Loving Nimoy In Manitoba

Trek Whole Series

I have shared from time to time that I don’t care to read science fiction.  The elements that aren’t dreary:  love, family, friendship, compassion, and humour;  come from the actors who bring our beloved characters and worlds to life.  I *would* gladly read autobiographies of the actors and happen to have a few of them here at home.


I do enjoy watching select science fiction.  I’ve never been to a convention, I’ve never tried on a uniform, nor do I own Vulcan ears….  but I am a devoted, passionate Trekkie!  The kind who feels annoyed, if people reference Star Trek;  without familiarity beyond the first two series!

Nimoy Autograph

You are a FAN…  *if* you know “Deep Space 9“, “Star Trek Voyager“, and “Enterprise“.
I love them all!  Chris Pine’s new Star Trek films are excellent too and it does my heart good to look forward to more of them.

There’s no one more special:  as a character spanning decades, photographer / author / actor….  than Leonard Nimoy.  I am shocked to discover this humble, dignified, compassionate 83 year-old has passed away at his home today, from a respiratory condition.

I am saddened his time came to leave Earth and will miss him tremendously.  In this, I am definitely not alone.  God speed to you, Leonard, from me in Manitoba!  ~Carolyn~


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4 Responses to Loving Nimoy In Manitoba

  1. neer says:

    This is sad indeed, Carolyn. Spock was so much a part of my growing-up years.

  2. If someone asked me “What don’t you read?” my answer would be Science Fiction. I don’t watch it either to be honest. My husband, on the other hand, loves it so I get my share of Star Wars and Star Trek (who can tell the difference anyway? – I kid!). Nimoy has left us, but his legend will live on in the minds and hearts of Trekkies everywhere! On a sidenote: the one Sci-Fi book that I read and didn’t actually mind is Dune. If you care to give another Sci-Fi book a chance, I suggest Dune.

    • There’s a lot to say on this topic and I’m glad I offered it up! First: I have to respect the person behind films, music, etc (not dislike them); to partake of their work. I don’t separate a celebrity from their work. I think a lot of people are this way without being aware, which is why there’s a prevailing sadness about Leonard’s departure. We sense he is a GOOD man, as warm as he is intelligent and gifted. My other observation is that I was like you; familiar with Star Trek over someone’s shoulder. I saw film IV, “The Voyage Home” and enjoyed it without knowing any background. It was almost entirely comedy and took place on modern 1980s Earth. Then I respected Star Trek in name for years.

      A guy I knew brought me to his friend’s house. He introduced me to our host, who said “Voyager” had just come out and would we like to watch it? I dated this person a few years. Seeing a show from the beginning is the trick. You have all the information, develop feelings about the plot because you’ve watched the whole story. You are no longer semi-clued in over anyone’s shoulder. From that launching point, I was keen to see all of “Deep Space 9” which was already airing.

      I was with my Ron by the time “Voyager” was in its last few years, which he enjoyed watching with me. When “Enterprise” came along, it was ‘our show’ from the start. I went through “The Next Generation” series later and have yet to see the whole “Original Series”, except the films. This is good, adventurous, funny, and heart-moving stuff. I suspect anyone could be a fan if they sat down to the first show, of the Trek series that appealed to them most.

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