTLE SPECTRUMS seems a natural mix for photography.  I have slow speed internet and photos would make blog pages hard to open.  However since each of my groups is small, it quickly became a place for news and conversations of all three.  Some friends and peers aren’t signed-up for any and are there to chat, especially about books.

You don’t need to be a part of GENTLE SPECTRUMS to lounge in that Goodreads group.  There’s a MY KIND OF MYSTERY discusison thread, I’ll do one for ETHEREAL of any of those members are there, and I’ve used it for unrelated buddy-reading.  The same goes for whatever I post that is group-related.  I always hope unassociated blog subscribers will share their two cents on any subjects.  Whatever I publicly post that is of interest, always invites any reader’s comments.  And blog subscribers, please know that some of my prize activities and draws will be open to all.  :)
Yours sincerely, Carolyn.


About RIEDEL Fascination

I cherish animals, plants, reading, music and free spirituality. I welcome you for articles, literary activities, and interaction! Surrounding ourselves with good people is a delight. I occasionally review at The Book Depository.
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