My Kind Of Mystery 2014 Conclusion.

Hello readers!  May you have a happy summer!  I imagine there has been polite peeking for a post about how my other two RIEDEL challenges turned out our first year.  I’m a “better late than never girl”.  Here they are!  A post for “Ethereal” was made despite a February 28 closing date that I determined was awkward.  Even though no one took advantage of the extra month to fill in reviews, I thought we should let the 2014 groups clear out;  certainly before posting about the new sessions.  I did a recap in October, addressing details that might be unclear and invited guests to share how they were doing.

February closed with more members than we have this year but many guests rejoined this year and there are new faces that are a great pleasure too.  I didn’t advertise heavily for 2015 because I felt it more important to welcome keen people who would participate in events and share comments or reviews, than strive for quantity.  Ethereal and Gentle Spectrums have grown, which were smaller, so my whole trio is quite even in 2015.

The second reason I’m late reporting the outcome of My Kind Of Mystery is because there was confusion about the 2014 winner!  After my fiancé, Ron helps me draw a name, I like a reply and acceptance before making an announcement.  I found her blog gone but because she had commented, I was able to e-mail her.  I decided it was fair to award her because the rules say finishing a few books and showing some sort of participation – review entries or comments – was enough.  I chose Laura Pond, in Illinois, USA!  She is so surprised and happy about it, I’m glad about the choice.  I asked her to give us a plug through media she uses, such as Twitter or facebook and hope she says ‘hello’ in this post.  :-)  Congratulations, Laura!  She asked me to select a paperback or plant seed / postcard assortment and surprise her.

When I started, I really played with the concept of mystery.  I hid a secret portal on the 2014 sign-up page.  Members began to finish their commitment levels and exit before I hinted about it.  The extra touch was largely missed.  Have a look at it:  the little question mark, which reveals a higher level.  One did notice it and meet it:  Christine in Australia!  Good eye!  You aren’t missing any secret portals on the 2015 pages.  I could add one any time.  I’ll hint if I do.

Most finished their goals.  Everyone who tried any of the prize activities, so few last year, had my grateful appreciation.  I collected the reviews that were inputted, into a guest menu at the top of this blog.  Enjoy browsing it!  Last year’s A RIEDEL Clues are at the URLs below.  If you have ideas for riddles this year, an e-mail is always welcomed.  More people’s ideas are better than one.  :-)

My Kind Of Mystery 2014

Last, is to tell you from whence this book cover comes.  Margaret from England guessed it and so did Neeru,A Hot Cup Of Pleasure” from India;  even though she is new, not in the 2014 group!  It made me smile to see early eagerness to have fun with us.  This logo, for my first year of My Kind Of Mystery, comes from:  “AT BERTRAM’S HOTEL“, 1965, by AGATHA CHRISTIE!  Guessing the identity of our logos is worth an extra name in the bowl for the end of year prize.  Thank you:  all guests and everyone who read and commented on our posts along the way!

Bertram's Hotel Cover


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I cherish animals, plants, reading, music and free spirituality. I welcome you for articles, literary activities, and interaction! Surrounding ourselves with good people is a delight. I occasionally review at The Book Depository.
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2 Responses to My Kind Of Mystery 2014 Conclusion.

  1. neer says:

    Thanks for the mention, Carolyn. And congratulations to the winners. I am glad that I received this mail in my inbox because the other day I checked and found that I hadn’t received any blog post of yours after March 2nd. I checked your blog and found that you had written two more posts after it. I was wondering whether you had changed the settings but now after receiving this post I am much relieved.

    I wish you’d post riddles etc because I love challenges where we are more involved than simply posting our reviews. However, if you are kind of busy and too tied up in other things, I understand, being in the same boat myself. :)

    • Yes, the riddles and other discussions are going to start! First, the 2014 year ended a month later than we are doing from now on. Second, it took some time to sort out the 2014 winners. I didn’t feel I could get posting for this year’s groups until the former were close. One more post, for “Gentle Spectrums” and then the games begin! I fully intend to reward and enjoy such an eager group this year.

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