For my 2014 début groups.

February 1st is here!  This is an address to my three reading challenge groups that débuted in 2014:  Ethereal, My Kind Of Mystery, and Gentle Spectrums.  Whether you met your goals, contributed reviews to our database, played the games, and delighted me with comments:  thank-you for being here.  When we put energy into organizing a party, we’d like people to attend!  :-)  To have even this small quantity of guests, the first time I ran the groups I created, was a relief and pleasure to me.  An FAQ about closing off follows.

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We faced a huge loss July 31.  Our cats aren’t pets to Ron & I.  They are our children.  One died at age 4, a happy boy never unwell until that day.  Condolences mean the world.  Chatting, seeing reviews come in were a balm for this traumatizing shock too.  We miss Love hourly but find happiness in other things:  the rest of our kitties, enthusiasm for my 2015 groups, friendships…  Southern Manitoba has awakened to -31 C today but I am thinking about flowers and gardens to sow in the spring!  Lastly, it’s time to see how everything is going for you.


Our first year finishes February 28th.  We conclude on February 1st in 2016.  Members with me since our premiere may switch their reading material to 2015 challenges now, if they like.  I’ve seen on sign-up blogs that some are counting January reads.  Doesn’t bother me ~ just saying I saw.  LOL!  Our year runs from February because December is too hectic.  I’m thinking about Christmas, visiting, food, shopping, and New Year’s Eve.  It isn’t the time to cram reading and reviews.  Thus you have ample time to finish yours but if you want to tailor your lists to match the mainstream, it all works out just fine.


Some haven’t done reviews and I hope it wasn’t inability to find those pages.  A bizarre glitch occurred with buttons, I suspect from a change at “Blenza” that is incompatible with WordPress.  However they are in the same place.  You merely had to click the usual space and they work.  I added the word “linky” below those hard-to-see spots.

Many were unaware your efforts have a place to go:  a review menu at the top of this blog!  Rather than challenge pages floating away from year to year, ours have a purpose.  Browse what members read and see how many submitted the same books.

If you’re busy, or keen to focus on 2015;  reviews aren’t mandatory.  I simply want you to know all challenge pages and information can ALWAYS be found, among my blog’s menus.  All riddles and contests are gathered in those menus but folks may not have looked.  I posted an FAQ for all three challenges a few months ago.  Again, they may have been missed.  This is a handy summary and thank-you in one.

If you would like to drop off reviews:  those pages are additionally linked in this post (paragraph one, where I name our groups) and have been linked to the main, sign-up page since the beginning.  If you’re done, or ready to know what’s next either way;  here we go!  :)


I introduced a point system.  It’s at the bottom of each review page, in the FAQ posts, and challenge update menu but still got missed.  That’s all right!  Look in any of those spots now.  They are an easy way to reward everyone for signing up, those who met their goals, and also those who surpassed them.

All you need to do is comment with your point tally, on any of our 2014 challenge pages.  I’ll see it no matter which one it is.  However in the event this post gets missed too, I’ll put one name in the bowl for everyone who joined me, for the premiere of the RIEDEL Challenge trio.  I know many don’t revisit pages after they’ve signed up.  We’re working our way around that in 2015!  A post for our new year will follow.


On February 28th, I will put names in a bowl, based on the point tally you give in a comment (or one on your behalf).  I will draw a grand finale winner for each 2014 reading challenge!  Winners will have a chance to reply and say they are pleased.  Then I’ll e-mail a prize selection.  Thank you all again, for helping my groups launch for the first time.  May we all be healthy and blessed this year!
Sincerely, Carolyn – your hostess.


About RIEDEL Fascination

I cherish animals, plants, reading, music and free spirituality. I welcome you for articles, literary activities, and interaction! Surrounding ourselves with good people is a delight. I occasionally review at The Book Depository.
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6 Responses to For my 2014 début groups.

  1. Reblogged this on idahobluebird50 and commented:
    Some really good reviews here

  2. Hi Carolyn! I knew you were from Canada but Southern Manitoba is even cooler! I was born and raised in Gilbert Plains, MB and now make my home in Shilo, MB. We are practically neighbours! So so incredibly happy to have stumbled upon your blog and the Ethereal Challenge!

  3. neer says:

    Sorry to hear about your loss Carolyn. I remember when we lost our Scampy we were inconsolable. He had been with us since he was a little pup and could snuggle in my father’s slippers. So many decades later, I still remember his antics vividly.

    • I’m so glad you responded to that, Neer. Having condolences mean so much to me and when I share; it’s because I want people to acknowledge it! Thank you very much for showing how you understand. Love was an adorable kitten too, not long ago unfortunately but forever precious, like your Scampy. Hug!

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