A RIEDEL Clue IV, With A Bonus!


This is the last riddle for participants of my reading challenge, “My Kind Of Mystery” 2014!  Folks not involved, are welcome to comment and cheer our competitors!  We can chat about anything, except hazarding guesses.  One person can be declared prize-winner, by being the sole correct guesser.  Send entries, like a sealed envelope, by e-mail:  AlyshaeB{at}hotmail{dot}com.  Pose questions any time you need as well, there or among blog comments.  I check faithfully, dial-up connection be darned.

Guesses are unlimted.  Don’t be afraid to try!  These are at heart, merely a backdrop for getting us together.  If no one got it right after a few clue rounds, honestly:  I would draw from among all who tried!  I have always wanted to provide reading groups that don’t sit stale after people sign-up, which feel like they end futilely.  Some thrust out a new sign-up post after general silence, some fizzle before the year is done.  All of my guests mean a great deal to me and I’ll party with every one of you who’s keen!  This is our premiere and I’m honoured by you, who started me off!

My sole observation is that participation in special events were low.  I’ve rectified that.  Those signing-up for my 2015 groups are either subscribing to my blog, which I prefer be by choice, or else saying they’d like an e-mail when there is information or fun stuff posted.  Also don’t hesitate to consult the top menu “Challenge Updates” for 2014 and later, the header “RIEDEL Challenges 2015“, like bulletin boards.  Anything going on will permanently be posted there.  Even if you misplaced these links, you can see those headers every time you view any page of my blog.  This has always been your resource but I’ll guide you there again until y’all are used to looking.  :-)

We aren’t done until February 28th, this first season!  I think as you finish reading and linking up reviews:  THIS is when you see the value of closing outside the busiest month for visiting family, shopping, and baking.  You’re going to saunter your way to the finish line.  When you’re done, please leave a comment on any My Kind Of Mystery 2014 page, like the main or review page, with your point tally.  Reference “Challenge Updates” or the new 2015 page.

My Kind Of Mystery 2014First, a fun bonus.  An extra name in the bowl in our grand finale draw….  goes to anyone who names the book from whence our 2014 logo comes!  I might be coaxed for a hint, out of gladness at seeing you keen to try.

****  Now, onto the last riddle of our premiere:  I give you A RIEDEL CLUE IV!!!!  ****


This isn’t a mystery author but one excelling at emotion and atmosphere.  I’d like everyone on board for our last riddle.  Instead of 48 hours I give until Friday, January 16th for the first round.  I’ll always let you know if someone gets it, for there would be no other round.  You would have to get it with the clues you have, to make it a draw.  I’m on North American central time.

Good luck and thank you for playing!
Yours hostess, Carolyn.

About RIEDEL Fascination

I cherish animals, plants, reading, music and free spirituality. I welcome you for articles, literary activities, and interaction! Surrounding ourselves with good people is a delight. I occasionally review at The Book Depository.
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4 Responses to A RIEDEL Clue IV, With A Bonus!

  1. neer says:

    Have emailed you my ans. rgrdng the logo. :)

    • I enjoyed your e-mail! It contained nice words as well, about how much fun my groups are looking. A girl can do no better, than to wake up to kind messages – thank you! Your answer to our 2014 logo’s book cover is right. 2014 members are supposed to guess but if no one else answers along with you…. a prize should be awarded to someone! :)

  2. Unfortunately I am clueless about these! But it’s neat to have something to guess at and I’m curious who the winners will be :)

    • Curious who the winner might be…. not attempting to solve it, yourself? Girl, I did a test just now by re-wording the basic event slightly. It pops up on an internet search right away! I have 25 mystery buffs in my first group. Y’all can solve this!

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