“A RIEDEL Clue IV” + identify our logo!

****  The last riddle of our premiere:  A RIEDEL CLUE IV !!!!  ****


Everyone not subscribed was alerted by e-mail, so our last event wouldn’t be missed.  Two answered, one commented that she was tuned in.  By simply searching:  “AUTHOR HIT BY A CAR”;  the answer to an incident of fifteen years ago, was significant enough to still come up immediately.  We’re mystery-minded!  It’s okay not to know a riddle off the top of our heads.  It’s about using clues to dig around.  If you took a look, I’d love comment chatter!  I hope you had fun.

I’m glad we reached a draw, which my loving fiancé Ron pulls out of the bowl for us.  For a fun 2014 fact;  it has been the lid of our kitchen scale.  Heeheehee….  For our last riddle of 2014, a choice of prize goes to first time-winner…….  EMMA, OFWORDS AND PEACE“!  Félicitations!

I have a feeling she’ll select my like-new Dorothy Gilman paperback, of the phenomenal standalone “The Tightrope Walker” from 1979.  We shall find out!  If any other prize winners from this year would like to comment about what they won, you are at liberty and I thank you all, for making this first year with games possible.

What’s the answer to “A RIEDEL Clue IV“?  If you look up “author hit by a car”, this is who you find.  Click any photograph for website references.

King Residence

– – – – – – – –
– – – – – – – – –
– – – – – – – –
– – – – – – –
– – – – – –
– – – – –
– – – –
– – –
– –

Stephen King Smiling


My Kind Of Mystery 2014
(2)  Solve our fun bonus by February 1st, 2015.
An extra name in the bowl in our grand finale draw…  goes to anyone who names the book / author / publication date from whence our 2014 logo comes!  :)

Hint, this is a female as famous as the author above;  deceased in 1976.  Send me guesses.  Comment soliciting more hints, so I know you are playing!  That matters to me far more than correct guesses.  AlyshaeB{at}hotmail{dot}com.

* Please don’t forget to finish with our review page.  Then comment on any 2014 page with your point tally.  See Challenge Updates or the new 2015 page.  Yours hostess, Carolyn.


About RIEDEL Fascination

I cherish animals, plants, reading, music and free spirituality. I welcome you for articles, literary activities, and interaction! Surrounding ourselves with good people is a delight. I occasionally review at The Book Depository.
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2 Responses to “A RIEDEL Clue IV” + identify our logo!

  1. thanks so much, so thrilled to have won the 1st time I play! it was so much fun. Wow, that’s quite a house he has!!

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