Lucky 15, Poetry, Food!

I reserved January to heal from ‘group-finishing burnout’.  I urge hosts to avoid December 31, when it’s Christmas and we visit friends new year’s eve.  When I felt like reading in this new year, it wasn’t at a competitive, quantity-gulping pace and I wasn’t signed-up anywhere.  I love matching my subjects with creative categories but needed to run hog wild a while;  entirely choosing books I am excited to read best.  I imagine many of my participants will sign-up this month, now that my own trio has resumed for their year.  My reading challenge extravaganza – joining those hosted by other people – continues with the following three.

I seldom write or read poetry but this group, with a very warm, appealing photograph, asks little.  One anthology would be accepted and I believe we are permitted to count our quantity of poems from within any book.  I have intended to read the Spanish-translated Octavio Paz.  I am familiar with his name from university days, where I studied Hispanic culture extensively and was happy to find his collection at a bargain.  Last year I read two works of highly local, independently-published poetry, so surprising my tastes and tendencies in this category is not out of the question.  Note:  my titles will switch to URL links after I have written their reviews.

One anthology, or 20 poems. I’m set for those criteria already.
Selected Poems:  The Vision Tree”  Phyllis Webb  1982  (Canadian)
Sonnets From The Portuguese”  Elizabeth Barrett Browning  1850  (English)
Earth Witch”  Anne Cameron  1982  (Canadian)
This Land Of Ours”  P.J. Peters  1972  (Canadian)
– – – –

CHUNKY BRICK  (Review #42).
That book with more than 500 pages. You know you can do it!
Danse Macabre”  Stephen King  1981
This essay enumerated over 400 pages but they are large.  Width and length probably come out doubly, to 800 pages.

SOMETHING NEW  (Review #69).
Just purchased a book lately? Read it now!
The Haunting Of Maddy Clare”  Simone St. James  2012

From someone else, or a library. Don’t make the owner wait forever for you to finish it.
Dinosaur Hunters:  Uncovering The Hidden Remains Of Canada’s Ancient Giants”  Lisa Murphy-Lamb 2003

Read a book that has been there more than a year. It’s time for you to appreciate it. :)
The Summer Tree”  Guy Gavriel Kay  1984

FREEBIES TIME  (Review #79).
A birthday gift, or a surprise from someone special, don’t hold back.  Start  now.
The Tale Of Halcyon Crane”  Wendy Webb  2010

BARGAIN ALL THE WAY  (Review #57).
A book so cheap you don’t care about the content. Find out whether it’s worth your cents.
This Land Of Ours”  P.J. Peters  1972

Pick a book from your shelf which has your favorite colour for its cover!
The Little Old Lady Who Was Not Afraid Of Anything”  Linda Williams, Megan Lloyd  1986

FIRST INITIAL  (Review #35).
A book written by an author who shares your first initial.
Unsung Heroes Of The Royal Canadian Air Force”  Cynthia J. Faryon  2003

SUPER SERIES  (Review #84).
Read one books that belong in a series.
Lament For A Loung Lizard”  Mary Jane Maffini  2003

Read a book by a writer whose gender is different from your own.
Marshy Winter”  Ed Golin, Jerry Maryniuk  1993

RANDOMLY-PICKED  (Review #20).
Ask your spouse to pick a book from your pile.  Whatever they choose for you.  :)
Through The Door”  Jodi McIsaac  2012

COVER LUST  (Review #47).
A book you bought because you fell in love with the cover. Is the content as good as the cover?
The House On Tradd Street”  Karen White  2008

WHO ARE YOU?  (Review #50).
You’ve never read this author. Who knows? Maybe she will become your new favorite!
Mystery Of The Piper’s Ghost”  Zillah K. MacDonald  1954

ONE WORD!  (Review #48).
One word for its title.  Numbers are allowed.
Charmed”  Barbara Bretton  2011

Has a setting you’ve never visited. Can be real places or fictional!
The African Quest”  Lyn Hamilton  2000
There are many places I would rather visit than Africa but I have to advertise Canada’s dear Lyn Hamilton, whose excellent mysteries we miss.
– – – –

Short-Order Cook 01 – 03
Pastry Chef 04 – 08
Sous-Chef 09 – 13
Chef De Cuisine 14 – 18
Vegetarian Chef 19+ books

I wish this logo were more dynamic and larger so the colours had an effect, or that it at least changed every year.  I love choosing the header photos for my themes from year to year, with the excitement of a big reveal.  However this group with a single concept is well-frequented and I enjoy it.  There is no a plethora of bakery and restaurant-related fiction in today’s market and three I foresee are the next volumes from Ellen Crosby, Yasmine Galenorn, and Laura Childs.  I disliked Laura’s second volume in the teashop mysteries but have high hopes of liking other ones better.  Yasmine’s teashop and ghost one was good but there were areas of improvement.  The same goes for Ellen’s, although I liked her wine country mystery best of all.  Stay tuned for the outcome of visiting these writers again.

Some of these books aren’t meant to be ‘foody literature’ but have strong food themes, such as agriculture.  If that’s cool with the hostess, most of whom have yet to decorate my blogs with their visiting comments;  I’m my way to level III easily.

Conclusion:  creatively including novels that relate to food less obviously, even cat food production in one case, I succeeded at hitting level IV!  Here are my seventeen novels – reviewed.

The Palace Guard”  Charlotte MacLeod  1981
Runs a boarding house with meals.

The Corpse In Oozak’s Pond”  Charlotte MacLeod  1987
An agricultural university.

Tempest In The Tea Leaves”  Kari Lee Townsend  2011
Tea and other beverages factor into this psychic’s profession.

The Half-A-Moon Inn”  Paul Fleischman  1980
A hotel with crudely-prepared meals.

Marshy Winter”  Ed Golin, Jerry Maryniuk  1993
A duck can’t migrate his first year due to injury.  He must gather food to last a winter he isn’t meant to stay in.

Tom’s Midnight Garden”  Philippa Pearce  1958
Vast food production gardens in this highly memorable story.

The Boat Who Wouldn’t Float”  Farley Mowat  1969
This entails a lot of the Newfoundland fish industry.

Ben The Bear & The Honeysuckle Tree”  Jay Conley  2000
A honeysuckle tree that nourishes and gives life to the whole realm.

This Land Of Ours”  P.J. Peters  1972
Manitoba is among the highest grain-producers.  Many of the poems reflect that.

Too Hot To Handle”  Mary Jane Maffini  2007
A mystery with an erotic cookbook project…  and actual recipe suggestions!

The Cat, The Professor, & The Poison”  Leann Sweeney  2010
An illegal way to test a new cat food idea.

The Chardonnay Charade”  Ellen Crosby  2006
Wine production mysteries.

Night Gardening”  E.L. Swann  1999
Romance among elderly master gardeners.

Fruit Of The Poisoned Tree”  Joyce Lavene  2006
Poisoned Petals”  Joyce Lavene  2007
Mysteries with a happily middle-aged doctor of botany.

The Little Old Lady Who Was Not Afraid Of Anything”  Linda Williams, Megan Lloyd  1986
The most exquisitely-illustrated adventure, about a woman who walks at a distance to pick her own herbs and nuts.

(17)  “Six Darn Cows”  Margaret Laurence, Ann Blades  1979
Manitoba’s classic author worked with this award-winning illustrator on a children’s story, about a family who’s living depends upon milk production.


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