A RIEDEL Clue ~ One


I hereby launch the first activity for “My Kind Of Mystery” guests:
A RIEDEL Clue!  You may join right up until February 28, 2015.

RIEDEL challenges are about interacting together, in a fun outlet with prizes shared internationally.  They consist of treats from here at home, options that I hope appeal to everyone.  :)  Book taste is so personalized.  I also like the reward of contests that aren’t random.

A RIEDEL Clue gives you 2 days to catch my post.  Alert me, by e-mail, if you have solved it:  AlyshaeB[at]hotmail[dot]com.  Don’t post any guesses in the comment box.  Success swings to those who have a leg up first!

You may use the comment box to request:  “Hint Please” and also chat to your heart’s content.  If 48 hours elapse without a winner, a hint will ensue.  The subsequent round will then be granted 2 days.  If a round garners more than one winning answer, a draw shall be conducted among those.

I am in North American central standard time.
You have 48 hours to solve this riddle, or request a hint, starting…  NOW!


Cottingley Fairies 1920

RIEDEL Clue #1 was answered correctly by every e-mail entrant!
The winner is:  RACHELLE LERNER!  Congratulations!

Dr. Arthur Conan Doyle 1929

Read the 1917 story of Frances Griffiths and Elsie Wright.
I learned of the cousins in a 1997 film, “Fairy Tale:  A True Story”.

Frances Griffiths, Elsie Wright

Fairy Tale A True Story 1997

{Door #1}  A used book.  I can e-mail a PDF list.
{Door #2}    A quartet of Canadian postcards.
{Door #3}  A packet of pumpkin planting seeds.

What is “A RIEDEL Clue”?

About RIEDEL Fascination

I cherish animals, plants, reading, music and free spirituality. I welcome you for articles, literary activities, and interaction! Surrounding ourselves with good people is a delight. I occasionally review at The Book Depository.
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7 Responses to A RIEDEL Clue ~ One

  1. Is it too early to ask for a hint, PLEASE!!!

  2. Disregard the hint request….I think I may have figured it out – I sent an email…

  3. Good morning competitors! A hint may be requested as early as you wish. I give two days to see if anyone solves a clue in the first round. Then a hint would follow. On our first occasion: everyone has sent answers without it. In nine hours, I will hand draw a prize-winner, from among all e-mailers! :)

  4. A note from your hostess: I am pleased you played our very first game and thank you heartily. It was hard work on a slow connection but I advised every member to check our primary page, so they would see this activity underway; via their blog or Goodreads. From now on: are you content to subscribe or watch this blog, or would you like me to e-mail you when a festivity is taking place? Shoot a note to the e-address above to let me know. I had fun and hope you did too! Yours Truly, Carolyn.

  5. Peggy Ann says:

    Carolyn with your slow internet connection I would say if anyone is interested they can subscribe or watch! Looks like you will have to set a time limit and then draw again. At any rate it’s fun no matter what!

  6. rblerner2013 says:

    I sent an email reply and did not specify anything as I like surprises.

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