Ethereal Grand Finale 2014!

Ethereal 2014

We have come to the grand finale of my group’s very first year:  ETHEREAL 2014!!!!
I’m pleased with my whole trio.  Each fufills something missing among challenges, or that I do differently.  We succeded!  There is no group like ours!  I’m most sentimental about this one:  because of my faith in spirituality and belief in the mystical.  What we dub ‘paranormal’ is normal indeed.  :)

In our pioneering year, we were 9.  I’d love to hear from my original group one last time, to tell me about why you joined my brand new theme.  I hope you enjoyed yourselves and experienced books you treasure.  As a first time hostess, I’m grateful for you and thank you, truly, for choosing me.

A few challenges touch on our themes;  a fantasy and a witch one, with staggering membership.  I imagine it’s due to describing themselves in one category:  “fantasy” or “witch”.  Please help spread the word that ETHEREAL encompasses both of those and more.  I’m happy my smallest group is larger in our new year.

*  2014 review pages are still open, should members wish to finish contributing reviews.


Ethereal Levels 2014


Most members didn’t notice events, because they weren’t subscribed.  I had to combine prize activities with “GENTLE SPECTRUMS”.  People are surprised to discover there’s fun taking place.  That’s a compliment.  Please watch for new content!  Information for previous groups is in my menu, “Challenge Updates“.  Look up top.  It is rewarding to receive comments, whether events are old or current!  :)  Here are the posts pertaining to ETHEREAL 2014.


The Stars Of Riedel Cards

Our eldest boys, McCartney and Spirit, with one of McCartney’s cards!


****  OUR GRAND FINALE! ****

I promised a grand finale prize winner would be drawn and did!  Without a connection to publishers:  why not beautiful gifts from home?  Hence the most eclectic prizes on the block!  Reading is so personal, in the event secondhand titles aren’t to taste, there are alternatives.  Plant seeds, my 8×11 photo prints, and for rare occasions:  cards from my own Canadian collection!


She runs “A Book Dragon’s Lair“.  She has accepted her position and will choose a gift soon.  Congratulations, Gina and I’m glad you are rejoining me this new year!


About RIEDEL Fascination

I cherish animals, plants, reading, music and free spirituality. I welcome you for articles, literary activities, and interaction! Surrounding ourselves with good people is a delight. I occasionally review at The Book Depository.
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4 Responses to Ethereal Grand Finale 2014!

  1. abookdragon says:

    Thank you so much Carolyn! As you can see, I’ve fallen waaay behind in my online life. Real life too ;-)

    • I hope you are excited with both those rarities, Gina. You’re very welcome! If you live north enough, I know just how much you are gleaning every inch of summer like we are. Long live sun, water, good earth, and growth.

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