Firsts & Seconds 2014

This is a pair of literary themes that are my favourites.  As a matter of fact when the originator, Katy, didn’t host in 2013;  I was determined to take up the reins but glad to find Darlene did.  Belatedly in 2014, she has renewed them.  I plan my reading around my first and second foray with authors’s works and this is a nice place to lay those excursions out.  Please enjoy my reading selections this year.  By the looks of my list, I’ll reach straight ahead for “Series Expert” and “A Full Plate“.

I’ll include Darlene’sMammoth Book” theme herein.  The original “chunkster” group invites audio books but is adult-only.  “Chunkster” allows compilations, whereas this one doesn’t.  I’ll tell you what;  if I get around to reading anything past 450 pages, kids’ or otherwise, you bet I want a place for it to count!  I’ll start with “The Walrus“.  Let’s see how I tackle uncharacteristically long novels.



 Series Novice:  05 first.
Series Lover:  10 firsts.
Series Expert:  20 first.
Series Fanatic:  30 first.


A Taste For Murder”  Claudia Bishop  1994
Eggs In Purgatory”  Laura Childs  2008
The Man In The Brown Suit”  Agatha Christie  1924
The Stone Angel”  Margaret Laurence  1964
Crocodile On The Sandbank”  Elizabeth Peters  1975
(6)  “Ghost Of A Chance”  Yasmine Galenorn  2003

“Through The Door”  Jodi McIsaac  2012
“The Secret Portrait”  Lillian Stewart Carl  2006
“Death Of A Gossip”  Marion C. Beaton  1985
“Caught Dead In Philadelphia”  Gillian Roberts  1987
“The Cold Blue Blood”  David Handler  2001
“The Pink Hot Farmhouse”  David Handler  2002
“Whose Body?”  Dorothy L. Sayers  1923
“Scone Cold Dead”  Kaitlyn Dunnett  2008
“The Ghost Belonged To Me”  Richard Peck  1976 


 Just A Spoonful:  05 seconds.
A Few More Bites:  10 seconds.
A Full Plate:  20 seconds.
All You Can Eat:  30 seconds.


The House On The Cliff”  Leslie McFarlane  1927
A Taste For Murder”  Claudia Bishop  1994
Ghost Ship”  P.J. Alderman  2011
 “Eggs In Purgatory”  Laura Childs  2008
What The Witch Left”   Ruth Chew   1973
Gunpowder Green”  Laura Childs  2002
Crocodile On The Sandbank”  Elizabeth Peters  1975
The Tomorrow-Tamer”  Margaret Laurence  1963
A Jest Of God”  Margaret Laurence  1966
The Ghost & The Dead Deb”  Alice Kimberly  2005
11) “The Doll In The Garden”  Mary Downing Hahn  1989

“The Curse Of The Pharaohs”  Elizabeth Peters  1981
“Into The Fire”  Jodi McIsaac  2013
“Uninvited Ghost”  E.J. Copperman  2011
“Clouds Of Witness”  Dorothy L. Sayers  1926
“The Amazing Mrs. Pollifax”  Dorothy Gilman  1970
“The Ghost Belonged To Me”  Richard Peck  1976




The Walrus:  03 mammoth-size
Hippopotamus:  06 mammoths
White Rhinoceros:  9 mammoth
African Elephant:  12 mammoth


“The Midnight Side”  Natasha Mostert  2000
“The Tommyknockers”  Stephen King  1988
“The Winter Sea”  Susanna Kearsley  2008
“Whispers In The Sand”  Barbara Erskine  2000
“The Falls”  Ian Rankin  2001
“Light A Penny Candle”  Maeve Binchy  1982


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I cherish animals, plants, reading, music and free spirituality. I welcome you for articles, literary activities, and interaction! Surrounding ourselves with good people is a delight. I occasionally review at The Book Depository.
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2 Responses to Firsts & Seconds 2014

  1. I like your book choices – Dorothy Sayers, Dorothy Gilman, Elizabeth Peters. Others are new to me, which is a nice treat. Have you tried Brat Farrar by Josephine Tey?

    • Pine needles make a very nice name. I live in the wild! I’ve heard Josephine Tey’s name here & there, I believe another oldie. If you’re pairing her with these, I sure will watch for her and begin in order.

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