RIEDEL Challenges “FAQ”

Get ready…  set…  go!  The RIEDEL challenge trio begins today!
If you’re curious about fitting your reading into any of my themes;  sign-up any old time.  You have until February 28, 2015 to finish the level of your choice.  I hereby launch, with an “FAQ list” of my twist on these festivities!



Our Library Dec-2012 photo OurLibraryDec-2012.jpg


The photograph you see is of our home library.  Under the short roof to the right is a workshop.  Otherwise, this is a lounge…  comprised entirely of unread books!!!!  About 44 yearly challenges provide fun ways to augment my reading.  I don’t see a dent.  If your physical or electronic collection is anything close to mine, run to my sign-up button with great speed!  There are options for 10 books and fewer, too.


The Stars Of Riedel Cards 


Yes!  Internationally.  I have a fun assortment of treats to award winners.  Used books, postcards, my line of greeting cards, my portraits, local alternative rock CDs, even plant seeds!  Spring gardening is neigh in many places of the world.  We’ll have activities all along, as well as a 2015 finalist for each group.



 Yes, which is why I’d best not add traffic near Christmas.
I endeavour to keep new year’s eve plans for a change.  Q;-)=




 Except a few special categories out there, I feel picky rules impede reading.  I make one request of non-adult books in “My Kind Of Mystery” and omit one topic in “Ethereal”.  Otherwise, absolutely anything goes.  I don’t care if you borrow, download, are gifted from authors;  if they’re the size of a pamphlet, or you acquired them yesterday.  I don’t require blog subscription and you may count eligible reading as of February 1, 2014, no matter when you join my fold.



 Don’t be afraid of reviews.  If you write one sentence at the location of your choice;  it’s good enough for me to generate an URL and link it up.  The same for sign-ups.  I prefer a direct post for my challenge but accept any public link.  (I.e.  I’m not on ‘facebook’ and it doesn’t open without membership).  This tracks how many are joining us, at a glance.

I’ve given thought to the way reviews land.  Instead of a general melting pot or divvying into months, “My Kind Of Mystery” is semi-alphabetized by author!  Even more fun, “Ethereal” is grouped into broad categories, like “Spirits & Ethereal Places”!  I hope you like this fresh way to browse, resulting in a database.
~ ETHEREAL Reviews ~


 I’m on a rural dial-up connection;  surprising but true!  Bells & whistles make it hard to load sites.  The same difficulty arises if blogs add a ‘capcha’ or approval screen, instead of putting comments straight through.  Even if I visit your blog, it’s easiest to reply at mine.  You may e-mail too.  “Gentle Spectrums” has an accompanying ‘Goodreads’ group, due to photo-based contests.  Count on me to answer.  I cherish my subscribers and guests.  Join me!


Sincerely, Carolyn Of “RIEDEL Fascination”.

Babies Lawnchair Oct 2010

~ Join “Ethereal” ~
~ Join “Gentle Spectrums” ~
~ Join “My Kind Of Mystery” ~


About RIEDEL Fascination

I cherish animals, plants, reading, music and free spirituality. I welcome you for articles, literary activities, and interaction! Surrounding ourselves with good people is a delight. I occasionally review at The Book Depository.
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5 Responses to RIEDEL Challenges “FAQ”

  1. Cath says:

    I’ve made a start, read my furst book for My Kind of Mystery and have added a link to my review to your review site under H. Although I think I may have got the details in the wrong order. *Sigh*… me and technology…

    • I’ll sort it straight away. Our other first H entry had a typo too. I was very right to ask Bonnie, of “Off The Shelf” how to correct ‘Blenza linkies’ well in advance! {Giggle} I hope my introduction warmly welcomes everyone and that the broad assortment of prizes I’m able to offer, are well-received.

  2. Loved the picture of your library – some day I hope you put one up of the inside. How awesome it must be to have your own area!

    • Thank you! We work hard to ensure it isn’t storage grounds, tempting with an outbuilding. There is a photograph of the interior, at the beginning of each of my “Mount To Be Read” discussion threads. I also take occasional close-ups of the shelves. They’re fine memories. We’re both readers.

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