Turning Lemonade Into Music

I am a winter girl and love using my birthday as a friendship muster point.  Perhaps many of you have noticed the same:  as I reached my late twenties and really became an adult, visits with friends became widely spaced apart.  I guess with university, jobs, or even marriage and parenthood;  nights out dwindled.  Having one’s own home, not living with parents, brought less reason to skulk about.  We had our independence inside four rented walls.  How much nicer to visit;  choosing what music we play, not costing any money.  I love personal visits.

Downtown 1996

They seem to have become rare but cards at my November birthday and for Jesus’ at Christmas, are an understood muster point.  The gesture says:  “This year flew but you’re still in my life”.  For those in proximity, I give birthday parties so there is a guaranteed visit together.  I take great care with music, even if it’s supposed to be the background and I don’t expect older friends in their fifties to get up and dance.  But my feeling is that at least awesome mood-provoking music will step it up from the sitting & chatting that it has become over the years.

Best Moves - Chris DeBurgh

I was a mixed tape girl and enthusiastically did the same with compact discs.  There is no throwing tracks together.  No!  They are carefully measured to match and escalate ambiance.  Ballads segue carefully and then we raise the energy with bouncier numbers.  Some current, some older;   in fantastic taste.  For those not in the know, Canadian rock and pop is fantastic;  especially of the 1980s.  There I was preparing our party and this time:  everyone I asked, accepted!  I now live an hour from the city, which is why you find me on slow speed dial-up.  The first group, fearing sunset on an icy night, arrived early and I hadn’t burned the first disc!  So I floundered to dash two off.  Other friends arrived.


When I started the stereo, I found to my dismay that both CDs had glitches!  Since most of these guests were at my country home for the first time, I felt like a tour giving a live performance and didn’t feel I should sneak off to reproduce a CD.  So I put pre-recorded music on the player, upset it hadn’t gone as I hoped.  I thought we might create enery with a board game but too many hit the highway early and others came late.  An idea struck that made me feel better.  I thought:  I am going to pool together all of the favourite songs I can think of.  I am going to have music ready well before the next party.  I’m going to make the biggest recording ever, into my very own greatest hits compilation!  Early guests and my determination to showcase pre-prepared music next time, metamorphosed into this project.  It feels good to return to music.

Stay On These Roads

I downloaded when I had high speed internet but insofar as deciding if I wanted an album.  MP3s are useful because recent cars can play a huge CD of them.  Why pay for an Ipod adapter cable?  ;)  I’m a collector type so I prefer physical media.  The stereo’s above the television and if I’m not watching it, I read;  leaving our passion for music dormant.  Like books, it uplifts my mood whatever it may be.  It felt good to plug that part of myself back in!  The article I wrote last night about 2014 being unusual for many, felt the same and garnered a very good response.  For a change, I’m not merely doling out posts related to reading challenges but have returned to writing articles.  Having something special to impart is why I built this blog.  I often have ideas for topics but only now, do I seem to be churning them out.

Bif Naked Portrait

I share with old subscribers and new, the childhood excitement I am deriving from my compilation project!  Mixes were a gift I often gave, in the days when people couldn’t download whatever they wanted.  Well, I turned lemonade into music and am making a series for myself!  Bright, adrenaline-evoking, and very me.  Here are some of my must-haves.  Canadian artists have an asterisk.  I specialize in B-sides and gems that escaped mainstream notice!  :)

Adam Levine



Maps” by Maroon 5
**  “We Run” by Strange Advance
**  “Situation Critical” by Platinum Blonde
Bad Romance” by Lada Gaga
**  “The World Is Fire” by Corey Hart
Land Down Under” by Men At Work
Earthling” by Katy Perry
Big In Japan” by Alphaville
**  “Spaceman” by Bif Naked
The Sun Always Shines On TV” by A-ha
**  “(Make Me Do) Anything You Want” by A Foot In Cold Water
**  “Arms Of Mary” by Chilliwack
If You Love Me (Let Me Know)” by Olivia Newton-John
**  “If You Could Read My Mind” by Gordon Lightfoot
Carry On” by Chris DeBurgh
Gimme More” by Britney Spears
A View To A Kill” by Duran Duran
Push Push” by Falco
On The Floor” by Jennifer Lopez
You Might Think” by The Cars
**  “Ballad Of Peter Pumpkinhead” by Crash Test Dummies
Moonshadow” by Cat Stevens
Romancing The Stone” by Eddy Grant
This Is Not America” by David Bowie
Separate Ways” by Journey
Tokyo Rose” by Idle Eyes
Die Another Day” by Madonna
Sunshine” by Johathan Edwards
**  “Loving Every Minute Of It” by Loverboy
**  “Breathe”  by Nelly Furtado / Swollen Members
Break My Stride” by Matthew Wilder
Blue Monday” by New Order
Pop Goes My Heart” by Pop
Oh Sherry” by Steve Perry
**  “Ocean Blues (Emotion Blue)” by Tom Cochrane
Some Like It Hot” by Robert Palmer


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I cherish animals, plants, reading, music and free spirituality. I welcome you for articles, literary activities, and interaction! Surrounding ourselves with good people is a delight. I occasionally review at The Book Depository.
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10 Responses to Turning Lemonade Into Music

  1. Sandra says:

    I am a mixtape girl myself. Your post has brought me right back to my teenage years, when a boy who liked you, would give you a tape he put together. Actually I can’t understand why this got so out of style. It’s much more personal than to post your admiration on Facebook. I can see that you had much fun putting your mixtape together. Maybe I should do one too.

    • Thanks for echoing my fun, Sandra! It isn’t done yet. My computer drive seems to like to delete several tracks I took the time to upload from CDs. So I’m going to check the list one more time, then start those disks. Testing them will probably bring about the overdue *exercise* I need!

  2. I remember mix tapes and boom boxes.

    • That’s what we use for a stereo, atop our television unit. Its speakers detach, so it looks normal. What I need is a new record-player. I have tons of wonderful vinyl but in our humble house, no room to play or display them anyway. They’re fun to look at! My “Gentle Spectrums” reading group, if I have enough participatory, creative people, is going to incorporate a few of my records in a photo-themed activity! I can’t wait to do it if people are keen.

  3. Bella says:

    Love this! I’m a mixed tape girl too. I remember my first job out of high school I would commute listening to this mixed tape my best friend and I made of Beatles songs. To this day every day that I listen to those songs I get flooded with memories of those first years of independence!

    • I wasn’t one for the Beatles but certainly hear you on songs holding strong and ecstatic memories! My independence (affording an apartment) came late, which is partly why I have been content with home visits ever since! But driving with good tune is a must. I *am* a fan of many Ozzies: Olivia Newton-John, Midnight Oil….

      • Bella says:

        I love seeing Olivia Newton-John on your list. She has such an amazing voice. The boys and I were re-watching her singing the national anthem the other night and her talent always blows me away!

      • I’ve loved her since I was a child and she came for a concert only a few years ago. It’s among the most cherished on my list and Ron & I have attended many a music event. I love her work too for cancer as well as healing and recovery.

  4. Thanks for sharing this. You should try the website 8tracks sometime – I love it. You make mixes on there by theme or mood that flow together, has to be a minimum of 8 songs. Thanks for sharing on the music and friend memories.

    • My music mix is going well and ready for any party or gathering! I’m only stumped about whether to burn CDs by song title alphabetically, so each track is a surprise. Or do I want to arrange them by mood. Happily, this is not a dilemma in life and only a fun thing to decide. I’m on slow speed and love a lot of non-popular stuff (like my novels) but I will keep “8tracks” in mind.

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