Show Me Your Stash, Follow-Up

The interest I hoped to generate when I dreamed up “Show Me Your Stash” at the beginning of this year, is so enthusiastic:  a fresh post is in order!  I have more books than I showed – that was merely the bedroom.  Knowing there are people keen on commenting and sharing, who love to look as much as I do:  I’ll bring you more!  With my draw conducted;  this is my invitation for everyone to keep on sharing.

Please leave links, unless you have nowhere to drop a picture.  I’m on dial-up internet in my rural community and couldn’t open a media-heavy blog.  If you aren’t sharing, consider our pictures an open house and say what you think.  I can’t wait for the reactions to mine herein.  One can only wonder what those shall be!

First:  who is the winner, among the pleasant ladies who opened their homes to my curiosity?
It is our “Cath”, in England!  Congratulations to you, my dear!  Choose any book you like among my secondhand offerings.  Thank you to everyone who joined in:  from Bulgaria, the United States, and Australia too.


Now for an enhanced tour of my abode.  Do my viewers prefer a step back to have a look at my furniture, or closer photos to read the titles of books?  I took close-ups to accommodate the latter but find myself wanting to see a bit of people’s environments, so I’ll do a little of each.  By the way, did I tell you that the books Ron & I keep are stored in plastic cartons?  I’ll give you a moment to let it dawn on you…  You have it right.  This means EVERYTHING YOU’RE SEEING, is to be read!!!!  How bad do your piles seem now?  Hahahahaha!


Home With The RIEDELs

(1)  In our room, two shelves are for me and two for Ron.  With the top towering, I took it for a shelf and missed the second.  Who wouldn’t!?  Here are both.  The second has specialized Canadian literature, like the 200 year-old mystery of Oak Island, Nova Scotia.  It has become a television program.  Phyllis A. Whitney’s youth books are a good collection, considering their rarity.


Bedroom Shelf Full, Dec-11-14


(2)  The livingroom!  You’ll glimpse my recent birthday cards.  Here is a cart containing books I need to mend and oldies, like Mignon G. Eberhart that didn’t fit anywhere else.

Livingroom Cart Dec-11-2014


(3)  We miss our sweet Love, gone four months.  He made the most precious portrait of all, one night when he knocked over that cart.  Lovey looked artistic in the spill.

Love Spilling Books Sep-8-12


(4)  Most would put fine china in this armoire.  You can guess we leap at new space…  for books!

Livingroom Armoire Front, Dec-11-14


(5)  It contains greats like Charlotte MacLeod, Agatha Christie, Elizabeth Peters, and her very different Barbara Michaels incarnations.

Livingroom Armoire Top, Dec-11-14


Should these photographs not be sufficiently visible, I also show Patricia Wentworth,
Carolyn G. Hart, Mary Roberts Rinehart,
and Hardy Boys / Nancy Drew.

LIvingroom Armoire Bottom, Dec-11-14


Phew!  These took all day to prepare and upload on a slow connection.  A slew of comments will be worth it.  ;)  Are these all?  You don’t come close to seeing them all.  We’ll save something for the 2015 re-launch of my three challengest.  I’ll put my pages up soon.  Thank you for spending time at my little blog!  I wish each and every one of you a happy, blessed Christmas!  Yours Truly, Carolyn.


About RIEDEL Fascination

I cherish animals, plants, reading, music and free spirituality. I welcome you for articles, literary activities, and interaction! Surrounding ourselves with good people is a delight. I occasionally review at The Book Depository.
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12 Responses to Show Me Your Stash, Follow-Up

  1. Jessika says:

    It looks as if Love must have been in the mood for a mystery book! Love the classic Hardy Boys – my dad has a good dozen that look similar to yours!

  2. The shelves have gotten a little fuller since I wrote these posts, but the majority of my collection can be seen here, here, and here — I couldn’t let those extra shelves stay empty of course :)

    I mix to-be-read in with everything I’ve already read and have decided to keep, but I think it’s so interesting how you have your collection split up! I always like getting a peek at other reader’s shelves!

    • I had a prize draw just for entering a link like this. I’m thrilled you and others continue to share. When I renew “My Kind Of Mystery, “Ethereal”, “Gentle Spectrums” shortly, I’ll ask members to choose an e-mail from me about events, or to subscribe to my blog. Mine are challenges that do prizes! I tried commenting on your wonderful pictures. Your blog returned me to the comment form at least 11 times. After half an hour, I’ve had to give up.

      I shared tough personal news 4 months ago, at the link below. I keep looking gratefully for supportive words about that. Heads up, I plan the last “A RIEDEL Clue” for January 1st.

      • So sorry to hear about the loss of your cat — pets really are a part of the family and it is so hard when they pass on.

        Thanks for the heads up — and sorry about the comment complications, but I appreciate your kind words here!

      • You are very sweet. I hope you like the eulogy and his photograph. It was also important I tell you I tried to play good hostess and write on your blog frequently. I want my members to know I respond, watch reviews come in with delight, and aren’t a ‘delinquent challenge’ that fades a few months after people take the time to sign up. Hearing from you is always a ray of sunshine, Christine!

  3. Thank you for mentioning my Lovey. That will always warm my heart. I imagine you’d be pleased with the subsequent books you’re seeing. They can’t be called piles this time. I do hope everyone else comments! I see visitor statistics but they must be more chatty at your blog. Here’s to a more participatory 2015!

  4. Everyone: if you wondered, I have an explanation for storing literature we’re keeping. It’s to know what is read and unread! I didn’t compose reviews until 3 years ago. They make it easy to retain details. In the years before, especially with gothic mysteries that are all standalone stories; it wasn’t easy to tell which ones awaited me. Today, I would know at once what I’ve read but as you can see in just two of our rooms; there is only room for our queues!

  5. Hi Carolyn! beautiful TBR pile! heheheh! Merry Christmas! and wishe of a Happy new year with many many books! :)

  6. kentuckygal50 says:

    So sorry to hear about your cat. Mine love to walk between me and the book when I’m trying to read. :)

    When my book collection grows up, it wants to look just like yours! And it really took me back, those Hardy Boys/Nancy Drew books. I remember my brother getting a couple Hardy Boys books every Christmas and birthday. Maybe next year, I’ll make a Christmas tree out of books and decorate it with lights and bookmarks! :O)

    • You’re very sweet, LuAnn. Ron, I, our other 6 cats, and our whole family miss Lovey very much these 4 months. My brother finally found pictures of his daughter’s first visit to my house and she’s in photographs with him! It’s like a Christmas miracle because I didn’t know we had a chance to put her in a photograph with him. I’m very glad.

      As for loving the looks of my collection, that’s the second way to give me a grin on any day! Collecting books feels like my life’s work, so I’m excited when anyone appreciates them. Thank you for touring my home. Those are some of our *unread* books – you caught that part, right? :)

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